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It has been a while since I posted, hasn't it? Thought it might be time for another state of the Nea. Or at least bullet points of the Nea.

New job with new company on new contract. It has a lot more work and a LOT more autonomy than I've had for a while -- so long that I actually freaked out internally when I realized that I was going to have to step up on my own rather than be micromanaged. Ye GODs it's a pleasure to actually write instead of being told what to cut and paste! Now I have to get better at the time management.

About to have a new couch because the old one is falling apart. I mean this literally. My new cream-colored Ikea Ektorp sofa is arriving Sunday and will be delivered, hauled in the door, and put together by someone who is NOT ME. Couldn't be more thrilled. Mind you, disassembling the old one more than it has disassembled itself is going to be up to me; it won't fit through the door in one piece and it, of course, has to be removed to make way for the new one. The couch is dead, long live the couch.

I've reached the age where health issues have crept up, particularly my blood pressure. It's amazing how much you can't have when you're eating low sodium. Losing weight, though. Cutting out salty processed foods also means eliminating the added sugar and fat...

Still doing virtual races, although I haven't signed up for as many this year - just Geek'd Out Run Club, Nerd Herd Running, and Hogwarts Running Club, plus the for-pay races in Zombies, Run! I'm badly behind in the ground I need to cover, but expect to make up for that as soon as the heat wave breaks.

Still getting a couple of subscription boxes, although I gave up on Blue Apron pretty rapidly. Now getting Fandom of the Month Club jewelry and the Beautiful Madness Book Crate box.

Also the Rancho Gordo bean club, which always makes people laugh to hear, but beans are a great low-cal, heart healthy food and the more options (and the more pressure to keep the pantry from filling up) the better.

That's... pretty much it, I think.
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