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July 3 is Big Finish Day. Until midnight (England time), the first 50 Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays will be on sale for 5 pounds apiece.

While this doesn't include some of my top favorites (The Kingmaker is the Funniest! Thing! Ever!, Live 34 will scare you spitless, and I could listen to The Harvest every other month... and frequently do), it does include several extremely worthy titles. If you like Doctor Who, if you like audio books, if you've been wondering what Big Finish is like, here are my recommendations. Some have audio-only companions, but they are all standalone stories; you can jump right in and know what's going on.

9 - The Spectre of Lanyon Moor. One of my recommendations on the "if you like scary..." list, this adventure takes Six and audio companion Evelyn to Lanyon Moor, where they will team up with the Brigadier to find out exactly what the local archeology dig is *really* trying to dig up.

13 - The Shadow of the Scourge. Seven, Ace, and Benny at a hotel that is simultaneously hosting a physicist convention, a psychic convention, and a cross-stitch convention. "Ground floor. Horror, tragedy, and mysterious death."

14 - Holy Terror. It's simultaneously extremely funny and extremely dark; the old god/emperor has died and the new man isn't sure he wants to be king, much less god. And then Six arrives and everyone starts worshiping the blue box...

27 - The One Doctor. Six again (Six gets most of the really good audios, probably to make up for getting most of the worst TV stories.) In this case, it's a no-holds-barred parody of game shows (particularly The Weakest Link), DIY furniture, celebrity worship, quest stories, delivery appointments, and Doctor Who itself, where the Doctor discovers someone has stolen his identity at the "vulgar end of time."

28 - Invaders from Mars. Remember the night Orson Wells terrified the world saying that there were invaders from Mars? What if aliens really were invading that night, unnoticed in the hysteria? Eight gets to play out his hardboiled detective fantasies in one of his early audios that isn't dependent upon the Charlie/other universe arc. Pretty funny stuff, and the "American" accents aren't that bad if you can listen to Guys and Dolls. This is on my rec list for "if you like 'em funny."

34 - Spare Parts. Another in my personal recs for "if you like to 'em scary." Five and Nyssa land on the dying world of Mondas. Can Five change history and stop the cybermen from being born?

40 - Jubilee. This chilling commentary on merchandising and propaganda was the loose precursor of the episode "Dalek." (Six again. He really does get most of the really good audios.)

43 - Doctor Who and the Pirates. I know I've just recommended four other Six audios, but do you really want to miss the one where the Doctor sings "I Am The Very Model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer"? Although known as one of the crackfic ones, mostly because of the sharp left turn into Gilbert and Sullivan, this is not a cute and fluffy story.

Not all these titles are on sale, but just because I never pass up a chance to recommend them:

Nea's Recs for Funniest Big Finish
Fifth Doctor - The Kingmaker
Sixth Doctor - The Doomwood Curse
Seventh Doctor - ... okay, I lie. If I recommend a funny one, you won't buy The Harvest or Live 34, and you really need to.
Eighth Doctor - Invaders from Mars

Nea's Recs for Scariest Big Finish
Fifth Doctor - Spare Parts
Sixth Doctor - Spectre of Lanyon Moor
Seventh Doctor - The Harvest and Live 34 are equally the best
Eighth Doctor - It's not a classic Who adventure, but Natural History of Fear will bend your brain in unimaginable ways.
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Halloween is coming up, we could all use something spooky in our CD players - so here are my favorites for Halloween Big Finish listening. All are available for download direct from Big Finish and you can even buy the first episode for a buck to see if you want the rest. I'm betting that you will.

And what have you got to lose? You'll spend more than $5 on candy.

The Spectre of Lanyon Moor A classic gothic adventure in the vein of "Image of the Fendahl," this Six and Evelyn adventure takes place in Cornwall, where an archeological expedition digs up something that is unexpected - and very, very pissed off. This audio also has a scene TV cheated us of - that of Six meeting the Brigadier.

The Natural History of Fear
"Will it hurt?"
"It will just feel like falling asleep."
"They're here."
"It's time."

Isn't that a fabulously spooky way to start a juicy mess-with-your-head story? Unfortunately, Natural History of Fear is sadly not available for download or teaser episode (it's CD only), but it's still a strong recommendation for anyone who likes their plots convoluted. Essentially, imagine George Orwell writing an episode of the Prisoner, which is then acted out by Doctor Who characters... who keep changing character. Although set in the middle of the Eight-in-another-universe season, this is a completely standalone story and well worth the listening. All you need to know is that Eight is traveling with a human named Charley and an alien named C'rizz. You don't need to ask anything else. Questions only lead to answers. Answers lead to knowledge. Knowledge leads to freedom. Freedom leads to dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction leads to unhappiness.

The state wants all of its citizens to be happy.

It's back to traditional storytelling for The Harvest, introduction of audio companion Hex. In the not-too-distant future, Hex is a hospital nurse who's having a pretty crappy birthday. One of his friends is wheeled into A&E and that dishy new woman in HR has chatted him up - but she only wanted information about some strange secret surgical project. And then she claimed she lived in a car park, in some sort of blue portaloo...

Naturally, what's a man to do, but call her bluff and knock on the door demanding answers?

Live 34 is told not from the point of view of the characters, but as a series of news broadcasts... and let me tell you, it's one of the scariest things I've EVER heard. Not because of gore or guts or monsters, but because of the sheer, believable, subtle banality of the evil. "Due to the terrorist attacks, there is no choice but to postpone the election." "If you're not with us, you're against us." If you're only thinking of trying one, then let it be this one. Live 34 isn't just scary, it's one of my four "Taste of Big Finish" recommendations to people who want to see what the line is all about.

The Doomwood Curse is another of my "Taste of Big Finish" recommendations; a delightfully silly bit of nonsense (and that's saying a lot for a Six adventure, as Colin Baker gets to do most of the silly stuff.) A Northanger Abbey-style sendup of gothic stories, only with highwaymen, aliens, and multiple character roles (the actors really get to strut their stuff). A cautionary tale of what happens when you mistreat library books.

ETA: How could I have possibly forgotten the brilliant and Halloween-themed Invaders from Mars? A glorious romp in which the hysteria over Orson Welles' War of the Worlds masks the actual Martian invasion going on? You've got Eight living out his hardboiled detective fantasies, a femme fatale with the gloriously Bondian name of Glory Bee, and some of the fastest talking Paul McGann has ever done.
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A quick non-Torchwood moment:

Big Finish has had another contest, this time to do a trailer for their audio Phantom of the Opera. The winners were just announced, and the grand prize goes to the hilarious Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater. On the edge of worksafe.

One of the reasons why I love BF is that they took this very unserious trailer seriously. And it is brilliance, yes it is.


Apr. 17th, 2009 06:20 pm
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Big Finish is discontinuing their Short Trips series. They've lost the license. There will be a fire sale of old issues after their "best of" edition comes out in May, so if anyone still doesn't have their copy of Quality of Leadership...

(Note to attendees of ChicagoTARDIS: I discovered at the last con that "Big Finish no longer sells" != "no longer available from licensed American vendors." They get to keep selling their stock on hand while it lasts.)


In other book-related news, I've just skimmed the premiere books in the two "realtor sells haunted houses" series, (can anyone believe there are two?) and I dimly recall someone being interested in hearing about them. Shall I post a compare/contrast on 'em?

[Poll #1385435]
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Well, well, well, there's a conspiracy theory over the casting of Matt Smith from an unexpected quarter: people are starting to argue that the betting on the new Who was rigged.

Rich Johnston, in the January 5/6 edition of "Lying in the Gutters," describes his own attempts to bet on who the new Who would be. (He picked Joseph on the tip that a verbal offer had been made and accepted.) Then he says:
Until the day before the announcement, and Matt Smith was suddenly and without precedent, the favourite at Betfair. ... It looks like various bookies had received a lot of bets the previous night, possibly from people in the know, their family and friends.

He also says that one of the booking agencies never even offered Smith at all. (By the way - if you scroll down the article, you get to see Matt Smith in drag, which is disturbing sight.)

The flurry of just-in-time bets has got British papers starting to run articles with titles like Doctor Who Betting Mystery Surrounds New Time Lord Matt Smith (the Times), Betting Row as Unknown Matt Smith Becomes New Doctor Who (the Mirror), and Betting Controversy Around Announcement of New Doctor Who (Brand Republic). All of them want to know about the insider information that led to the suddenly changed odds and the last-minute flurry of bets.

The BBC is Denying All. The Mirror article says that according to the BBC, "only six people knew he had been cast, including Matt and his agent." The Press Association has a quote from an unnamed spokeswoman: "The BBC has no knowledge of anyone betting on the outcome of the identity of the 11th Doctor." - which is just so patently ridiculous I'm amazed their PR group let it see print! (I mean, look at that. Obviously what she means is that they don't know of any of *their* people betting, but what she's *said* is that they're beyond oblivious of the entire betting market. Oy!) The Independent obliquely refers to the same embarrassing quote in their article BBC Refuses Inquiry Into Bets on New Doctor Who - a course of action that is only going to fan the conspiracy theories white-hot.

In the meantime, the racial aspect has not been forgotten. The First Post has this statement, not by Joseph, but by Adrian Lester: "If you don't get called for an audition, or if you do and don't get the job, you never know the real reason," he observes. "If there's racism, I'm out of the room when it's discussed, so can only guess at it. But you realise something is not right when you look at the evidence – how many black actors in Britain are given opportunities? There's an imbalance."

The article goes on to quote the BBC denying that, too. Although the article does end on the upbeat note that Lester is now being flooded with offers to play Barack Obama. He'd be perfect for the role; he's the right body type, long and lean, and he can play both geekily enthusiastic and stubbornly cerebral.

I'm going to sit back and make popcorn, because this looks like it's going to get entertaining. Plus it looks like there's quite likely fire causing that smoke.

In personal Who news today, I finally finished listening to The Raincloud Man, and under the cut I'm going to discuss why Charley has me completely - and probably permanently - disgusted with her. )
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What's to do in Chicago on Thanksgiving day? I'm going to be arriving in the afternoon for ChicagoTARDIS. Anywhere decent to eat that isn't already booked solid? (And wouldn't you know; the best-sounding panel at the con - Gender in Who - is right when I have to leave for my plane.)

Sladeny Goodness:
Sarah Jane Newsroom has outtakes from the Sarah Jane Adventures, S1.

Big Finish has announced that they're going to do the next set of Eight and Lucie adventures as a series of half-hour downloads on Fridays, starting March 7, 2009. The complete 2-hour adventures will also be available on CD, with a bonus Christmas special. (I'll post on FFN when I find out if the downloads are for pay or free, and if the Christmas special adventure is available only to subscribers or will be for sale separately). Bonus for the SJA fans; the actor playing Clyde will be one of the voices in an adventure, playing a separate character. Another recurring, recast Who actor will be "Doctor Moon".

Many of the stories will be leaning heavily on classic Who, specifically Sarah Jane episodes, as they will include sequels to Vengance of Morbius (itself a sequel to Brain of Morbius), Seeds of Doom, and Ark in Space.
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WHO DAILY: lj user="neadods"> reviews a href="">Big Finish's The Doomwood Curse

Jacqueline Rayner has been a favorite New Who writer since Winner Takes All, and she has returned to the Doctor Who monthly series with her fourth Sixth Doctor story, The Doomwood Curse.

Rayner has a fondness for Six, having written 100, The Marion Conspiracy, and the cracktastic Doctor Who and the Pirates for him. Doomwood isn't quite as crackalicious as Pirates - but it's pretty darn close. )

The Doomwood Curse is fabulous fun. Think of it as Northanger Abbey... with a TARDIS.
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Other copies of Quality of Leadership are appearing in the author's hands, including Fearless Editor. (I still got mine first. Neener.) Available from the authorized Who merch resellers,, and, of course, Big Finish.

BF, by the way, are branching out; in a couple of months their Companion Chronicles is going to a monthly release program. (This and the BAFTA for Blink - I know, I need to write a FFN report. One more day, s'il vous plait. Still not getting everything done of an evening that I hope to do.) has sent me my latest round of audio goodies, and although I sincerely intended to keep this for the M*W drive, I think I'm going to listen to Pest Control right now. I'm thrilled to see that it's the first of the official Donna tie-ins; considering that you could order the Doctor-Donna September books before you could even get a description of Pest Control, I was wondering if the audio would even come out at all, or if it would go MIA like the third of the Torchwood audio releases. has cover art of the next three Torchwood books, but has nothing on any of them, so they must be winter releases (as the Sept. Who books are already orderable). Why .com would have any info before puzzles me. I'm confused. I'm also assuming that at least one is set before the end of S2, because of the big honkin' no-longer-applicable picture on the cover.

Apparently there will be no Doctor Who next week, not in America or Britian. Considering the spanking the Whofen gave the Holiday Inn router last Media*West, I think I'm relieved. (Why I love fandom: trying to call a friend to see how her Internet connection was, getting the wrong room, and having a total stranger cheerfully say "Oh, no bother, let me hit pause on the disk I'm watching and see what my computer says.")

via [ profile] nnwest, this multi-companion vid to Mambo # 5 (like everyone else, I lose it on "Jessica"), which then linked to the 10/Rose That Don't Impress Me Much and the 10/Martha Kiss the Girl.

And [ profile] jigglykat has delightful one-shot art but all I can say in description is "Season 4 finale spoiler." You have been warned.
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I know you've scrolled past my talking about Big Finish, the people who do the continuing, original-cast audio adventures of classic Doctor Who and who have come up with several audio seasons worth of Eighth Doctor adventures (plus being the ones who've published me).

Well, they're branching out into new fandoms, and my latest 8th Doctor adventure included a flyer for their brand-new, six-edition SG-1/SG-Atlantis audio series. Judging from the description, they're handling this in the same way as they do the Whovian Companion Chronicles, where a single actor tells a story centered on their character (imitating their co-stars) while another actor or two speaks the original character roles. There are full scores and sound effects.

The first installment, a Daniel Jackson-oriented story called "Gift of the Gods" is already available for order or immediate mp3 download. The CD version includes an interview with Michael Shanks that is not in the download, plus a little illustrated booklet (read: pictures of the stars in the liner notes). If they're doing this the same way they're handling the Whos, then if you order the CD, you can also immediately download the mp3.

The second story, "A Necessary Evil," is read by Torri Higginson (CD with interview) and comes out next month. The other stories feature Vala, Dr. Beckett, and Dr. Frasier. The sixth CD isn't advertised yet.

You can order a la carte so you just get your show of preference, or you can get a subscription to the whole bunch.

If you're also a DS-9 fan, Alexander Siddig is one of the voices on their new series, Big Finish Classics, which kicked off with CDs and downloads of a new, fully-voiced and -scored original version of The Phantom of the Opera.

A side note here - the Big Finish bigwigs were guests at ChicagoTARDIS, and they had one message they desperately needed to get across. Although they work under the permission of the BBC, they receive absolutely no funding from them... they're essentially creating audios instead of fanzines. As such, their bottom line is very tight, and illegal downloading/fan sharing of their audios is putting their ability to continue to do them in jeopardy. Bootlegging 50 copies of Who from the feeds is beneath the BBC's notice, but bootlegging 50 copies of a Big Finish means they can't pay the rent, much less pay the stars' salaries and whatever royalties Paramount expects.

$9 for the SG downloads; $24 for the CD. C'mon, you pay as much for zines.

Spread the word! They're already referring to this as the "first" audio season, so if we make this successful, there WILL be more!
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The final T has been crossed, the final i dotted, and the final blessing come down: we are finally allowed to discuss Big Finish Short Trips #24: The Quality of Leadership.

The anthology to which I sold my first short story. I R a riter!

Fearless Editor Keith DeCandido has the details at his LJ. The meat of which is under the cut, including cover art, table of contents, and authors' LJ names )

It's worth your time to click the cut and surf to the LJs; excerpts are going up.

An excerpt from "God Send Me Well to Keep:"

Norfolk bowed graciously, first to Henry, second to Cromwell, then turned his back on him to address the king, pressing his advantage. “Sire, Christmas is a season of gifts and miracles. If God truly wishes you to avoid marriage to the Lady Anne, surely he will provide her alternative?” Henry was fond of wagers and a believer in omens. Would he take the bait?

“That’s a point,” Henry admitted. He smacked his hand flat upon the armrest, suddenly smiling. “So may it be, then! If I see another suitable bride before I meet Anne of Cleves, then I will know God’s will.”


“She has to be an imposter,” Cromwell was saying languidly, although his sharp eyes were also watching the girl’s every move. “I know perfectly well who is who in all the courts worth knowing about, and if Anne can't come across the channel, no new German girl could have slipped into London ahead of her. She claimed to be from Aachen? And have some outlandish name – what was it, Nessa? Nyssa? Mark my words, she’s some plain Jane from Kent.”

Henry laughed. “I wonder what she would say if I asked to dance with her.”

The Doctor and Nyssa copyright 2008 BBC
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HUGE S4 finale spoilers
Big Finish 2008 release schedule Also big spoilers if you haven't heard The Condemned yet.
A fun thread on [ profile] doctorwho about what the Gallifreyan writing on the fob watch from Human Nature means

And I'm echoing two fic recs from [ profile] calufrax:
Miles from Aberdeen Ouch, this one hurts. But in a good way. A School Reunion fic from Sarah Jane's POV, possibly the start of a series, but the first chapter stands alone. There were too many emotions running through her to catalog them all. But she decided to try anyway, as a method of getting herself back under control.

Anger, yes, that was one. Anger that he had left her and not come back.

Argumentum Ad Metam, a Three & Jo UNIT adventure. Flagging here because I don't have time to read it all, but it looks promising.

And now some spoilery commentary on the first couple of links )
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After the faintly psychadelic angstfest that was Absolution, I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of The Girl Who Never Was. What I got was a solid, entertaining audio.

Cut on request, but there are no more spoilers you'd find in any book review, and no quotes past track 5. )

But these are very minor quibbles in the face of such an excellent installment. Charley fans will feel that she's been done right by Big Finish; Eight fans get some excellent character moments; Doctor Who fans get an exciting adventure.

Oh and one more thing - listen past the end credit music. Trust me.

Big Finish

Nov. 30th, 2007 07:59 pm
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[ profile] taraljc has an impassioned post about supporting Big Finish financially Recommended reading.

At Chicago TARDIS, one thing that the Big Finish people pointed out over and over is how close to the wire their work is. They're not getting rich from this - but they are keeping the rich history of Doctor Who alive.

Big Finish is about the love of cult science fiction - not just mining it for money, but exploring and celebrating it. It's not just classic doctors in brand new adventures. It's companions getting the spotlight, building whole new mythos for Gallifrey, the Daleks, Sarah Jane - even about "What if" stories with Doctor Who Unbound. (And that's not even going into what they're doing for Sapphire and Steele or The Tomorrow People.)

Big Finish is about New Who. They might have the rights for the classic Doctors only, but quite a few of the concepts first launched under Big Finish's imprint have made it to the main canon. Wonder why they keep eating Jubilee pizza in Torchwood? It's a nod to the audio "Jubilee," which "Dalek" is loosely based upon. Sarah Jane audios had concepts that show up in the Sarah Jane Adventures. And it's looking like one of the Doctor-Donna adventures is going to be a remake of "Fires of Vulcan."

Most importantly, Big Finish is all about giving people chances. Colin Baker, whose Doctor was so badly used on TV, got the chance to have a companion and stories that made his Doctor shine. Paul McGann, whose Doctor only got one video outing, has had the chance to have whole seasons and story arcs. Even the fans - it's Big Finish that keeps holding contests to let the fans take a crack at writing professionally for Who, and they're generous in their awards. Not a lot of producers would hold open auditions for a story in an anthology. Even fewer would admit that there were so many excellent entries that they'd add a whole new anthology to their schedule to give them all a home.

Big Finish even gave a chance to an eager young actor looking for a way of earning a few extra quid and being a part of his favorite universe. David Tennant did quite a lot of voice work for them.

They need us to give them a chance. To give back to them what they need to keep giving to the fandom. Money. They don't have a lot of it, and they've got salaries to pay. It's simple. They need us to vote with our wallets, or they won't be able to keep it up. They aren't a big company, they don't have the backing of the BBC, they're one of us and need our support.

They do what they can to make it easy. Big Finish titles never go out of print, so it's never too late to order one, or to buy a subscription. Subscriptions come with extra materials, and if you get a big enough sub, you can get another title for free. (Americans can get subscriptions through the authorized resellers Alien Entertainment and Who North America, although I've got mine direct from Big Finish and it's been faster and easier that way.) They're even about to launch a system where you can pay and automatically download so that there's no wait at all.

I will confess, my initial outlay gave them no royalties. (Don't raise your eyebrows; it was a job lot from ebay. Perfectly legal.) But since then, I've gone directly from the source, and I don't regret it for a moment. And I have them *all* - The Doctor Who run, the Unbounds, the Companion Chronicles, and the Eighth Doctor BB7s. (And when I get my Visa paid back down, I'm going to subscribe to the second season of that.)

Besides - 'tis the season. Either the two Christmas-themed Short Trips books or a couple of disks would be fabulous stocking stuffers for a fellow fan, and a subscription would literally be the gift that keeps on giving. Know someone who likes noir? "Chimes of Midnight" is a good stand-alone title. Political intrigue? "Live 34." Something oddball but thought-provoking? "The Natural History of Fear." Classic gothic Who? "Specter of Lanyon Moor." Classic historical Who? "Storm Warning." David Tennant? He's having a blast in the Unbound "Exile" as a Doctor-hating Time Lord, and dribbling very convincingly on himself as Daft Jamie in "Medicinal Purposes." Sheer unadulterated crackfic? Lots to choose from there - "The One Doctor," "Invaders from Mars," "Doctor Who and the Pirates" (for the Gilbert and Sullivan fans) and you can't beat the buggering history gets in my personal favorite, "The Kingmaker."

And if you want a jump on next season, "Fires of Vulcan" is a one-shot too.
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Random thoughts on aired Who and Big Finish, which have given us diametrically opposed views of the Doctor/Companion relationship... and I'm fairly unhappy with both for going too far in their respective ways.

Cut for Big Finish spoilers )


Apr. 6th, 2007 11:05 am
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It's the throwaway lines that make Doctor Who the delight that it is. From "Circular Time" by Big Finish (a Fifth Doctor & Nyssa series of adventures):

THE DOCTOR: School children will remember how you saw an apple fall and discovered gravity!

ISAAC NEWTON: It hit me full in the face! My nose bled for three days!

THE DOCTOR: Ah. I've always been a fast bowler.
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Another drive-by comment: Time of The Daleks isn't proving to be a particularly interesting audio play, but so far it's been worth it just to hear Daleks reciting Shakespeare.


And one minor bitchy grumble. I've just got the Doctor Who and Brisco County DVDs. Is it really wrong to wish that I could just watch and knit for a weekend? A week?
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Right now I'm listening to a Dr. Who adventure in which the government is cracking down on supposed terrorist attacks by "temporary reversal of civil rights in order to suppress the terrorists." And every time there is a question about the system, there's another bombing.

Suffice it to say, I'm finding this way too close to the bone...

ETA: Damn, now there's a rigged election with "rumors of voter intimidation" and the newly returned leader talking about his mandate and "repelling forces which work against our liberty." And how negative reports on the news channels are "masking terrorist underminings disguised as news."
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So, today's Big Finish is Loups Garoux, about which I may someday write a review. So far, we've got one horribly bad American accent and one horrific-to-the-point-of-insultingly-bad Asian accent. (Imagine someone making fun of the old Charlie Chan movies and you've got that "accent.")

But you do have one really wonderful bit of dialog, delivered in Peter Davison's quietly hesitant voice:

THE DOCTOR: You see women... they aren't exactly my area. Apart from Tegan. And Nyssa. But they were... friends. I, I was responsible for them. It wasn't the same.

TURLOUGH: Good friends?

THE DOCTOR (not listening): And there was Sarah Jane, of course, and... Jo. And Romana, both of her. Zoe, and Victoria, Dodo, and Vickie and Barbara and...


THE DOCTOR: Well of course!

And The One Doctor (I am reviewing this one next week) had a really hysterical riff off of the perceived asexuality of Time Lords:

THE DOCTOR: If I was a Time Lord, I wouldn't do this! (long cartoon-style lipsmacking noise)

SALLY ANNE (pleased): Doctor!

MEL (shocked): Doctor!!

IMPOSTER DOCTOR: Blimey! I mean, we're above such things!

And this, boys and girls, is why I don't think that Rose was the Doctor's One True Soulmate, no matter how deeply the actress and the producer think so...
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I'm currently listening to the Big Finish audio "Caerdroia." Wherein they've done a variation on the multi-Doctor theme by having him not meet other incarnations, but having Doctor 8 split into three characters, all voice by McGann.

"Clearly, I've got the brain, you've got the brain damage... what have you got?"
"The manners."

This is going to be one of the really fun ones!
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Big Finish #28 - Doctor Who: Invaders From Mars is a fantastic stand-alone Eighth Doctor adventure. If you are trying to make up your mind if you want to listen to the Big Finish audios, or if you want a taste of Paul McGann without investing in my oft-recommended Storm Front/Neverland/Zagreus trilogy, this is the one to get.

Written by Mark Gatiss, who also wrote Big Finish's Phantasmagoria before moving on to writing the New Who episodes "Unquiet Dead" and "Idiot's Lantern," Invaders from Mars is a delightfully twisted romp. The Doctor has promised Charley a stop in Sinagpore in the early 30s; his usual piloting skills have landed him in New York City on October 31, 1938. They soon stumble over the body of a private investigator, and when mistaken for the dead man, the Doctor can't resist playing out his Dashiell Hammett fantasies. This promptly dumps him in a mess of a missing nuclear scientist, Nazi spies, New York mobsters who've kidnapped Charley, a dangerous dame named Glory Bee, and aliens from outer space.

Because even while Orson Wells panics the country with the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast, something really has landed and a lot closer than Grovers Corners...

The "American" accents are as bad as I've learned to expect from Big Finish, but they aren't that painful this time around because most of them are speaking the broken Brooklyn of the Hollywood gangster; it's possible to simply pretend that you're listening to a production of Guys and Dolls, since we don't sound like that either. (I did wonder for the entire first episode why a mob enforcer was allowing people to call him "Alice," though, until an Englishman cleared it up by calling him Mr. Ellis. We do distinguish between the two. Even in Brooklyn.) And there's one guy who has the sounds right, if you don't mind his accent changing states in the middle of the occasional sentence. (This was disconcerting but it didn't throw me too badly, at least once he got back out of Connecticut.)

However, the wordplay is so delicious that you'll be too busy laughing to sneer. I won't spoil all the jokes, but there are three Doctor quotes that really sum up the tone: "People are killed for a reason even in New York," the Doctor earnestly reassures Charley. Later he explains his grooming routine to Glory Bee: "Every now and then I treat myself to a complete makeover." And finally (and points to Paul McGann for rattling this off at speed) there's the utterly Doctorish, "You know what young carniverous mammalian monsters are like! Always getting into scrapes!"

This was a hoot and a half from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it to McGann fans and audio fans.


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