Feb. 23rd, 2016

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So, I wrote down a list of things that I think I should do on a weekly basis to keep my life running without things piling up. Only... the first quiet Saturday I sat down to do the list, I realized with horror that I'd signed myself up for around 8 hours of work on a "lazy" weekend.

The stuff still needs doing, though, so I've tried to split it up to around an hour or two a day. Mondays are now Me-Time Monday; an hour of reading or knitting to podcasts. Today is Transcendental Tuesday.

This is based off of three things - a general acknowledgement that meditation is good, that yoga is helping me become far more flexible, and a newspaper article that meditation + mild exercise are a natural antidepressant.

And... there's an app for that. Two apps for that, from which I built my routine and which I will now recommend:

iMantra. $0.99 It's a little buggy, but for a buck you can download a bunch of different mantras or record 9 of your own. You determine the volume of the mantra v the music and how many go-arounds you want to go around. Then you can either click the beads on a virtual mala or choose "chant" and it will repeat all the times you'd chosen while you go along.

Yoga Studio. I am 98% in love with this, and I've already written the company and asked for the last 2 features that would make it perfect. It's $4, but you get a variety of downloadable classes AND the ability to create as many routines of your own as you please. I've been doing a 2-minute stretcher most mornings, and on Transcendental Tuesday I built a 15-minute set of standing stretches and a 20-minute set of sitting/kneeling stretches (which I prefer to do on a bed for the sake of my knees, if I can get the cats to give me enough room).

It's impossible to tell what the impact will be after only one day, but I did find it both peaceful and encouraging that I chose everything I "had" to do.


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