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Sakibatch was selling Sherlock, Sherlock AU, and Cabin Pressure pencil bags at 221B Con. (I bought the Sherlock and the CP ones; you can never have enough things to put your knitting supplies in. Also a good size for toiletries, etc.)

Anyway, the pencil bags are up for order again, and as Sakibatch's con earnings were stolen after the convention, you'd be helping a young artist out.
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All of these links are, to the best of my knowledge, hosted/recorded with the knowledge of the speaker/writer and are open to everyone. This post will be updated as more becomes available.

Three Patch Podcast about the con:

Baker Street Babes interview Ben Syder at the con:

Comcastro interviews the concom:

Overall convention review:

Abundantly Queer talks about canon Sebastian Moran: (3 parts)

Janine meta from the Women in Sherlock panel:

Merlock & Monsterlock discussion in the Three Patch Podcast suite

Ben Syder (Holmes from the Asylum "Sherlock Holmes") Q&A:

Panel Recap: Popularity of the Pastiche

Helen Davies & Kate Tracy & 221BCon Q&A (recording, part 1)

Our Last Bow (Convention wrapup panel writeup)

Lestrades I Have Known panel writeup

Neurodiversity in Sherlock

Cosplay from the costume exhibition

Photos from the tea party:

The collected tweets of John Finnemore answering questions at the Cabin Pressure panel:
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I started to liveblog 221B Con on LJ, but the phone keyboard/predictive texting teamed up to make me crazy.

The convention is moving ever more into social media. Livejournal was mentioned occasionally, but in a manner that made it sound like LJ had been discovered in a Leicester parking lot. Dreamwidth wasn't mentioned at all (sorry y'all!) but I'm going to crosspost fannish stuff here in an effort to broaden my own social media presence. The vast majority of attention went to twitter and tumblr. If you didn't have a tumblr, you didn't quite exist; everyone was introducing themselves by tumblr handles. And in-con communication was mainly via twitter. Three Patch Podcast tweeted when they were handing out limited-edition badge ribbons and parties; the Homeless Network (a new group) tweeted lost-and-founds and prize giveaways. The concom itself officially tweeted to John Finnemore during the Cabin Pressure panel.

So, I've unlocked the bookish_nea twitter and created the madenthusiasms tumblr. I don't expect to be doing massive amounts on either but... I built a fannish reputation on LJ; now it's time to start over.

Way more convention details )

And then... it was time to go home. TSA got into my bag, nibbled a few M&Ms, and checked out the Johnlock porn. Since they didn't zip my bag up all the way, I hope the graphic omegaverse knotting illustration haunts whoever pried for the rest of their lives.

ETA: TSA were jerks. The cabin crew were a riot. )
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I started to liveblog 221B Con on LJ, but the phone keyboard/predictive texting teamed up to make me crazy.

The convention is moving ever more into social media. Livejournal was mentioned occasionally, but in a manner that made it sound like LJ had been discovered in a Leicester parking lot. Dreamwidth wasn't mentioned at all (sorry y'all!) but I'm going to crosspost fannish stuff here in an effort to broaden my own social media presence. The vast majority of attention went to twitter and tumblr. If you didn't have a tumblr, you didn't quite exist; everyone was introducing themselves by tumblr handles. And in-con communication was mainly via twitter. Three Patch Podcast tweeted when they were handing out limited-edition badge ribbons and parties; the Homeless Network (a new group) tweeted lost-and-founds and prize giveaways. The concom itself officially tweeted to John Finnemore during the Cabin Pressure panel.

So, I've unlocked the bookish_nea twitter and created the madenthusiasms tumblr. I don't expect to be doing massive amounts on either but... I built a fannish reputation on LJ; now it's time to start over.

Attendance was slightly down from last year - I know quite a few people who bought memberships and then couldn't go just from Tin Box alone - and the costuming wasn't as quite outrageous in the halls. No woman in pink on the floor; no Reichenbunny fall. But there was a Mycroft in a goldfish suit that is rather seared into my mind. And Ben Syder, guest star for the Asylum Sherlock Holmes movie, gamely posed with an inflatable T-Rex. (He also gave an excellent live podcast to the Baker Street Babes and snickered his way through a live commentary on the Curious Case of the Steampunk Dinosaur.)

There are always panels that sound great that you miss - I'm sorry I missed Neurodiversity in Sherlock Holmes, the Mrs. Hudson panel, and Rare Pairings in particular - but some great ones. And massive props to 221B Con, because there was a lot of thought to diversity on panels. The Women in Sherlock one was mainly run by women of color and that rattled my suburban whitebread assumptions nicely. (Example: I did not know that the actress who plays Janine is half Pakistani, thus never put the thought that one of the panelists put into the passing mention that Milverton's guard was a white supremacist.) That panel was one of the best kind - the one you stick your nose in thinking "I'll move on shortly" and get sucked into.

Massive props to the folks running the Fandom Unraveled and crafting circle panels; they not only talked about Ravelry (I'm going to have to stop lurking there) but had free patterns, learn-to-knit kits, and even a yarn tasting. There was a thing from The Fibre Company that was alpaca/silk/cashmere/camel hair that I have to check out.

AbudantlyQueer was there and gave a talk on Sebastian Moran that is apparently now up on YouTube. I was on The Woman (waving the flag for my Janine=Irene theory, plus a little Moriarty hate), Canon 101, Welcome to Night Vale, and Audio Sherlock Holmes. I was not on the Russian Sherlock Holmes panel and that's a good thing - last year I talked about the narrative; this year there was a cultural anthropologist talking about the underlying cultural markers.

Add-ons kept being added on. Cara McGee runs the tea and Three Patch Podcast runs the con suite, and this year there was a game room (M got serenaded as she passed with a Frozen song rewrite "Do you want to play a board game?") and the Homeless Network which gave away Cabin Pressure & Homeless Network bracelets and amplified lost-and-found notices and otherwise ran around being fun and useful.

Sherlock Fluxx got an airing at the tea party and in the bar after the con.

And then... it was time to go home. TSA got into my bag, nibbled a few M&Ms, and checked out the Johnlock porn. Since they didn't zip my bag up all the way, I hope the graphic omegaverse knotting illustration haunts whoever pried for the rest of their lives.
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I can't believe how often I have to redecide to NOT go to the Book Thing today. The simultaneous problems are that it always has something unique and interesting - but also that I Have. No. More. Shelf. Space. Not even on the Little Free Library shelves, as the neighborhood itself chipped in and stuffed it full last week.

So, I'm going to try to distract myself past the time I should leave by talking about GridlockDC. Who's going? [ profile] azriona, will we finally get to meet?

It's at the top of my mind because I've been suggesting panels for it. In part by scanning through the 221B Con panel list going "yup, don't wanna miss this, don't wanna miss that..." but also combining some things.

The suggestions I've made so far:

Canon/Fanon 101: Where the book fans explain why "The Geek Interpreter" is so funny and the media fans explain hedgehogs and red pants.

Why are there lemons in the planters?: There has always been overlap between Holmes and other fandoms, moreso now that fans are blending all the shows that the actors have been in. Discussion of why these fandoms relate to Holmes: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Cabin Pressure, The Hobbit, etc.

Misogyny in the Holmesverse: Canonical Holmes is often accused of misogyny, but how did he treat women in canon? How is the treatment of women in Sherlock and Elementary better -- or worse?*

*That one is not quite on the 221B Con list, which does have a more generic "Women in canon" but I think we could really get our teeth into that one as a panel. If it gets picked for Gridlock and works, I'll suggest it for a future 221B.

I also really, REALLY hope I get picked for a panelist for the The Woman panel at 221B Con. I. Have. Opinions. Not just on canonical Irene, but how she's handled in the 21st Century.
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THE photo of the first convention:
221 1

THE photo of the second convention:
221 2

And the photo of one of the non-Holmesian things that I got in the dealer's room...
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There will be a 221B Con post coming soon, with pictures - I'm assuming that people want that and haven't already seen everything on tumblr and twitter - but before I get into that, I want talk about an epiphany I had during a panel.

We were talking about one of the women.

A woman who has done something probably illegal, possibly immoral, certainly eyebrow-raising that should not be publicized. There is blackmail involved. Sherlock Holmes will play on this woman's natural reactions to trick her into benefiting his case (for which she is on the opposite side). In the end, though, she will leave the story in triumph, no longer under threat, in possession of security, and having bested Holmes.

Irene? Not in the 21st Century.


In Sherlock, JANINE's storyline best fits the template of the canonical Irene story!

No wonder I like Janine so much!

Janine was a minorly popular costume at 221B Con, but then she's easy (so to speak) - long dark wig and a purple bridesmaid's gown. I gave personal bonus points to the one who was also carrying a beaker full of beer one night. There were a smattering of Wedding Marys (some armed) and one assassin Mary (I have a photo of her and one of the wedding Marys doing a jumping kiss. Jumping kisses were popular.) There was a Moriarty in collar, chain, and straitjacket, assorted AU characters such as Balletlock and BatJohn, and both Victorian and Playboy Bunny versions of the Sherlock John/Sherlock/Mycroft. There was an excellent suited Moriarty in the Masquerade re-enacting the "I'll turn you into SHOES!" phone call (the audience went *nuts*!)

There was an excellent spread of panel concepts, although it broke my brain a bit to jump between The History of New Scotland Yard and Sherlock Fanfic AUs (both running simultaneously) Concom members sat in on anything that might be controversial, which prevented a train wreck like last year's Sexuality in Sherlock panel.

Three Patch Podcast ran a consuite, and were giving out different ribbons every few hours, so if you hit them up regularly you could get quite a lot of ribbons.

Alas, I figured this out when it was too late -- indeed, the only real problem with the convention was that I gave myself too many tasks to do during it (panels, give away books, teach knitting, solicit for Scintillation of Scions) that I couldn't relax enough and just enjoy what was going on around me.

Although I know one of the Benfesters has heard of people who turned down 221B Con in favor of the putative "official convention -- and let's face it, there's going to be no American one this year, not with no date or city yet announced -- the numbers were still in the convention's favor. Attendance was ~875, give or take, with 300 people at the tea (Up from 660/200 last year). A silent auction brought in $2000.

And the Beacon Society (which teaches literacy & a little forensics in schools via Sherlock Holmes) had an extremely clever idea for a fundraiser - fund your 'ship. They had boxes set up for all the main Sherlock ships - Johnlock, Sherlolly, Mystrade, Warston, etc., etc. - and you literally voted with your money. I stayed away because I think ship wars are unseemly, but fortunately it was all taken in good fun. And because tallies were given regularly, people could watch the race in real time - to the point that apparently someone hit up the ATM machine to put their ship back in first place! That brought in over $650. (Johnlock apparently tallied $220 and some change at the end, and someone demanded to know how MUCH change so that she could bring it up to an even 221.)

This was such a success that they've already announced next year's charity "war" - favorite Holmes/Watson teams. If people are going to go to the ATM to vote for a ship, I think putting the Elementary and Sherlock fans toe-to-toe is just about going to equal printing money!
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221B Con hasn't even started registration yet and there's been a Sherlolly meetup, a Three Patch live podcast, Janine is running around in her purple bridesmaid's dress with a beaker full of beer and Playboy Bunny Sherlock and Playboy Bunny John have enacted the suicide phone call.

No, that is not an autocorrect mistake. You should see Playboy Bunny Moriarty in her jaunty little crown!

There will be pictures.
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I did not get it in gear this year to do a special booklet of canon favorites for 221B Con. But Dover Thrift is, well, thrifty, and I've decided to buy 40 of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Hound of the Baskervilles, or a mix of the two. Which way should I go?

[Poll #1960259]
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I bought so much yarn when A Tangled Skein went out of business that even my hoarding impulses went "Whoa. It's okay, you can stop now." (And indeed, I didn't buy any more yarn at Stitches.)

But I guess I need to be hoarding *something,* because I was all about the Adagio Tea at 221B - and I don't even DRINK tea! But there were sample boxes, and loose samples, and all kinds of things... but I get ahead of myself.

I've outlined the general idea of the tea before - raffles, a couple of the dealers who didn't make it into the dealer's room, games on the table, and cosplayers handing out their teas. The raffle prizes included things like crocheted chibi Sherlock and John (with magnets in their hands so they'd hold hands) and a Sherlock poster and both canon books and printed and bound fanfic. The things that got the most bids (the ones that I didn't get, despite getting a huge number of tickets; I had a LOT of competition) were the two original pieces of art. One was a watercolor of a smiling Sherlock holding a cup of tea, marked "221BCon Tea Party, 2013." The other one was a slash original by Reapersun - not graphic, very sweet - Sherlock lying on John's chest, investigating the bullet wound with his fingers.

The goodie bags all contained a sample of tea, and at our table, we passed ours around for sniffs. My sample was The Lemon Is In Play. Someone two chairs down had Ottery Kisses and with one sniff I wanted, it, my precious, waaaaaaaanted it!

How the tea worked was this - you got your finger food and you looked at the prizes and you picked a table... but you didn't get tea, you got a cup of hot water and then stood in line to pick your tea from the cosplayers. You didn't have to use the sample from your bag. I palmed my sample instead. And then later in the night, there were still teas and you could go as often as you wanted and... well, that's when the hoarding started. At the end of the night I had sample bags of Red Pants, Government Inspector, Science of Destruction, Molly, 2 Andersons (I drank one the next morning; nicely citrus but I think it will be better as sweet tea than hot tea) and 2 Mycrofts.

Cara's table sold small samples and large sample boxes. I got 2 221B samples just because I could. No Cabin Pressure samples, so I'm going to have to go to to get that. OTTERY KISSES MUST BE MINE!

Under the cut, the smaller sample bags I got, including ingredients. Click to put the kettle on )

The podcast the Babes recorded included an interview with Cara, about her inspiration, her plans, and the fact that TSA keeps looking in her luggage "because it's nothing but little baggies of powder and plants."
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The LJ-less Cindy got this one; it sums up 221BCon rather nicely:

5 Watsons, 2 Sherlocks, 1 Femmelock, Anderson, and the 11th Doctor study the scene of the crime.

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The con people had put a lot of effort into load-balancing the convention panels so that there were an almost equal amount of media/modern panels and old school/canon panels, with a few related things thrown in (like the standing room only Cabin Pressure one, where John Finnemore tweeted answers to three questions.)

I'm not sure how much interest there was in some of the finer points of old school - the panel on BSI/ASH/Etc was very sparsely attended, and only had about 2 people who actually had no scion experience. This was very much a media-oriented convention and specifically a Sherlock convention, with Elementary coming next, canon running third, and the Ritchie movies and Basil of Baker Street bolted on to fill in the gaps. I don't even know how well the Ritchie or Animated Holmes panels went over. (I missed so many I wanted to be at because there were so many I was on.) I hear that Holmes through time was "meh" but Watsons Through Time was rocking. (I and the other panelist on From Doyle's Reality to our own were both rather unprofessionally admitting how much we wanted to be at the Watson panel.) I do know that the pros and cons of both Lucy Liu's and Nigel Bruce's Watsons were discussed. You already know the base arguments re: the former, but the latter went like this: Nigel Bruce made Watson stupid. But Nigel Bruce also made Watson FAMOUS - there would be very few Holmes stores without a Watson after him.

I intended the Sherlock Radio panel to be my usual clip show, but ended up with two other panelists - as they were from BBC and Atlanta Radio Theater Company, they made for very good counterfoils. (I am STILL kicking myself for losing that book that Bill from ARTC gave me. I can't imagine how it got away from me.)

Speaking of audio, the Baker Street Babes recorded a podcast live and ARTC gave a live show with three short Holmes-inspired stories. There was also a puppet show, but I couldn't tell you anything about it.

There were a handful of Elementary panels. I heard in passing that there's some sort of schism in the fandom, but I never heard details or if that was even accurate. At the fanon panel, I noted the irony of panelists talking about how they didn't want to get near Doctor Who fandom because of the crazy, only to later talk about the need for damping down the cray-cray in Sherlock fandom itself. (Things like J/S fans breaking into Sherlolly - Sherlock and Molly - tumblrs and telling the artists that they "had drawn John wrong" not to mention the incredible abuse people dish out on Moffat.)

The last licks panel went well. We could point out what they did right - and they did a LOT right, the con ran smooth as butter - and they listened when we pointed out what still needed work instead of getting defensive.

Communication. I was not the only one talking about the "tumblr elite" who had more information than the website.

Panel suggestions - as in how does someone suggest one? (For instance, someone said costuming and makeup and was told there had been such panels and she said no - she wanted a panel specifically on those issues as related to cross dressing, but she didn't know how to ask.)

Masquerade. They held theirs in the middle of the day, and admitted that they had no one with Masq experience they knew to talk to. (Yes, after the panel I did let them know that they had an ex-regional con Masq director with an invested interest in making the con fly...)

There were volunteers outside each room counting attendees so they know how to match level of interest to room size next year.

The red/green stickers for no spoilers/spoil me

This was an inadvertent invention, but as there was nowhere to write on the badges (they were laminated and had no blank spots) people wrote their tumblr IDs on their arms, largely, so that they could advertise themselves. I think next year there will be a blank spot on the badge.

Any interest in a post about the tea specifically? I hate to be a "comments or no continuation" person, but I've done a lot of typing already. If there's interest, I'll type up the tea as its own post with discussion of the specific blends - if there isn't, I'll give my fingers a break!
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So. I did this thing this weekend...

I thought I'd be beating the rest of the Sherlockian wave by arriving Thursday night, only to be part of a line of people arriving early. At least a dozen non-concom folk had decided to come in and settle early.

I don't know what they did with themselves Friday day, as I went to the Stitches South marketplace. I actually didn't buy any yarn! I went for needles and notions, which I did get (including the new Boyes "Tipping Point" needles, straights with interchangeable tips that are dull, medium, and sharp. Boyeses aren't particularly quality but the pinhole for the tightening key is a vital thing for running lifelines.) Alas, though, the Octopus Snips aren't out yet - I asked! I also picked up two DVDs on sock knitting - one with the "free sole" method and one with the Bosnian Square Toe and Garter Toe, which I want to learn. As usual, I brought about 100x the amount of yarn I needed, so I've decided that I'm going to learn square toe tube socks and knit those at conventions. It's the sort of thing I'd wear in the winter instead of slippers.

By the time I'd gotten back, the cosplay had begun, in anticipation of the tea. As Brad of Sherlock Peoria has pointed out, it's hard to tell when people are cosplaying the modern stuff because it looks like everyone else's clothing. (If Joan Watson hadn't had a Clyde, I'd never have "gotten" her.) For the Sherlock cosplayers, it mostly means slim women in tailored men's suits - if she had painted on stubble, she was Moriarty, if she had curly dark hair she was Sherlock, and if she had an umbrella, she was Mycroft. There were also lots of Johns, mostly recognizable by 1) hanging out with a Sherlock and 2) cabled sweaters and Irenes in either slinky short black or white dresses, usually accessorized with a riding crop.

There were exceptions. As the con really picked up, other costumes, including those for fan art and fanfic started showing up - a Sherlock with black wings, a male Sherlock in (nothing but?) a sheet, an Irene in (nothing but?) a long coat, someone in a cardboard box marked up as "Sherlock's Mind Palace," an Irene in lingerie, a blood-covered Sherlock with a harpoon, a blue Easter bunny costume with lights under it (Bluebell the bunny), and a handful of Mollys - one in a the black dress from the Christmas party (she kept getting mistaken for an Irene) but most in lab coats with fake IDs clipped to them. There were some gender-bends but surprisingly few - off the top of my head, I only saw one femmeLock and one femmeCroft. There were also some BRILLIANT Cabin Pressure folks and lots of hand-made Ts. Some of the Ts were fan art (there was a nice Hark a Vagrant one of the Tale of Two Watsons) but the one I lusted after most was the Traveling Lemon World Championship one. The "Anderson" of the T stayed in her sterile suit all weekend, accessorized with a "kick me - signed Sherlock Holmes" note taped to her back and a dinosaur-patterned purse. (Side note - I know I'm scrambling pronouns and characters here, but I think there's a big difference between cosplay as a male character and serious cross dressing. Particularly when a male character is carrying a purse.)

The fan photographer brought a 221B door and TimeGate con brought their TARDIS, which sat in the main hall lobby all Saturday. By the time it left most people had taken their picture in it (including one of the cardboard cutout of Doyle peeking out) and it had more than one lemon on top.

The dealer's room, when it opened, was tilted heavily towards fan art. This is a great thing when I wanted to wibble over DauntDraws/MarieLikestoDraw, but a little surprising when I expected to come home with armloads of books. The only books for sale were an old Sherlockian couple burning off some of their collection (which was some nice stuff, but I had or had purged it myself, y'know?) There was ALWAYS a line at Cara McGee's table - in part because she was stopping to do quickie commission cartoons and in part because the teas are so unique in a room full of art, cards, deerstalkers, and jewelry.

The convention itself also had some things on sale. Con shirts, of course ("221BCon" on the front, badge art across the back) and deerstalkers, and the noir version of Watson and Holmes #1 (and, in the fullness of time, 2014 memberships.) They also had Diogenes Club mugs... but those weren't so much for sale as they were the carrot on a very expensive lure - lifetime convention memberships.

As I had gone to the con with a simply stupid amount of cash (seriously, I could have hired a contractor with what I'd squirreled away, because between the two conventions I didn't want to run out of cash) and THEN found $300 hidden in my suitcase (long story) - well... I could buy the membership and still come out ahead.

So I did. I have literally invested in 221BCon.
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Con badge. Find Basil!

Joan Watson and Clyde

Best. Cabin. Pressure. Ever.

PS - the second place winner in the scavenger haunt was Team Fizz Buzz. The first place was Team IOU.
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I. Take. Back. Every. Doubt. I. Had. This has been a brilliant convention that ran without a hitch. There are changes to suggest, yes, but I can say that experienced con runners would kill to have cons with this range and enthusiasm and smooth sailing. 221BCon has put on a wonderful show.
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I'm more excited about next week's Who than I was about this one, although v fond of the guest star.

Getting a real keyboard is going to be necessary for all my gush over 221B. Everyone here is here to have a good time and so it's being had, from the oldest canon fans to the youngest Sherlock fans. The panel that I suggested, which I thought would be me playing clips was me playing clips and the head of Atlanta Radio Theater Company and an ex-BBC worker - whole new perspectives. I missed Watsons through time - the schedule was not shifted, but I hear it rocked. I expected a big set of panelists for Cozy Mysteries, but it was just me and we all traded story recommendations. Today I'm only on one, so I can see the con from the other POV.

Been giving away books like mad. Every panel, there's someone who raises their hand when I ask if they haven't read canon yet. Have a complete canon to give away today as my grand finale.

Hoping that today's random tea selections (in dealers rm) will include the Cabin Pressure sampler. We got samples in our goodie bags for the tea, and mine was The Lemon Is In Play, which I want more of, and someone had Ottery Kisses, which I'm wild to get. Will buy another Sherlock sampler in the hopes of more Anderson; someone has told me to try making sweet tea from it. (The cosplayer doing Anderson at the tea was so thrilled I tried it that she came to hug me. Everyone was getting their samples from the more popular characters.)
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The con is hopping. I've seen people spelling out 221B with their bodies for the scavenger hunt and Moriarty & Sherlock passionately kissing in the lobby. Costuming panel well attended. They did a soft open of registration at 8 and got everyone through in time. Still don't know actual attendance; have heard 4 different numbers for the cap.
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Standing in line for reg and someone has had the brilliant idea to give
us colored dots for our badges: red = no spoilers; green = spoil me rotten.

Ah, well

Apr. 12th, 2013 09:47 pm
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The good news is, I found everything my heart could have desired in the Stitches market. The bad news is, that used up all my luck for the raffle. I keep reminding myself that no matter how much I love art and tees, I grow bored of the latter and stop noticing the former and those grapes were probably sour anyway.

On the for real good news, I've stayed strictly within budget.
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The 221B tea hasn't even started, but there are a lot of costumes. FemmeCroft has posed with RDJ Holmes, Kitty Winter has posed with Army Fatigue John, and Captain Creiff has gotten cheers for her lemon, MJN mug, and cheese tray.

ETA: Tbere are goodie bags for everyone even at the door people. Raffle prizes are set out, there's a game on every table, and cosplay characters are giving out the Adiago teas named for them.


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