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In which I enthuse about a product which I have not yet seen or touched.

My interest in bentos, like my interest in cooking in general, has been on the back burner for a while. But it is, hopefully, about to roar back in style.

I was one of the backers of Prep'd, an integrated container/box/software system. With my customary caution and wariness *cough* I signed up for the "merchant" package (read: 10 boxes). I'm also beta-testing the initial software right now.

The intent - the goal, really - is to package a healthy breakfast and lunch for myself at work every day - hopefully in one fell swoop so that I don't have to stop in the middle of the week and go "damn. Forgot." The hope is to also actually start doing a little bento-pretty as well.
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It's been an extremely educational couple of weeks. I've learned:

1) That willing people the benefits of your life insurance or 401(k)/other retirement plan is the *least* effective way of giving them money because both death and inheritance taxes come out, BUT that making a charity the beneficiary is the most effective way of donating at death because they don't have to pay either set of taxes and thus get the full payout.

(I spent the weekend with my parents, talking to their estate and money people.)

2) The money people highly recommend Bull by the Horns by Sheila Blair as the best, least "the other political party ruined all our lives" guide to what happened to the U.S. economy.

3) Lunch Blox Bento is both the easiest lunch plan and the easiest diet I've ever been on in my *life.* With up to 2 cups of veg in a meal, by the time I'm getting around to the sweet I'm all "blargh, more food, ugh" and have no urge to overindulge. Often I'm not interested in my snack (a piece of fruit.) Now I'm not regulating my dinners, but with my breakfasts and lunches structured, that's a huge improvement already. I'm not losing noticable weight yet, but I think my stomach is shrinking; I get a full plate at a restaurant and simply can't eat it all.

4) Having a few things in the house makes filling Lunch Blox Bento a snap, even when my original plans fall through. No time to cook? Nuke a couple boxes of steam-in-bag veggies & portion out a can of soup & some crackers into their respective containers. Can't find the fresh fruit I want? A sidecar of unsweetened applesauce will do nicely.

5) I don't mind similar lunches as long as they aren't identical lunches all week long. Some weeks I've only changed the protein part of the proceedings - Lunch Version A on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Lunch Version B on Tuesday & Thursday - and been happy without being bored.

6) It's possible to use a smartphone as your sole internet connection for the weekend, but it's annoying. Come on, iPad mini!

7) The microphone feature with speech-to-text on the iPhone is sweet, sweet, sweet!

Slow week at the little free library. I was given several books, mostly political ones, like one about the Granada invasion and another on the Bay of Pigs.

Returned: Da Vinci Code, Angela' Ashes, All Over but the Shouting, Brownies and Broomsticks*, Dark Tower*
*(taken and returned same week)

Taken: The Appeal (Grisham), Bone Bed, The Bourne Identity, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Dark Shadows: House of Despair (Big Finish audio), Divergent, The Murder of King Tut, Nature Girl, Torchwood: The House that Jack Built, Queen Camilla, Quick Vegetarian Pleasures (I took that one), Royal Pain, Severe Clear, Washingtonienne.

As always, the audio sat and sat and sat, then suddenly everything was gone in a day regardless of genre.

I've been offline since yesterday - I need to get my lunches settled out and then I can come catch up with LJ et al.
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archived for future reference; open for anyone who's interested:

Crockpot Chai Latte recipe

Also, a bento/tea party idea (thus the new tag "bentea"): thin-slice a seedless cucumber and serve with a scoop of hummis on top. A roasted pine-nut garlic hummis would be divine on this, IMO.

Other healthy nibbles:
- dried dates stuffed w/cream cheese and an almond
- dill harvati/snow pea (mangetot) skewers
- clementines (satsumas), already peeled and sectioned. (people eat more if they can just pop 'em in and not have to peel them)
- (stolen from [ profile] suricattus) prosciuttos wrapped around a dried fig
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Hugo Awards

Congratulations to everyone involved in Stardust the movie, not least Neil Gaiman himself.

Congratulations to Stephen Moffat and condolences to Paul Cornell; "Blink" took the Short Form Hugo over "Human Nature/Family of Blood." It was a tough choice between them, and I'd be curious to know what the winning margin was, because I bet it was narrow; I personally would have been happy had it gone either way. (Much as I like Moffat's writing, I'll confess that I was rooting for "School Reunion" to get it last year. The year before that, however, I was surprised to see "Father's Day" even in the race, because that story won its Hugo back in the 60s when it was titled "City on the Edge of Forever.")

Bento Bags

They're little cloth bags that are supposed to hold bento boxes, but anyone who can't find a dozen uses for a decently-sized drawstring bag isn't even trying. Currently mine are being used for everything from holding my breakfasts (not in bento boxes) to carrying smaller knitting projects. Available on ebay, from most stores that sell Bento supplies, and if you come to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival, they're selling them everywhere for about $3-5.

ETA: One less chore for the Sunday 7 is to review the book I just finished, as someone beat me to it. It happens.

Had a very productive yesterday, and so, for those that read it, the Sunday 7 )

I have yet to watch any Olympics. Have I missed anything?
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Some stolen from f-list, some from my own searches.

[ profile] cesario is doing fabulously snarky commentary on Shakespeare, currently Hamlet.
What, is Horatio there?

A piece of him.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, HORATIO? No, seriously, what. Why are you just a piece of yourself? Where are the other pieces? Were you torn apart by Fortinbras's army of Norwegian zombies? Or is it 'cause you haven't seen Hamlet since the last time your Melancholy Brooding 401 class met in Wittenberg? For the record, I should add that while I am trying to interact with the text only in these readings, my appraisal of Horatio was permanently bent at an impressionable age by Nicholas Farrell, who, if you've seen practically any relatively modern Shakespeare film adaptation, will be familiar to you as the tall mournful fellow with the mustache who always plays The Quite Clearly Subtextually Gay character.

John Barrowman meets someone who's a bigger 2-year-old-in-an-adult-suit than he is. Still a bit pissed off that the knee-jerk reaction to a female Doctor is complete horror, though. Otherwise, friggin' hilarious!

Georgetown U student doing fanfiction research

For the Bento people: Make your own instant vegetable soup concentrate

Anther bento one: assorted ideas for filling a lunchbox. Stuffed Pasta Shells: Get those extra-large jumbo shells, cook them and pack the insides with egg salad, chicken salad or something like that. Eat 'em like dumplings.

Speaking of Bento, I discovered that Target now has Fit and Fresh chillers. I swear, I was shopping for something else. However, the traditional bento boxes, while beautiful, are falling further and further out of my favor because you cannot pack them with anything juicy and because if you want grapes or something, you have to stand them on end and line them up or there isn't room for more than about 4.
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And for something completely different: Bentos. (I'd put that in the previous post, but it's just too much whiplash)

Anyway: today was the first trial of the Aladdin Salad thingie as a bento box. It did not leak even when tilted on edge while full of blackberries and cassarole. The bottom compartment is big enough that you can throw in full-sized utensils for carrying back to be washed. (Bonus!) And the Target is selling them for $3 off the web page, and without mailing costs. So a big thumbs-up on the Lunch-and-Go salad set, although the large capacity has me rethinking how I'll handle portion control when using it.

Oh, and blackberries pair really well with a chicken/potato/sweet potato/tomato/peanut butter cassarole.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 01:38 pm
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Why, no, I'm not avoiding writing my ficathon entry, why do you ask?

I've been rearranging the bento boxes, and thought I ought to toss in my $.02 about the newest; when I was last at the big Target in Columbia, I succumbed to the Aladdin Lunch and Go Salad Set although I'm doubting it's going to see many greens. It's fairly well designed - a big tray for leafy stuff (it doesn't look like it would hold much, but leaves do crush) with a drip tray, a separate section for additions, and a dressing cup. By liquid volume, it holds a staggering 4+ cups: the dressing container takes 1/2 cup, the top tray a little over 1 cup, and the bottom tray (drip vent removed) a staggering 2.75 cups. They say it's dishwasher safe, and it is. They don't say it's microwave safe, but I just filled the bottom section with water and threw it in for a minute with no ill effects.

What I think it is going to be particularly good for is oddly-shaped food like the crescent roll roll-ups; I'm about to give one a maiden voyage tomorrow with rollups in the bottom tray (along with a piece of aluminum foil so I can heat them in the toaster oven), blackberries in the dressing cup, and... well, I wasn't sure what the other component was going to be yet anyway. Something else in the tray. I could imagine that the dressing cup is also going to be champion for holding things like pudding or applesauce. (Not soup. When I'm going to have a soup-based meal, I default back to the Tigers or the Mr. Bentos.)

At $12 it's a bit on the pricey side, but not as bad as buying bento boxes off ebay, and it seems like it's going to be very versatile. And it looks like it's going to be particularly sturdy.
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For those who read this journal for other things than drama, be it personal or fictional, two things of possible interest.

1) The shelf-stable bentos I made for ChicagoTARDIS were highly successful, if somewhat bulky. Packed into ziplock bags that could be disposed of to make room, I made two iterations of breakfast and lunch, and there was so much food that I couldn't even eat it all at once! (I had been terrified of going hungry on the train.)

Breakfast )

Lunch )

Although I enjoyed getting steak, this was the first con where I wasn't desperately craving meat by the end of the first day. So while I'm not that fond of tuna, tuna and mixed nuts are going to stay on the con packing list.

2) I forget who on the f-list first talked about no-knead bread ([ profile] jonquil?) but the Post has instructions and recipes for three variations: basic white/wheat bread or rolls, caraway beer, and cinnamon raisin. If Bugmenot fails, use this to get past registration ).
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As I make a list of the things I need for ChicagoTARDIS, the question of provisions is a pressing one. At the con I'll be okay, but getting there is a hell of a haul on the train - and if I'm going to be eating chips and sandwiches for two days straight, I want them to be *my* chips and sandwiches!

So the challenge is to come up with meals that will be shelf-stable without refrigeration for at least 4 days (Thursday-Sunday), fill me up, and cover enough of the food groups to keep my brains from scrambling. (They'll be packed in disposable containers, so I can toss as I go.) I'll keep a bottle for water that I can keep refilling, so drinks aren't an issue.

What would you pack? (And do you know of any cheeses that won't go off after a day?)

My ideas, so far )

A steady diet of all this wouldn't do me good, but eating like that for few days won't give me scurvy either, and I can get real food at the con.


Nov. 3rd, 2007 09:41 pm
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Following the links from someone who just friended me (Hi, [ profile] raqs!), I have found THE most fabulous new bento site - Just Bento With essays like "freezing pre-portioned rice," "basic bento in 20 minutes," and "how bento lunches helped me lose 30+ pounds" I know I've found my bento guru.

Making onigiri without molds or special equipment.
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So, last night I bought Chinese food. And before I start eating it, I start sticking it into bento boxes for later.

Data For Future Consideration:

1) Spreading out the rice in a layer on the bottom side of a 2-tier box and topping it with a layer of the food looks very nice and keeps very well. It also stretches the main dish to the point where you can fill three, maybe four boxes with it *and* eat it for dinner, so order extra rice.

2) Having it all compact like that microwaves decently. (1 minute, high)

3) There is no way in hell you can stick a fork in there without spilling food and rice all over your desk. It's going to take about five bites before you have enough room to eat, and even then, hold the bugger by your chin.

Item #1 is encouraging, Item #3 is going to require... something.
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I seem to be having a slow-motion illness. I was mildly queasy over the weekend, and today I'm terribly dizzy and tired and back to queasy - despite having had enough food, sleep, and (when I woke up feeling crappy) meds.

Have consequently spent much of the afternoon on the couch trying unsuccessfully to sleep it off. This does mean I was home to accept delivery of my new Tiger thermos bento. (The gold one. Picture for reference only; I bought mine off ebay for significantly less money - and if I can score the cute pink one for equally cheaply, I will.) Nice bento - it's about 3.25-cup capacity, way more solid than the purple plastic cheapies I've been picking up from the Korean market, and I like the clip closure.

Blarg. Still feel queasy and dizzy, despite v. long nap. Will distract you with links stolen from the flist.

Fan report of John Barrowman cutting up during Torchwood filming
Awra Amba, the village founded on complete equality.
Have you ever seen three actors having more fun?
The finale of the panto I went to see! A minute of John Barrowman, singing, dancing, & shaking his fine ass. I suddenly feel marginally better.

I better feel really better by the weekend! My garb is already set aside for the opening day of Faire, I'm meeting my parents for Sunday lunch, and then going to [ profile] boogiebabe_smap's birthday Sunday night.
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The time has come, the Nea said, to talk of many things:

There are two websites for "Americanized" bentoish food containers:
Laptop Lunches This one I discovered because a screaming pink polka-dotted one was at the local organic market. Despite the Barbie Memorial Suitcase, I'm not that into pink, but when they get the online ordering up, I'm going to see if I can get my mitts on the water-themed one.

Also, I have discovered through empirical research that putting multigrain Wheat Thins in a bento box in the refrigerator does not make them go stale (unlike bread, sooner or later). This is useful information, at least to me, because I like multigrain Wheat Thins. The plan is to make a spaghetti-based bento this week, with the role of garlic bread being played by garlic 'n' herb Alouette cheese and crackers. (Spaghetti enriched w/chickpeas; other slots filled with grapes and some sort of candy - probably the last of the mini chocolate pretzels.)

Forward Into the Past
I believe that the phrase "bed linens" should be literal, and thus have previously bought linen sheets from Buy the Things, but I keep wearing out the bottom sheet. The first time I found a thick linen tablecloth in a yard sale and sewed it on as a patch... but then I wore through *that* too. I must thrash around a lot in my sleep.

So today, I took a step back in time. I bough cheapish linen on and have sewn two flat sheets with a big seam down the middle. The idea is that 1) the sheets are interchangeable top and bottom, 2) the sheets are reversable so the "bottom end" won't always be the bottom end, (both of these will keep one spot from taking all the stress) and 3) when I apparently inevitably wear through something after all, I can do what they did in Laura Ingalls Wilder - rip out the center seam, flip the pieces of fabric so the worn edges are on the outside, and sew a new center seam out of the solid outside edges.

The remnants of the former sheets will work their way into my rennie wardobe in time. And I figure when I utterly wear through all possible configurations of the new sheets, they'll go into the rennie wardrobe too, and I'll start all over again. So not only is it cheaper than ordering stuff from Belaruse, I'm going to get every bit of possible use out of the fabric in the end.

Sunday 7
The universal remote I had kicking around doesn't really handle DVDs. (!) So this week's seven, out of the office and bedroom are:
1 & 2 - Two old universal remotes, to be freecycled
3 - White coverlet, never used. To be freecycled.
4, 5, 6 - Three old blouses that don't fit me - offered to friend.
7 - goth-style hair dye. To be freecycled.

Another, more metaphorical form of clearing out is also going on - I'm making a conscious push to finish up the entire review queue.

Fannish Recs
Stephen Colbert vid recced by [ profile] diannelamerc. It has got to be good to be Stephen Colbert & David Tennant; they're both getting to live their geekiest fantasies!

Two vids for all the companions to date - The Women to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and the guys to "Let's Hear It for the Boys".

Tech Stuff
My ZoneAlarm subscription is about to end. I also run Spybot. Since almost this time last year I clicked on a website that had malware that forced me to re-install my OS and start from scratch, I want to have an active firewall/scanner/etc., that isn't just Spybot/teatimer.

Suggestions? "Worst" case scenario I'll up and resub to Zone Alarm, on the basis that it has kept the sharks away.

Bento Post

Aug. 13th, 2007 12:00 pm
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Lunch was the inaugural use of the sopra bento (the one that looks like this). On the lid, it sweetly, if eyebrow-raisingly, offers:

"More pleasantly,and more gentlly.
We wish happy living for everybody."

That is, by the way, accurate to the original motto in every particular. Every. Particular.

But I couldn't resist the little cubbies. I think in the long run, I'm going to try to get to a pattern where the two halves of the bottom container are split between protein and starch or fruit, while the top half has veg and/or fruit on each end and the middle bits are nuts and/or candy. (It fits exactly three minties, or five mini chocolate pretzels. I'm sure M&Ms will figure in there someday as well.)

Today's Lunch )

FYI, I've found two vendors on ebay that I'm particularly fond of in terms of variety, price, speed, and communication. Bento-Obento (the Bento TV girl) only ships to the US and everything's a la carte, but things arrive so fast they're practically there before you log off. Bentos and Beyond takes longer to get there, as everything starts in Japan, but s/he ships worldwide. The Bento sets are a good value because you can get everything you need in one "starter kit."
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I've been to the Container Store, and I have shopped. Lots of little containers, whee! And yes, they do have three different types of bento box, but just flat ones with a single divider. I passed because I now have a variety of much prettier, more versatile ones - the "lube sheep" in three colors (the red is particularly cheery) and the rectangular sopras with the single divider on the bottom and the H-divider on the top. Still, if you want to try with something not too expensive, one of the smaller ones was only $5; the largest was about $11.

There was a Whole Foods in the same plaza but not as good a one as in Annapolis, so I got very little - but I did find a bottle of Korma sauce, which will make recreating the Chicken Korma I had in Stratford much easier.

Although I don't regret going to the emergency room on the basis that it's better to *know,* the fact that I missed the memorial for [ profile] shawan7's mother and now I'm in a tangle of bills and counterbills is a complete pain. I've been getting notes from the insurance agent, and a bill from the emergency room - which I paid - and now they want another $550 from me. Hello? Paid half a grand already? SUPPOSED TO BE COVERED FOR EMERGENCIES?

Am watching Jeckyll. It's interesting - well it's written by Moffat, so it's going to be brilliant - but I'm not sure it's for me yet. I'm not a big fan of nonliner storytelling. On the other hand - Squee! Torchwood ads! And the Closed Captioning notices are making me laugh like a hyena. "The following program features people speaking in English accents. To figure out what they are saying, use closed captioning." "The following contains accents you would hear a lot more if you hadn't thrown our tea into Boston Harbor." Also points to BBC America's motto: A Little Brit Different. ETA: Episode 3? Now *that* rocks!

Lots o' links today:

Religion Links )

Bento Links )

Torchwood Smiles Nice little character drabble.

Some fun Doctor Who shirts on Cafepress Mainly old school, but there are Martha and Mickey shirts and lots of stuff for Romana and my girl Sarah Jane. I so need a "WWSJD?" shirt!

There's also one for every single companion, old, new, and audio Evelyn Smythe for the win!

My B&B made the most amazing yogurt scones, just like what I consider a biscuit. (She says, knowing that there are readers think something else is a biscuit...) Not her recipe, but looking good.

Better yet, with chocolate.

Recommendations for knitting podcasts

Illustrated step-by-step recipe for channa masala

I love it!


Early Sunday Seven - have been through the desk in my bedroom and thrown out 7 random things - a very battered old wallet (about 20 years old now - gleep!), some paperwork from the Stratford trip, business cards from two jobs ago. (Why do these things stick around?)
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I need a bento icon.

Hey, remember those rectangular Proo tupperware-like things that I was raving about a few bento posts back? The ones that I can't get at the Korean market anymore because it's a job-lot place and they never restock the same thing twice?

Well, lookie what they've got at the Container Store. The Korean market also had a half-cup 110 ml size that Container doesn't have (Oh, wait, there it is under food keepers and another under snack box). Anyway,the 220 and 380 sizes (1 and 1.5 cups respectively) are *seriously* useful. Get your groceries or bring home your takeout, divvy it up in portions all ready to go, and then pull 3 cups' worth of containers out of your fridge every morning - instant bento! And the shape really does work far more efficiently in the fridge.

If you look under "leftovers," they've even got a 1-tiered bento under another name and an exceedingly nice $4 price tag. If you've been wanting to play the home game without putting in the big bucks.

Hmmmm... I don't have anything listed for this weekend. I see a field trip in my future.

And for something completely different, the "Post a Joss Whedon Quote in Your Blog" meme:

"Xander, don't speak Latin in front of the books."
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For those who don't follow the Tennant comms, David Tennant's mother died of cancer at a hospice last week. Fans around the world are donating to the hospice at his request (letter of thanks from him at that link). The fundraising target was 2000 quid; it's approaching 4,000. Anyone who can, please help.

An auction of Doctor Who memorabilia is also ongoing for the cause.

On the bento side of things, I'm getting it down to a system where I'm packing a 3-cup bento, "plus" - plus a banana, or a cup of pudding, or a pack of M&Ms, or whatever. In the case of this week (because I wanted to have something quick and easy) it's the viva with salad, half a sandwich, cherries, 1 babybell cheese, plus a cup of soup. The mini jelly jar from hotel breakfast trays carried more than enough salad dressing - I practically drowned my spring greens in soy/ginger sauce (which is how I like 'em, anyway.)

Tonight will be my first try at using a bento for leftovers when I head out to eat. No it won't; dinner has been postponed due to Life.

Also, to make sure I'm getting my money's worth out of these toys, I'm packing a fair number of bentos for my travel up to Stratford. The novelty one with its own flask is carrying lunch (I have an hour's wait at the other end for [ profile] jennetj, so I'm going to fill the flask when I get there from a water fountain and just find a quiet place for my sandwich and fruit.) Another one, one of the classic 2-tiers, has been turned into a "bentoiletries" box. Since the bathroom is down the hall at the B&B, and I like to have something contained yet classy to hold my stuff while I'm there, I've wrangled and shoved until all the shower stuff is on the top of the bento and all the toothcare stuff is on the bottom tier. (This bento is machine washable, so it can be put back into the food rotation after the trip.) This makes for a tidy 6x3x3 box to carry, and it's pretty (and opaque) enough to leave in the bathroom without cluttering the place up.

The thermos bentos are going to be relegated to packing runny foods, picnics and (knowing how my mother likes to stuff me when I go home), combined cooler/tupperware for coming home from Christmas.
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I was in the middle of answering a post when the power in my building cut out yesterday, and by the time I got home, power had been cut to LJ. So I got up extra early to deal with what I assumed would be a flood of posts.

Skip=60 later, I'm wondering what I'm going to do with the extra two hours before I leave for work...

In the meantime, last night I killed time by surfing around on bento sites and putting all the links in a word document, waiting for LJ to return:
Ginger, Soy & Honey Sesame Noodles
Lazy Girl's Guide to Bento
Time Saving Tips
Freezing unsauced pasta
The Need for Speed (last-minute bento ideas)
Mini Frittata (I may have linked this previously)
Goth bento I'm vastly amused.
Marbelled eggs Seriously weird and a little bit gross, but great for those goth bentos.
Fruity stuffed French Toast hearts
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I have got to give myself an LJ intervention. First I posted about once a month, then thought it was getting bad at once a day, and now I'm expecting to post at least links twice a day...

This is a great deal like knowing me in real life, as I Do. Not. Shut. Up! But attempt to make up for it by being entertaining and/or occasionally thought-provoking.

At least I've finally gotten enough sleep. Having accomplished everything on the mental checklist, I can finally relax. That got me in bed early, which meant I got out of bed early with the energy to do the Dancin' on the Treadmill II mix )

I found this a bit tl;dr, but it was recommended by Slacktivist and I have a lot of language geeks and political wonks on the f-list. George Orwell on Politics and the English Language

An extremely disturbing article called Super Slim Me about a reporter who dieted from size 12 to size 0 to see what it was like. She becomes depressed, obsessed with food, exhausted, the only date she has tells her she was annoying and boring because all she did was talk diets and food and was grumpy, the doctors tell her if she stays on the starvation diet she'll soon do permanent damage to her body... and all the women tell her she looks fantastic.

*amused snort* Chore Wars treats housework like D&D.

A side note on bentos - I'm not doing well on the "five items, five different colors," but at least I'm not eating completely beige food all the time either. It is becoming easier to fill the boxes now that I have leftovers all the time from the *other* boxes - last night I whipped together half a can of tomato soup (last dinner's leftovers), some cold chicken breast (leftovers from parents on Sunday), a portion of cherries (leftovers from groceries a week ago), and a chocolate pudding (because I have chocolate in the house always, why do you ask?) and ta-da! Last-second bento. (That needs a catchier title) It ain't pretty, but it's fast and cheap.

It seems to help me organize these sort of things if they're already divvied up in the refrigerator in small containers. Also, I'm discovering the amazing wasted space involved in using tupperware vs the compact snap-lid stuff from the Korean market

1/2 cup tupperware container - 3.25 inches in diameter with a tab that sticks out another .5 inch, 2 inches high, circular.
1/2 cup Bento container - 3.25 inch by 2.5 inch rectangle, 1.5 inches high.

I think over time I'm going to slowly replace all the tupperware, on the basis that it's going to be simply more space efficient to store in the cupboards and the refrigerator. Not to mention that once I've got the system really going, I can open up the fridge, reach into a basket, pull six different containers out, and really have bento-in-a-second!
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Fic rec: Sweet little Martha and Jack post-Last of the Time Lords fic: The Aftermath of Companionship by [ profile] jmtorres. Slightly NSFW but only a PG-13 rating.
Any sufficiently advanced society will tell you that the default setting for sexual preference is 'Yes, please'

So, I took the yellow classic bento box for a whirl today. Although it has the same capacity as the vivas, the trimmer size (it's 6x3x3.25 inches) makes it more challenging to fill. For example, even the applesauce cups don't fit, and perhaps less than a dozen cherries.

The first surprise was that the inner lids don't fit tightly. I had a tupperware snaplock in my mind; these really need the elastic belt to stay together. (Especially the way I stuff them.) So nothing runny goes in here. On the other hand, the two halves are microwaveable, and this configuration means you can pack to-be hot stuff in one and cold in the other.

British/American Racism
God bless reference librarians, they can find anything! The article by a black British reporter discussing two types of racism was written in 1996 by Gary Younge.

I know that one of the reasons that Americans discuss race so much is because there is so much to talk about. Both the present -- affirmative action, the demise of the inner cities, poverty, church burnings -- and the past -- civil rights, slavery, segregation -- offer no end of subjects that can and should be debated.

Nevertheless, in England, which has similar but nowhere near as acute social problems affecting the black community, race ranks alongside sex, politics and religion as a topic not to be brought up in polite conversation.

Entire article under cut )

I think that should be posted in as many comms as have shown an interest in the Who racial discussion, but I can't think of a way to relate it specifically to Martha for [ profile] lifeonmartha and I'm not a member of [ profile] deadbrowalking. Please feel free to copy it wherever it applies as long as all credit to original author/publisher remains attached.


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