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I care too much about Jennifer and the con to vent anywhere with more traffic than LJ but OMG, one of my favorite parts of ChicagoTARDIS is the Thursday night elbow-rub with the guests and It. Was. A. DISASTER!

None of the regulars were there. No Big Finish. No Tony Lee. No "Winston Churchill. The only two stars attending were "Sgt Benton" and "Cap. Yeats" -- and I had to bail when John Levine (Benton) sat right next to a little girl, said "fuck" about 187 times in 10 minutes, insulted her father's pizza and covered it up ("I'm a vegetarian, that has meat, it's disgusting"), told miserable stories about death and hatred in his family and graphically described a murder and did I mention while sitting *right next* to a little girl?

Wow. The best part of the con, the part I pay a lot extra for, the part I leave Thanksgiving dinner for -- now a horrific miscarriage of time and money.

I'm clinging very hard to the memory of sitting next to Tony Lee and Terry Molloy talking shop at one of these gatherings two years ago, because I sure as hell don't want to think too much about this. I'm not even going to tag it with the con name so it won't hit in future searches.

ETA: Nick Briggs hugged me this morning and apologized for the Big Finish guys not being there. I feel a little better.
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Worth. Every. Penny. Right. There.


Nov. 30th, 2013 07:05 pm
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From the Freema panel, before I forget:

She hasn't had time to watch anything after Catherine Tate, but her brother is hot for Clara

There's a universality to filming - grips all look like grips, etc - but American days are much longer and American craft services much better. "You can ask for, I dunno, an egg white omelette with the tears of a clown."

She wants to play an X-man who can fly.

She's still talking about David farting.

She and Catherine Tate bonded over a mutual love of cereal. Billie Piper was handing out chocolate on the TARDIS set to everyone.

She took an online Which Companion Are You quiz and got Rose Tyler.

She wasn't thrilled with the unrequited love idea and was confused by the marriage to Mickey, but loved the idea of Martha hunting aliens.

She was sorry to not be on the Sarah Jane Adventures, but acting involves a lot of being at a crossroads and realizing that if you take one option, you shut out alternatives (I.e., she took a different job before SJA was mentioned as a possibility and couldn't fit it in.)

A woman told her through floods of tears how much it meant to see a companion of color on Who providing inspiration to women like herself.

ETA to fix autocorrect. In what universe does realizing become realism zing?
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Before I go into the con, Cara McGee, a prolific tea blender for Adagio Teas has horrible medical bills to pay. And Adagio is having free shipping all weekend. She gets a kickback for every one of her teas sold.

Okay, ChicagoTARDIS. There are some expansion pains; the parade of guest stars for opening ceremonies was cancelled to let the guests get dinner after a massive round of personal photographs, for example. And it's been so long since I've been at the higher level that I wasn't expecting the tables at the Friday 8:00 reception instead of the cocktail party format. I was still able to get up and move around, so I could talk to the Big Finish guys (a goal of mine), but that meant I missed it when Dan Starkey (Strax) sat at my original table. On the other hand, I ended up the night sitting between Tony Lee, Frasier Hines, and Terry Molloy, so thare's no bad there!

Tony has announced this is basically his last American con, Gally excepted, because he loses too much work time coming over and going back and adjusting to the time change. Gally is the exception. It because of a moral judgement between this con and that one, but because LA is a working trip, meeting people he works with. I'm going to miss him, so I'm trying to talk to him whenever I can here... I'm most likely not doing Gally again for a while. It's too crowded... and the chances of my being on furlough again just as a highly expensive cross-country con happens are too high to risk.

The Sherlock Homes panel was crazy and crazy fun, although I was startled when Johnlockers (Sherlock/John) lived down to their rep by two different people trying to get panelists to talk about/admit their preference. Dudes, I do like BBC Johnlockers, but he'll of I'm going to preach it at a panel, and the person next to me had said she runs Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly) so theres your answer!

Dan Starkey remains a superb guest, Paul McGann was so jet lagged still that he was genial but almost incoherent*, and Colin Baker and Louise Jameson did an excellent reading of Love Letters.

*at one point he asked, reasonably I think, was he supposed to remember all the details of the Who movie, a project he'd done 17 years ago.
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So, the promised wrapup post - which is basically a "Tony Lee is an amazing entertainer" post.

At the writing panel, he was talking about how he believes in starting with the second act climax, and then working out how the characters got there in a series of "Why? Because." statements. When he teaches writing, he uses the example "The Sheriff of Nottingham is about to hang Maid Marion. Robin Hood is hidden in the trees..." The next step is not "and Robin does X," it's "why is the Sheriff about to hang Maid Marion? Because..."

He says that the kids tend to come up with things like "she was shoplifting at Tescos." But by the time you figure out how the characters ended up at that scene, you know where they're going. In this case "Maid Marion is a terrible person, Robin Hood is about to shoot her in the face and run off with the Sheriff, who he loves."

Then the how NOT to write panel, he and Andrew Cartmel really cut loose, with the worst advice anyone can give. "Self publishing is best. Look at how many self-published books there are out there compared to published ones!" "Editors are there to cut out all your best bits." Also, "Editors live to be helpful. If you send them an email at 4:00, they will put down everything and read it right away, and if they haven't answered you right away, you're totally in your rights to email again at 4:30." "Better yet, call at 4:30!" "The more copyright notices, the more professional the manuscript looks." (Simon Brett said something similar at Malice Domestic, including the line "She even had the one about how 'The characters in this story bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead' and I thought 'how right you are, lady!'")

And my personal favorite: "With Siri you don't even have to write anymore! Get drunk, dictate the whole thing to her to write up - you don't need to check it, because of course it's perfect - and then say 'Email to editor.' Done!"

For the halftime, Tony did an audience participation street act that he used to do in London called "The Scarlet Blade." He brought up two of the Captains Jack to play the Scarlet Blade (playing conjoined twins, although the mousier of the two tended to hide behind the BlackLeather/BigGun!Jack), a Rory to play the plucky sidekick Bucky, Ballerina!dalek to play the kidnapped princess, and Jack the Ripper to play the evil baron, while the audience provided a whole series of sound effects.

Of course, after the princess was rescued, Tony pointed out that as an author he needed to throw in a twist. So he let the princess become an action heroine, then asked the audience to decide if:
1) The princess is rescued by (the) Jack(s) and goes off with them.
2) The villain kills (the) Jack(s) and Rory. (The villain pointed out that this would take a while, considering.)
3) The Master (we once again had a wonderful "Master" of Ceremony) runs off with (the) Jack(s). At which point the Master pranced across the stage and threw himself into Leather!Jack's arms and they posed there, arms around each other, each with a leg kicked up behind them, grinning madly.

Slowly, inevitably, Jack's hand started wandering south...

I'm not sure what the final decision was, or if there was one, over the roar of the audience's laughter. I think at one point Tony had to stretch it out for the judges, but honestly? Nobody minded!

Oh, and I got my CD signed! A friend with free autographs (due to membership level) got my copy of Live 34 signed for me. Yay!

And that was ChicagoTARDIS. I got the reserved membership for next year - while there wasn't often trouble finding seating, some of the events were very full, and next year's the anniversary. Also, it was announced that there won't be incremental membership price raises through next year - buy it before the end of the year, because otherwise, it's going to slam up to the highest level on January 1.

Also - on the way home, we had one of *those* Southwest flight attendants. "In a moment I'll be dimming the lights to enhance my appearance." And my favorite: "There is no smoking inside the aircraft. However, if you'd like to step outside on our deck, if you can light 'em, you can smoke 'em. Movies we're showing on the deck include Gone With the Wind, Bye Bye Birdie, and Lost."

3 photos under cut - tiny!4, femme5 dancing with the TARDIS, and the TARDIS suit. You can't see it, but even his shoes matched! )
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A hotel lobby is a sad place on a Monday.

Again, I'll have to wait until I have time and a proper keyboard - which will be Tuesday night - for details. But Burn Gorman is an interesting person... quiet, thoughtful, nothing at all like the kind of person he prefers to play. On the spinoff panel, when he was paired with Anjali from the SJA, she was the more rambunctious one! He liked to talk about the issues Torchwood brings up, like homosexuality on tv and the "is Owen a rapist" conversation.

Paul Booth, who was interviewing fans last year was back with his findings and pre-pub copies of the papers based on them. I'm heavily quoted in one under the pseud "Liz." (we were all tagged by companion names.)

The Holmes panel was well attended for a last panel of the con thing. Turns out Tony Lee is a big-time Holmesian. Nick Briggs was tired and quiet, but I got to show him the photo of tiny!four and the Dalek, and also Watson and Holmes.

There's a long list of people I got to meet again or meet for the first time... Too many for a virtual keyboard, so I'll just say it was great to see you all!
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A full report will have to wait until I get home; a virtual keyboard is simply not enough for a touch typist to keep up with the hilarity of Tony Lee doing a writing panel, a how not to write panel, and an audience participation halftime show that included Captain Jack copping a feel from The Master.

Tony Lee. Best. Guest. EVER!

The Orman moment, although delayed, did come at the Outside In panel. I bit my tongue when she went on (as she had at opening) about how so vey long she'd been part of fandom, ever so much longer than anyone out there. I almost bit through it when she said that "after all that Internet discussion" she loved and welcomed the voices of the new fans.

Okay, I've got my bitching out, and wow, "bitching" is an autocorrect option, who knew?

The masq ran at a good clip, in part because the talent show is now a separate thing. Best in Show was a fab Madame Vashtra and the Jack the Ripper she killed on stage. Best use of leather went to a very dashing Captain Jack in the black leather, white T and bigass gun ensemble. There were also Skaro O'Hara and a ballerina Dalek who went en pointe across the stage.

On Facebook I have a photo I'll share here when I get home of a knee-high Four marching up to a full-size active Dalek, saying "Hello Dalek!" and hugging it (while the external wrangler whispered frantically "Do NOT back up! DO NOT SWIVEL!"

My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver is an angrier show than Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf -- although funny, occasionally he hurt my ears shouting. And TBH, I don't find the "I love Doctor Who but OMG my kid goes on forever about Harry Potter, ugh" repeated joke very funny. Been in pan fandom too long.

(By the way? Thinking very seriously about the "Rory Williams: the boy who lived" T-shirt.)

Preregistration starts shortly; going to stand in line.
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There isn't a lot of ranting to do -- good, as I have no keyboard except the virtual one on the mini. I got Live 34 signed by Philip Olivier and babbled at him over its brilliance... May have made a fool of myself (actually, there's no "may" about it) but am still pleased.

Enjoyed the "Writing for Audio Drama" panel, which was a little bit about writing and a lot about sound design.

Did have my say at the big Finish talkback panel re: companion deaths. It was taped for a future podcast, but I wouldn't blame them for cutting that bit. "do you want spoilers?" Nick plaintively asked. "I want you to know that one listener is very disappointed with your choices." I am going to try Bright Eyes, in part from what I've heard here and in part of what they said there... Although it was also clear that they hadn't thought back to c'rizz & Charley's fate when they wrote To The Death.

Talk of a Charlie series. Talk of... How shall I put this uncut... Don't consider another companion's story over yet.

Without La Orman and in a room of people the majority of which didn't know the term Marthgate, the race panel went along well, although Robert Smith?'s attempts to keep it only to Who discussion were doomed. Good diversity on panel - white man, black woman, Indian woman (Sri Lankan, not Native American, and she was the one calling herself Indian rather than Asian), white woman, Mexican man. Lots of talk of the need for diversity behind the camera to bring authenticity in front of the camera. Discussion of The God Complex -- is parental disappointment over a child's efforts an Asian cliche or universal fear? Great quote -- "they fill the background like a painting, as if it's okay as long as you've got one of every color. That's not representing me!"
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I'm glad I put a "dear TSA, I bring the wine to dinner" note in my bag, because they broke in and had a good look -- all the bottles were out of the protective wrapping and label up -- but they were all still *there.*

Had a great Thanksgiving meal.

Got registered this morning. After all that, La Orman is not listed on the race panel, although she does list her essay on the program.

Now the big dilemma is -- do I get my favorite BF audio signed by all the main actors? I could, but it'll cost me $40 for Sophie's and Sylvester's autographs. Which I have on something else. And the cd's only worth $25.
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For a bunch of people who had to leave in a hurry, Big Finish put on a pretty good show at the closing ceremony. Jason Haigh-Ellery was trying to give a dignified goodbye speech, but everyone else stood in a line behind him, waving their arms like a dance maneuver. When he turned around to see what the audience was laughing at, they all went still. When he turned back to the audience, Nick Briggs stuck his arms under Jason's armpits and started fooling around again. Jason did an impressive job of ignoring the hands pawing at his face and chest... until Nick went for his crotch.

A bunch of photos under the cut: Rob Shearman's fabulous autograph, Occupy Gallifrey (I missed getting a shot of "Occupy Jack: You know he'd like it!"), femme 5, Idris, River Song, and the Two Tens. Clicky! )
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Only three panels today, and not much to share about the knitting circle or the con feedback panels. (Me: Get the Master back!) Apparently I missed a kickass panel yesterday when Matthew Waterhouse showed up for "The Perils of Male Companions."

So... I'll go on about the "Fifth Doctor Era QA" which was ostensibly about the Big Finish 5th Doctor range but was mostly about Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, and Matthew Waterhouse ragging on each other with Nick Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery getting the occasional word in edgewise.

It started without enough mikes for everyone on stage, so Peter gave his to Janet, then jumped down and sat in the first row. Then he popped up to the (then unoccupied) mike for audience questions and asked "What was your favorite story and what was the plot?" Janet: "That's an excellent question and someday I shall forgive you for it."

That was the last Big Finish question they actually got for about a quarter of an hour, as Jason and Nick occasionally mourned. (Janet's favorite bit of the new series - which she loves, because she feels 45 minutes gives you so much more time to develop character without rushing to the next cliffhanger in 20 minutes -- is Rose touching the dalek in Dalek. She mentioned that several times yesterday too, how powerfully emotional a scene that was.)

When they did get to talk Big Finish, they got to talk a bit about how they got into character without costumes or props (Peter: You just do it, really) and the perils of falling into Radio Acting with modulated voices instead of making the listener feel it. Nick, who records the rehearsals because sometimes he feels that's the best, least over-rehearsed take, said that Peter never read the scripts in advance. Peter said he'd never read the TV scripts in advance either, so his whole Doctor was based on never reading the script.

This evolved into a discussion of how Peter tends to overbook and be late, leading to people reading his part in readthrough. Matthew and Janet gave him crap about that. Janet: "I come back and he's working five jobs!" Peter: "I did that just for you." Janet: "We'd believe it if you weren't late all the time." Matthew: "Remember when he was late because of a gerbil in his kitchen?" Peter and Janet: "It was a mole!" Matthew: "It was a gerbil in my book."

This continued evolving until Janet *very* reluctantly said how good she thought Peter was as an actor, compared to the performances turned in by people playing Peter until he showed up.

Janet's favorite audio was The Cradle of the Snake; Peter didn't pick a favorite, although he mentioned Spare Parts many times. Matthew had been brought in to be a voice for the Dark Shadows series, and I have to admit, although my usual reaction to the Dark Shadows promos is "stop smoking the curtains" I went and picked up that audio in the dealer's room. (And a bunch of other things. This took me over budget, although not cripplingly so; I hope I don't end up regretting that.)

With barely two hours left of the official convention, I hope I finally get to see [ profile] calapine! I haven't seen her all weekend!
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I have somehow managed to lose one of my knitting needles. I wouldn't have thought it possible to lose a 16-inch circular, no matter how small the gage!

Also, I really wanted to see Mysterious Theater 337, but proved to be too much of an old fart to stay up that late. When the Masq half-time was still running at about 10:15, I gave up. Did get a couple of pictures though, so they'll be in the wrap up post.


The Masq was huge - 42 entries, although about 4 scratched. There were highlights, like the woman playing a harp medley of Murray Gold soundtracks and [ profile] williqueen's Idris and the Rani "whose terrible genetic experiments have resulted in... the cast of Jersey Shore." But THE standout was whoever that was being the Anthony Ainly "Master" of ceremonies. He was incredible! Respectful when necessary ("I was priviledged to see the harpist's hands, please give her another round of applause") but always, always, *always* beautifully in character. Of a pint-sized second Doctor: "I'll finish shrinking him later." On being slagged off by a Martha contestant ("You? You're a rubbish villian!"): "Soon to be seen in a very limited edition in a doll store near you." And at the end, "Could the tech please do something about that drumming sound on the monitor?" Of course the audience grabbed that and ran, the whole auditorium clapping out the double heartbeat. Master: You're slightly off beat. Also? You will all die screaming."

He has just *got* to come back next year!
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Before I talk about the con, some random links of interest:

[ profile] sadbhyl on twitter: "Sat, 02:36: RT @cabin_pressure: Made me laugh: The first rule of Thesaurus Club is, you don't talk about, mention, speak of, discuss or chat about Thesaurus Club..."

Benedict Cumberbatch describes his holiday in the Seychelles Swimsuit pictures, y'all!.

Okay! Friday at ChicagoTARDIS was more interesting than I'd expected it to be, considering. Hung a bit with [ profile] nnwest and [ profile] dark_aegis talking Sherlock fic in general (if Aegis is going to admit liking the latest werewolf fic, then it's not just me and I'll rec it with the next set of links) and the stuff we're doing for Pyramids Press in specific.

Kevin dragooned me for his NASA talk so that there would be at least one warm body in the audience. I found it really interesting, actually, with compare-to-reality discussions of what was expected of the Mars rovers vs what they've got, and the photos of what the Hubble can show vs what is hoped for the next telescope.

Robert Shearman's 1-on-1 is a not-to be missed experience, so I didn't miss it. (I would later get The Best book autograph from Rob; I don't know how to get it from Tubso to LJ, so it will be posted later.) Missed a lot of the Big Finish Q&A because I was on a search for lunch (which I ate in the back of the auditorium; it is hard to get lunch at this con). Intend to make up for lost time today at the "Not the Who" panels because I'm really more interested in their Holmes line and the announcement that they're going to start marketing The Scarifyers.

Went to the tumblr panel, but didn't come out feeling that I had a blueprint of how to start from scratch. (Also? Don't talk about how strange Sherlock fandom is with the jam jokes and the cat sweater meme and then talk about tumblrs called "Peter Davison's Toes" or "Peter Davison's Eyebrows." I'm just sayin'.)

Peter Davison's question and answer session was fun, but the most fun really was the final question, when a strong Australian accent asked "Who was your favorite companion?" "You leave me up here alone for an hour and you ask me who my favorite companion is?" he roared at Janet Fielding. "IT WAS SARAH SUTTON!"

TBH, I left the Nick Courtney tribute in 5 minutes, hinked out horribly by the giggly "I've been in fandom so long, I went to these cons and have these old interviews" self-congratulatory attitude of the presenters. It's supposed to be about mourning NIck, not praising your fandom cred!

But for me, the biggest thing was being able to talk to Dr. Paul Booth of DePaul University on his research study "trying to learn more about the role that the academic study of fans has had on fan practices." I marched up to his table in the dealer's room and said "I'm credited in Textual Poachers, I was there for Enterprising Women, I know about the transvestite-and-slash debacle, and we ARE going to talk!" We talked for half an hour and I want to go back and talk some more. Most of what I banged on about was the difference between descriptive studies (fans do x) and prescriptive ones (fans do x because they are y) and how the latter is incredibly offensive because it infantalizes us - we are self-aware and intelligent! - and is usually someone else's bias being imposed upon us. And I put in a bit about my "fandom is a gene" theory.

Today: The Making of the Doctor's Wife; Is Doctor Who Feminist; two Big Finish panels; Goodbye My Sarah Jane; Mark Sheppard's only talk; Masquerade, Mysterious Theater 337, and Paul Booth needs pepper spray to keep me from throwing more opinions at him.
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Gareth David Lloyd & Kai Owen are a very profane, very funny pair. GDL is tired of bring Ianto back stuff ("He's fucking dead!") but is also making jokes about being out of work. The money shot - which I did not get but which is doubtless all over the internet by now - was him auditioning as Rhys' & Gwen's baby, by curling into Kai's lap, thumb in mouth.

In other news, GDL's band is in the top 20 for a prize; go vote for them on facebook. ("Even if you hate rock and roll, vote for Ianto! Do it for the Jones!")

GDL is tired of being asked what it's like to kiss Barrowman. He's still being asked it.

On learning to use the props, they work with them for several takes "until it stops being a piece of plastic that John put his willy on."

Kai has read a Torchwood audio-only adventure in which Rhys breaks Ianto's coffee machine, prompting a long riff about breaking Ianto's knob and screwing it back on. Both men claimed they had no idea why the audience was laughing.

After them, Tommy Knight of the SJA was an anti-climax. He was very gentle with the young kids asking him questions, though. He did say that he took lots of Bubble Shock stuff from the set. (GDL said he'd taken most of Ianto's suits, but was givg them away bit by bit to costumers.)

This keyboard continues to be a brat.
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Had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat with wonderful friends, then proved how much
I love 'em... by running off to hobnob at ChicagoTARDIS. Fortunately, they're all fannish, so I think they are still my friends.

I had a chance to say something to Gareth D-L because he was the first person I saw at the reception. Fortunately I also had the wisdom to realize I was startled and tired and would only say something stupid, so I passed by and caught up with Rob Shearman instead, because he is lovely and I only ever get to see him here. After a quick round of my other reception tradition (reminding [ profile] calapine that she does actually know me), I sat in listening to Rob and Tony Lee teasing Tommy Knight. Tom is frustrated that he has no action figure - he wants to go into the store and buy himse- I mean, Luke Smith. He says if he does, he'll make it kiss a slitheen. (He also made it clear that he knows just WHAT some fans would do with it and a Clyde figure!). Rob and Tony told him he'd never get one until the character was written out, so they started making up death scenes and mutilated action figures ("It's poseable - you can move the arms for shock or agonizing pain.")

Today I made Toby Haydoke's whole year by skipping an autograph with Rob to get his, instead of the other way around. I'm mad at myself for forgetting my Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf cd and I'm too cheap to buy a second copy just for an autograph, so I had Toby sign the back of my con badge and I'll slip it into the case.

Gareth & Kai Owen panel in 10 minutes, so I'll swing by later. Please forgive typos, as am still adjusting badly to ipad onscreen keyboard. It is funny - last year everyone had different netbooks in the lobby. Now everyone has an ipad. Tony Lee was showing me some excellent apps.
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Since the last update, I got my copy of Invaders from Mars autographed by Paul McGann (I'd wanted to get an autograph yesterday, but I realized that I wasn't strong enough to even stand in line.)

After that, I scooted off to catch the end of the questions panel with Phil Collinson, Gary Russel, Rob Shearman, and Nick Briggs (although I frankly almost walked right out again, because I'd walked into the middle of a "Children of Earth was so brilliant" lovefest. (Interestingly in light of the "It's really really been picked up for another season, cross my heart" info coming from another convention, here Nick said that he said it was a pity that RTD was too busy to work on Torchwood again.)

They were also asked:
- If there would be multi-Doctor reunion show. After saying that they'd like to see it, they started saying which Doctor they'd play. (Phil would be Six.)
- There were shots of Skaro and the wars that made Davros come up with the daleks that were cut due to budget. "Someday someone will do it and it will be brilliant."
- Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, when the Doctor comes in with a gun and blows away the cameras got turned into "the Doctor comes in with a gun and they look scared."
- Rob wanted more shots of bullets sparking off an impervious dalek but thought that the idea of bullets melting was much more interesting when they did it.

Thoughts on Blink:
- Nick went to see it at Moffat's house before it aired. ("I bet he stopped doing that now." "I'm sure.") His kids were hiding behind the couch, and to deal with the fear, Moffat's son Josh whispered all the really scary bits 2 seconds before they happened.
- Rob says he scares the kids by saying "If you don't shut up, Daddy will make you watch Blink again."

Nick thinks that people are attracted to atypical episodes, which explains Blink even though there was little Doctor in it, but now he can't write a season of atypical episodes.

Rob bitched that Moffat shows off his Hugos. PHIL: "He wears them around his neck." About the one he didn't win - Rob says that he knew in advance he didn't win. "I think he found it a little bit embarassing that he kept winning it... I think he wasn't concerned that Silence in the Library didn't win. I think he thought three was enough."

Nick says that the End of the World episode is one of his favorites.

Phil Collinson wants to executive produce the SJA if he gets the chance.

NICK: (on executive producing) It's not just about having to do the job, but it's also about leadership qualities; you have to be everyone's dad and everyone's headmaster. I would watch Julie and Russell hug everyone around the room."
GARY: She hugged a little too long.
PHIL: I was pleased when Julie left because I stole her house in Cardiff.

How was Human Nature chosen to be an episode and are any other NAs under consideration?
GARY: It was a no-brainer once I heard what the story was. It was beautiful and just perfect. Paul's so clever. Everyone involved in that relished in bringing it to the screen... it really showcases what [David] can do."
PHIL: I think he should do [David Richardson's book; I missed the title.]

The special presentation is Waters of Mars, which is nice enough, but I'm back here checking email again. So I'm out in the lobby with [ profile] swallowedbysky and Tony Lee handing out Bella candies. (I've got a photo, shall I upload it?)
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If I was following the original plan, I'd be on the road by now, but then, the original plan didn't call for me to poison myself half to death. (File under things I never needed to know: Dramamine makes you not throw up. It doesn't make you want to not throw up.)


I was on the Spoilers panel with [ profile] spastasmagoria and Lars Pearson; three opinionated people means a rocking panel and indeed it rocked, especially for a Sunday morning when most people are dragging. Get a hot topic like spoilers, though, and nobody's dragging long...

Then I went to Rob Shearman reading one of his stories from Love Songs For The Shy and Cynical; the one about there being only so many love songs allowed in the world. It is cynical, and yet lovely and sad.

Photo of Rob )

Then I was supposed to be at the "Fandumb" panel with [ profile] spastasmagoria, but I bailed to see the Big Finish Paul McGann panel - Paul, India Fisher, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nick Briggs, and surprise guest Jake McGann.

Bad photo )

It started out so slowly that I was wondering if I could gracefully bail and go to where I belonged, but then it picked up.

- Jake says he's seen more of the Dr. Who TV movie than his father has.

- India, being asked if she liked being chased by space monsters, said very dryly "How lucky I am that my job is also my hobby."

- BBC7 became interested in broadcasting in 2005 when the show came back; book readings had done well and edited versions of the first season of Eight/Charley were their highest-rated shows ever. So they went ahead with the Eight/Lucie series. BBC pays for part, but Big Finish can do them much more cheaply than BBC could in-house.

- On the meals - someone told them they had a drinking game and took a slug every time the Big Finish meals were mentioned. "He's ratted in five minutes" Nick said.

- At the end of every episode, Paul McGann starts singing the Dr. Who theme.

- Paul swears that the sequel to Lesbian Vampire Killers is "a movie about big gay werewolves" and he's in it.

- On talking to himself (when he's playing different characters in audio) Paul said, "It's kind of natural - you've got voices in your head all the time."

- Paul wants to play a companion. India says she'd love playing the Doctor. Jason and Nick looked thoughtful.

- What attracted Paul to working on Collision was the rest of the cast; he always checks out who his co-workers will be. On the result, he said "My mum liked it."

- At one point, India was vaguely describing a scene. Nick knew the exact title of the story.

- Paul tends to quote Withnail and I on set because all the other actors want to, so he's getting it out of the way.

- About the Eight wig: "I still see that wig in my nightmares."

- Jason wants to do "Companion Idol" and have companions voted off. Paul liked doing the audio with all the different companions.

- When asked their favorites:

JAKE: The one I was in. (Not referring to Immortal Beloved or "the one where I was punched in the nose" but the upcoming Earthly Child.)
PAUL: Shada and the Horror of Glam Rock
INDIA: It was Neverland, but Blue Forgotten Planet has passed it.
NICK: There are too many to choose
JASON: The Cannibalists

The ChicagoTARDIS mascots )

There may be more - I'm going to one more panel and probably closing.

I'm getting by by the kindness of strange friends, who have given me half a bed and (far more importantly) a passenger/second driver home tomorrow. I keep thinking I might be strong enough to do it, but even if I'm strong enough to get in the car, would I be strong enough to get myself across 713 miles alone?

And now to check up on email & LJ for the first time in 2 days.
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There's a certain irony that I paid the extra fee for a very nice assigned seat, which I have sat in exactly once this con. What panels I made yesterday, I was slumping in the back row for a quick escape.

Bits I should have put in earlier editions:

India Fisher was wearing an op-art 60s-style dress for opening ceremonies; K, a regular congoer, asked her if Colin Baker had given it to her. She claimed to be furious... but repeated the joke several times.

In the first Big Finish panel, Nick Briggs was talking about his gut reaction to spiders - "it's them or me" and how he wants to write a monster that kills humans not out of evil, but a simple gut disgust of them the way he reacts to spiders.

The only panel I was on on Saturday was Women of the RTD era. )

I slept through the Paul McGann movie panel, but hear from several sources that he barely remembers it and thus kept his answers to "yes," "no," and "maybe."

Naoko Mori also answered in mostly standard cliches - the actors were a family, John "is a very naughty boy," it was confusing to shoot two episodes at once. Eventually she told some new stories - that she was so ignorant of Doctor Who that she'd tried to look up the word TARDIS in the dictionary and then called her agent, who laughed so hard at her he put the phone down and she had to call back. "I will never work with John Barrowman again because I always end up dying in his arms." (Her other Barrowman quote was "Caring, fun, lovely and always takes his clothes off. It's amazing what you get used to.")

I didn't have the strength to stay through Chicks Dig Time Lords, but I did get to see that there was someone in the audience wearing the costume from the cover. [ profile] jigglykat nearly died of delight.

I missed much of the second Big Finish panel because I'd been sleeping, but I did make it there. )

I wanted to get a McGann autograph, but when I got there, I didn't even have the strength to stand in line. I'll try again today.

The halftime of the Masquerade, while the judges are judging, is a Match Game )

And now, under the cut, 9 pictures from the halls and the masquerade. I didn't get shots of the Labcoat!Martha, Astrid, or the 10th Doctor faceoff (2 Doctors, one with Rose behind him, the other with Orangecoat!Martha and Donna). I do have shots of 10 and Martha; Donna, Jack, and the TARDIS; Reinette; Lady Steampunk (a random hall costume); and UNIT. I also got one shot of the several crowd-pleasing Rose and Martha catfights.

Masquerade awards went to Ten and Orangecoat!Martha, Dalek Woman, the female Five and Two from yesterday's photos and more. (I was, uh, unavailable during much of the awards.)

Photos )
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There wasn't much new that came out of Regeneration Blues (talking about favorite regenerations and learning to deal with regeneration), Days of Future Passed (thoughts on RTD), and Reporter of Bannerman Road (SJA); if you've been online, you've heard it all.

The Torchwood Babiez panel was rocking with absolute silliness, and y'all need to join me in sending waves of psychic energy to [ profile] jigglykat to get her to draw that cartoon of 10 Doctor babiez standing around a crib with a bow-tied mini Matt Smith in it, because that would be beyond adorable!

I bought Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical and got it autographed... but I was talking to Rob while he signed with a sharpie; when I went to look at it later, it was unreadable because the ink had soaked in!

There are cosplayers: Five pictures under here. )

I didn't get a shot of the Charley cosplayer in the R101 jacket holding a Ramsey "vortisaur" doll (although I am sitting right next to her as she sews buttons on a coat.)

Interesting tidbits from Big Finish's panel:
- They are interested in spreading out from tie-ins, but sales of Phantom have been disappointing; the tie-ins have a built-in audience.
- There was a lot of pressure from the audience to bring Charlie back in some manner. India said she'd bribed us all.
- There were so many Sarah Jane-era monsters in the Eight/Lucie stories because Big Finish could use them and nobody else had reused them, and BF had already done daleks and cybermen.
- India was teasing Nick because he tried to read email *on the panel* under the guise of sending a help request for someone who couldn't get their download subscription to start on the right issue.

...augh, there was a lot more, but the shenanigans of the opening ceremony pushed it out of the mental buffer.

Opening ceremony: Nick Briggs was marched up the center aisle by the Dalek Woman. Later, he was talking about how he'd proposed to his girlfriend last year, and how maybe he'd propose to someone else -which is when Rob Shearman started waving at him. "And maybe have another baby," Nick said, ignoring him. Rob nodded and continued to wave.

Lee Jee Tso took a victory lap around the stage, accompanying himself with a boombox beat.

And Paul McGann made his first appearance, tied to Daphne Ashbrook with a 4th Doctor scarf.
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(Note: I'm posting, but not doing a lot of reading. If there's anything I need to know, please drop a note in the comments.)

After joining a group of local friends and their family to have, in the words of Arlo Guthrie, a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, the first event of ChicagoTARDIS was held - the Thursday night pizza party with the guests. (Read: with the Big Finish crew; Paul McGann isn't here yet and I haven't seen Naoko Mori yet.)

Guest-wise, I got to talk to Nick Briggs for a little bit. He told me that they'd straightened out the confusion over the rights with Sherlock Holmes, and now the CDs are for sale in America after all. (After all that, [ profile] persiflage_1!)


Nick told me that they considered themselves experts in SF but were just getting into mysteries, and could use a good Holmes expert for advice. As much as I'd like to swank and say that was me, it wouldn't be - but I could promise to pass the word on to an expert I do know... and as serendipity would have it, the expert's husband wandered up right at that moment to say hello.

I talked with Rob Shearman for quite a while - he's so interesting to talk to! Info from him:

- There will be a partial audio book of Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical produced by Big Finish. They are also talking about partially adapting Tiny Deaths as well.

- The handwritten story in the expensive edition of Love Songs really was handwritten individually for each edition. That edition has almost sold out, but Rob said "If I were you, I wouldn't buy it, it's too expensive!"

- He didn't want to cheat the purchasers of other editions, so that story is hidden in all of the editions of Love Songs. Really hidden; in one of them you need an magnifying glass to find it.

- Stephen Moffat has said that he wants his Doctor Who "to be the show kids dare each other to watch because it's so scary." But he also wants the general tone of the Whoniverse to be optimistic. (Rob hinted that Moffat has some ideas regarding fitting Children of Earth into the tone of the Whoniverse he's building.)

- He thinks British people keep being cast as villains in America because their accents sound "cold" next to ours. I'm still pondering that one, because I don't agree with it.

I also chatted for a while with [ profile] renn, [ profile] brewsternorth, [ profile] prof_pangaea, [ profile] calapine (the two latter not recognizing me at first because I haven't cut my hair in a year!), and borrowed a sharpie from [ profile] taraljc to write my screenname on my badge.

On the way back to the room, I also ran into [ profile] jigglykat, [ profile] nnwest and [ profile] dark_aegis; hopefully we'll find time to chat today.

This morning, I ran into Tony Lee in the lobby, complaining that he'd heard about Black Friday and wanted to see helicopters and ambulances and insanity. "Instead, I came down at 6 in the morning and all I see is Rob [Shearman] - and he's not even on sale!" However, when he discovered that he could buy new waistcoats at JC Penny... and that he could get there by walking across the parking lot to the building with JC Penny written on the side of it - he went off happy as a clam.

(I checked out the sales myself; although I find the mall more than a little disappointing, I am now the possessor of a 60% off pocket watch with a nice blank metal case... that won't be blank forever...)


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