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The actual OP is a [ profile] metaquotes about fanfiction as literature's version of a team sport, which is an intriguing concept, but what I'm linking is this thread of win and glee about what constitutes "real" writing.

Move your drinks far away from the keyboard before clicking.
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Via [ profile] nycdeb I do so love clever sarcastic people with keyboards.

Hamlet, done Facebook style

Hamlet and The Queen are no longer friends.
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[ profile] svilleficrecs has a very interesting essay on Rose vs Martha. I didn't think the issue could be discussed neutrally without character bashing. I was wrong. This isn't about who's a better *person*... This isn't about who's a better, more effective, healthier for the Doctor or more reliable companion... This isn't about who's a better feminist role model... This isn't about who's more likable... This is about who's more compelling as a main character in a piece of narrative entertainment.

Fascinating. (And I'm relieved to see that I can discuss the characters as a writer instead of solely as a fan.) Need to mull before I respond, but it's well worth your time to read through and mull as well.

Ursula LeGuin for the Win! Clever, sarcastic people with keyboards utterly rock my world.

I probably need to change the "fic rec" tag to just "recs," as am using it fairly liberally... but frankly, that seems rather more effort than needed.
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[ profile] ihasatardis has such high volume that it's hard to keep up, but this? Is a work of sheer genius no matter what ship you sail in fandom. Spoilers for Last of the Time Lords.

Fic Rec: Gingerbread Houses by [ profile] dark_aegis. Jack's POV on do we still need to spoiler cut for Utopia? )
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[ profile] seti_drd has an amazing set of link recommendations up today, including a jump to the world's cutest polar bear. Two that I'm going to pull forward into my LJ for sheer brilliance and You've-Gotta-See-This-ness:

Dead Ringers Torchwood parody Not worksafe. Dead hilarious.

Skating. Mozart. Another one for the music geeks, and otherwise impossible to describe. (Impossible to locate, either, this being a German link to a video subtitled in what, Japanese? With the crowd merely applauding and whooping and laughing, which are universal.) The cleverness of the human race in doing brilliantly batshit performance art never ceases to fill me with delight. 40 seconds that you simply must experience!

ETA: Gorpo's going to town on that Ten Doctors cartoon which has four new pages and has developed an interesting plot based on the Eighth Doctor movie to counterbalance the silly.
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Have you heard about "Conservapedia," the conservative answer to the uberliberal, anti-Christian Wikipedia?

No, seriously. Google it. But while it has started out with the noble intent of saving a nation's children from "Darwinism" masquerading as a tested scientific theory and British spelling, it didn't take long for people to get their tongues into their cheeks and their fingers on the keyboard. My personal favorite is the nod to Pharyngula: The Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus. Quite educational. Also, perfectly spelled.

And since the best way of making an armchair scientist waste time on the web is to say something can't be done (call it "Mythbusters - the Home Game"), I bring you an empirical study about the feasibility of securing gelatin to a vertical surface by means of manually impacted cylindrical metal fasteners.

Yes, Virginia, they nailed jello to a wall. With pictures. (For the crime writers reading this, if you scroll down far enough you'll find a recipe for homemade ballistics gel, which is worth the price of admission right there.)

And people think the scientific method is boring and stodgy!

ETA: blatently stolen from [ profile] tamnonlinear, a not-quite-worksafe sign language version of Torn.

ETA2: Icon provided by the twisted mind of [ profile] diannelamerc

I don't remember which ad or video used Scissor Sisters "Don't Feel Like Dancin'" but I've been grooving to that on my iPod all day now...
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Via [ profile] ginmar: just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers for the knitters you know - row counter jewelry. Basically memory wire and beads, used to keep count of rows abacus-style. Very pretty, customizable, and easier to hang onto/less likely to have parts lost than the plastic-board-and-pegs I inherited from my aunt. She's taking special orders for beads & colors and guaranteeing delivery by Christmas if orders are in by 12/15. Details at the link.

I could (and someday may well) do a whole post blasting the concept of "boy science" vs. "girl science." The chemical properties are the same if you're working with peanut brittle or rocket fuel (and all hail Alton Brown for treating food science *as* science and explaining the processes!) Right now, I will simply point to the blogosphere scorn currently heaped on Discovery Channel, who gender-separates their toys and has the cool stuff for the boys and makeup crap for the girls. Shakespeare's Sister has plenty to say and links on the subject; do read the comments, which include this priceless bit from "Kim W:" Where's the girls' Easy-Bake Autoclave? And the Goodbye Kitty Dissection Kit? Or even the Patricia Cornwall My First Forensic Lab?
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If you're not on [ profile] fanthropology, then scoot on over and join the conversation about what would happen if characters with similar names were swapped between universes: When Luke Duke trades with Luke Skywalker. When Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Harkness trade - so one universe gets a bisexual roguish conman, and the other gets . . . . well the same thing?

If nothing else, you've got to see the mayhem that starts when Jack Bauer, Jack O'Neil, Jack Harkness, and Jack Sparrow go universe-hopping!
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Via [ profile] kradical: The cast of Star Trek ToS doing a Monty Python routine. Worksafe, if they can handle shrieks of laughter. Put all drinkables in another zip code from your monitor.

Oh, I LOVE fans, we're a sick, twisted, inventive lot...
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A couple of YouTube links that were posted on Time & Chips for the Eccleston fans. Neither one worksafe. Both wonderful.

Music vid to "Damn, Wish I Were Your Lover"

Jude the Obscure in About Five Minutes (warning - put all drinkables FAR from the screen!)


Jan. 12th, 2006 02:44 pm
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Via [ profile] pecunium; Steve Gilliard's take on A Million Little Pieces:

First, Mr. Frey might want to save himself the trouble of lying on TV. He had his run, but his con is busted ... But this is the kind of tale which will sell well. A rich white kid descends into a life of debauchery, associates with wastrels and then redeems himself.

You can rent this as Henry V at Netflix.
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Narnia and 1776 fans, head to [ profile] metaquotes right now for this. Don't forget to read the comments, they're the best part.
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Found on [ profile] metaquotes, written by [ profile] cavalorn, on the comyng of the frydge:

"7. And it came to pass upon a daye that Cav and Lucy were abiding in the Howse; and there came vunto them two men of labour. And the two men of labour hadde betwixt them a mighty Vessel of Boards; and they did say, where is the Howse vunto which this Frydge must go, for we have brought it many a league vunto thee, yea, even from the place of Frydges have we brought it vnto thee.

8. And the men of labour being brought vunto the rear of that Howse, they did wax dark in the countenance, for the doorway was too narrow to suffer the comyng of so Mighty a Frydge. And manie sore words did they speak. Yea, said they, surely a Camel shall pass through the eye of a Needle ere this bugger goeth through yonder door."

Earlier in his LJ, he has a Chaucerian rewrite of the lyrics to "Shaft."
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Swiped from [ profile] acroyear70, Ten Questions to Ask Your History Teacher

This is a direct parody of the 10 Questions Discovery Institute wants to be asked of biology teachers, presumaby from students who are in school to convert rather than learn. The wonderful thing is, of course, when you take the exact same question out of something people don't really understand (biology) and put it into something they more or less do (American history) suddenly the stupid shouts out loud and clear.

Why do textbooks use drawings or “artist’s conceptions” of “George Washington” as evidence that he existed? Why does no single history textbook anywhere point out that there are no photographs - zero! - of “George Washington” in existence? Why are we told that the American Revolution is an historical fact — even though many Revolutionary claims are based on misrepresentations of the facts?


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