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I've been wondering why Sherlock fandom has been so quiet on LJ and that's because it's LJ and most people have left. But that didn't stop [ profile] holmesian_news from exploding tonight. So, to clear out the links list:

Sleepy Hollow Rec
Funny Night Off --
Abby decides to kick back on Halloween and show Icabod horror movies
“To be frank, sir, we don't know what's going to jump at us next,” she said, back straight, lips pursed, hands crossed behind her. “I've got to get my info from somewhere. I'm thinking a lot of this stuff has some truth in it, or people wouldn't be so attracted to it. Anything's worth a try.”

Irving Looked at her in that way that she could feel the capital L in – the kind of look that said that he was going to let her do whatever she wanted, but that he held her personally responsible for how this had become his life.

Russian Holmes
The first episode of "221B Baker Street" has hit YouTube

Redscharlach is always hilarious, as with these two examples

To be honest, the only mid0nz meta I've read all the way through are the ones on lighting the sets. However, I can put a dozen lighting links here or I can just point to the page for all the meta links, so I'm taking the one-link route. Meta of one sort or another for every single episode, including S3

The Telegraph with 21 facts you didn't know about Sherlock and Holmes

Empire Online with 20 secrets from Moffat & Gatiss

Sherlockiana series; at top is Lyndsay Faye's recap/commentary on Sherlock S3 ep 1 & 2 with more to come. Scroll down for Elementary recap/commentary

Just Because It Made Me Laugh
The pinterest board "Mandatory board of dudes (which I totally promise does not consist exclusively of David Tennant)"
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My linkdump post has nigh onto 100 links in it, including several recipe sets, a variety of garb and sewing patterns, and who knows what else in it. Time to clean virtual house! (Although I do need to remember that I can get a Hyperbowl app. I do love Hyperbowl.)


RDJ & Jude Law promo shot.

Recipe: Randomly left because it sounds like that ur-potato soup I was looking for

Fic: Most Ghosts Are Idiots I may have recced this one before. My favorite ghost AU is [ profile] etothepii's It Feels Like Home When I'm With You, but this version, with a live John moving into the flat haunted by a bored Sherlock is a lot of fun, especially when John sasses back at the hauntings.

For the knitting fans: Sherlsocks

A note from our Guest Director, Benedict Cumberbatch » Cambridge Science Festival

[ profile] wendymr's been doing drabbles; this is a heartwrenching post-FALL one: The Greatest Betrayal

Guess who reads John's blog!

Fic: The Bone Fiddle I'll be honest, I haven't read this Appalacian AU all the way through. It's definitely one for the long-fic lovers. But I like what I've seen, and the slash followup is hella hot. Smutfic, but more than that, casefic

Anthea art

IO9: Why can't any recent Sherlock Holmes adaptation get Irene Adler right?

Relive your favorite Doctor Who deaths in The Gallifreycrumb Tinies

No spoilers, just a description of the Cabin Pressure recording, 16 December 2012 Tony Head is a guest voice (I have completely fallen behind in listening, but as the whole series will be legally available from Audiogo in mid-Feb, I'm just going to mainline on the way to Gally.)

Molly art

Elementary fic: Halfway up the Stairs. I doubt they'll ever do this onscreen, but it's nice to see Joan calling out Sherlock on the sexism that gets ladled onto her by his associates.

Baker Street Blog on what Sherlock and Elementary get and don't get from canon (Not an Elementary-bashing article; very evenhanded)

Recipe: Sherlock spicy sugar cookies

Visual Hobbit pun

The best commentary on the "fake geek girl" crap I've seen

Recipe: ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake Yeah, another one for me. I've got a couple bottles of chocovine kicking around and this looks like fun

RDJ bromancing Jude Law

Assd Recs

Nov. 19th, 2012 07:12 pm
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I want to clear out the linkdump before I head off to ChicagoTARDIS.

The one non-Sherlock link: an absolutely hilarious take Oswin Oswald and that infamous Katy Manning nudie shot with the dalek casing.

Teaspoon :: The Completely True and Canon Story of How Oswin Oswald Seduced Jo Grant, Or Jo Seduced Her, Or Something by Daystar Searcher

The title pretty much says it all. I've now see Elementary and with the exception of a single episode, I'm not impressed: Why 'Elementary' Fails Sherlock Holmes Fandom | Inside Blip
But in depriving Joan of Watson's military background, the show has undermined the sort of grace-under-fire composure needed to deal with a personality like Sherlock Holmes. The characterization compounds this lack by presenting a doctor who has essentially lost her nerve for practicing medicine following a patient's death.

The title says it all here, too. Inadvertent canon!smut: The Top 10 Suggestive Lines from the Sherlock... | Sherlock. Everywhere.

Anyone speak Latvian?

Article about the Elementary set

Interview with Loo Brealey: Sherlock's Molly: the original Cumberbitch - London Life - Life & Style - London Evening Standard

Brad is a LOT more unimpressed with Elementary than I am: Sherlock Peoria: The hour of standing up for Sherlock is at hand.

Fellow Tin Boxer has an article on: “Sherlock Holmes in Washington” « Sherlock DC

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! Someone found all three of the keywords for Sherlock S3 on the same page in one story. (It's been on the fannish shortlist of potentials for Sherlock to remake, too.)

Theory that we've already met Sebastian Moran in Sherlock. (Y'all who keep wondering why that name comes up, go read The Empty House.)

Just what it says on the tin: Martin Freeman, in: "That guy who just wanted a cup of tea."

Partial report on: An Afternoon with Mark Gatiss, 11 November 2012

Nice psychological theory on the grave scene in FALL:
“John’s quick-turn is how a lower ranking officer would leave the presence of a higher one after being dismissed. The whole time, consciously or unconsciously, John has viewed Sherlock as his superior officer, someone he needs to trust and take orders from in order to make their friendship/crime solving work.”

The one Sherlock fic. I can't say I liked this bit of Godlock Johnlock as much as it earwormed me. What is the literary equivalent of earworming, eyeworming? Ew, that sounds disgusting. Anyway, it haunted me enough to dig it back up for a reread, so I'm passing it on: He Could Only Guess at the Sounds From the Old Books. John/Sherlock, NC-17.
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There isn't a speck of fic in this fic rec; it's all essays.

Doctor Who
Intriguing idea: What if Rory is the Master?
Life Outside the TARDIS, or "Lots of clips of Alex Kingston's work"

Downloadable Sherlock Clue(do) (Have I linked this before? It seems familiar)
The cover for the tie-in Casebook Not to be confused with the actual Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock and John holding hands cartoon It's not what you think

Cabin Pressure Recipes
Arthur Shappey’s Toblerone Cookies
Gingerbread Crieffs or, more accurately, gingerbread GERTIs
Unrelated to anything, How to use food coloring to swirl your cupcakes

Food-related question: matzo stuffing. Good idea or "we made that shit up to see who'd eat it"?**

Bleach Pen T Shirt Art DIY Project
Make your own SHRINKY DINKS As usual, I'm thinking "stitch markers"
How to make a sponge ball I can see the advantages over water balloons.

**I don't care what you tell me about thriftiness and culture, I shall go to my grave convinced the Scots made haggis up to see if they could get tourists to eat it.
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For someone who dropped working on the newsletters because scanning through so much and then writing the links was getting to me -- and I worked on the "little" newsletter! -- I've let my linkdump post get to terrifying propositions. So even though I'd normally break this up into posts of various topics, y'all are just going to have to poke through for the topic(s) of most personal interest.

WACDTF is about to start asking for volunteers to cover clinics in Annapolis. For training and other information, please check their website.

CABIN PRESSURE: The Traveling Lemon Project
Let me explain. No is too much; let me sum up. The Qikiqtarjuaq episode of Cabin Pressure (available for $2 on iTunes!) introduced the concept of the Travelling Lemon game. [ profile] pudupudu decided that it would be really nice for fans to take pictures of lemons by national landmarks and send them to writer John Finnemore. This project has included Roger Allum's confused but in-character posing and citrus-photobombing Ben Cumberbatch as he signed in NYC.

If you read only one link from this post, let it be Mr. Vimes'd Go Spare, a brilliant fic about the consequences as Sam Vimes passes from life and into Watch legend.
Also, if you didn't know, the North American Discworld con is in Baltimore in 2013.

The Bigger on the Inside shawl pattern This is so totally going to turn into my "the convention hotel is too cold" project.
Fan-made 50th Anniversary tribute vid; The Tale of a Madman in a Box

A general note: All S2 spoiler cuts come off on Memorial Day. I will continue to use the 4-letter acronyms for the episodes because I like them.

Misc, no spoilers
There is discussion of bringing the Frankenstein play to Broadway, with Cumberbatch.
Simon Pegg & Ben Cumberbatch fooling around on Twitter
Preorders are now available for Sherlock's Home: The Empty House, a book to aid the saving of Undershaw.
MetroeXpress article about the Save Undershaw flash mob in Trefalger Sq.
B.C. boggles with great diplomacy over slash and crossover art
Flickr photostream of BC in NYC
In a NY Times interview, Benedict Cumberbatch mentions seeing Otters That Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. [ profile] redscharlach dies.
I just love this picture
[ profile] redpanda13 pointed me at this giggle-worthy t-shirt, while [ profile] beledibabe showed me this one.

General Fic rec (No Spoilers)
I've recced the pixel version of "Adequacies", in which Sherlock tries to figure out how to help John's nightmares. Now there's podfic.
The Chronicle of Unfinished-ness It took 30 years for John and Sherlock to actually have the perfect date.
Crack from the meme: Sherlock uses ventriloquism to make the skull talk to John
I may have recced this already: Auto correct gets smutty

NYC Interviews & Other nonfic S2 Links (SPOILERS) )

S2 SPOILER fic, vids, etc. )

S3 Information
Season 3 will be filmed in 2013 and will air in the UK and then PBS that year.

*SPOILER*SPOILER* Mark Gatiss drops a hint *SPOILER*SPOILER*
SAME SPOILER different article

Sheep and Wool Festival )

Also, for a non-drinker, it's a bit startling that afterwards, I bought 2.5 *cases* of wine at Linganore. It's my year's supply of cooking wine: a bottle a month of May wine, 6 meads (I bought it for poaching chicken; I was told that people swear by doing ham in it and now I can't wait to try), 6 of merlot (pot roast) and 6 traminette (poaching pears, although I'll also give the mead a whirl at that). I've also got 2 bottles of chocovin and one "adult chocolate milk" at the Philly flower show, which I think have a future in truffles. Literally.
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My linkdump post is a varied and strange thing this time around; in addition to what I'm passing on, there's a post about how to use silk ties to dye Easter eggs, a note on hanging shelves over doors, and a movement afoot to donate ipod shuffles to Planned Parenthood in states where there is a mandatory describe-the-ultrasound law.

The turnaround is very tight, but they're soliciting fanworks for a book in aid of saving Undershaw

Also, this is probably hitting tumblr well before it shows up on LJ, but photos and comments are starting to arrive about the Save Undershaw flashmob that was mobilized in Trafalger Square yesterday.

A Cure for Boredom The worksafe one where Sherlock is showing John all the odd and wonderful places around London, not the extremely not worksafe story of the same title where Sherlock is studying sexuality by hauling John off to sex clubs. (Although if you want that one, here you go. And its outtakes)

Bedside Manner, in which a night nurse is troubled by the strange visitor who is haunting the room of one Watson, John Hamish while he recovers from a bad beating. Worksafe, surprisingly sweet.

There seems to be a sudden fashion for stories in which autocorrect turns texting extremely suggestive. My particular favorite is the AutoCorrect Series part 1, part 2 & part 3. Not wise to look at during work hours.

At one point, [ profile] redscharlach (now probably forever known as "the one who posted Otters That Look Like Ben Cumberbatch") did a post of "Sherchocs." A candymaker made a bunch of them whereas a baker made cupcakes and posted the recipes.

Death and John Watson: Five Times John Met Death and the One Time He Died Covers quite a lot of John's timeline, from childhood until well after S2. I like how Death is written here - not as wryly as Pratchett's Death, but very sweet.

Why Molly Hooper is the Biggest BAMF in Sherlock A series of macros.

I was a bit "meh" about the original City on the Head of a Pin story, the one where after a trauma, John can see wings on people. However, the FALL-specific remix The Things You Don't Know will rip your heart out and stomp on it with the last three lines. Which is why I'm reccing it -- but it won't make sense until you read the original.

I had to pass on this [ profile] calufrax rec for On The Importance Of Doing Your Research, in which a bunch of cultists pick the wrong virgin sacrifice in *every* sense of the word. Trust Sarah Jane to give 'em all what for! (Don't read at work. Don't read with any drinks near the monitor either.)
“Well, my flesh has definitely been sullied. By men, by the way, in case you’re the kind of male chauvinist society that doesn’t count masturbation or lesbian intercourse as proper sex.” She flounced, inasmuch as one could flounce while bound from head to foot. “Which is just the kind of oppressive thinking I’d expect from a society where a bunch of old men kidnap young girls and stab them to death with a phallic symbol.”
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The one non-Sherlock rec: A Cabin Pressure story called Yalta One word: Otters!

Mycroft macro that made me laugh like a hyena

Direct from BBC Sherlock:
Shaddicted has a closeup of John's resume from The Blind Banker Included for ficcing purposes.

S2 PLOT SPOILERS: Total Film article including quotes from Gatiss, Cumberbatch, Freeman, & Moffat


Five Ghost Stories I'm pretty sure this is the same person who did the Five Nightmares I recced previously. The ghosts of the past haunt memories. (Mycroft's really got me.)

Molly Hooper gets to kick ass! Paper Fortunes (4 parts, link leads to first.)

Once More With Feeling (7 parts, link leads to first) To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues... especially when John tries to insist they break up so he can date the woman his mother tried to set him up with. (There's no plot here, but I got a giggle out of the character interactions)

Physical Turns out Sherlock isn't asexual; he just didn't know that he only responds to a very specific kink. Good thing John's qualified to play doctor...

I'm linking to the rec page for this one because it's one-stop linkage to the story, the NSFW missing scene, and the podfic. Want You Here Tonight. One of the bazillion first time stories. (S/J first time is starting to rival Catherine/Vincent deflowering stories as a massive sub-genre.)

Someone on the kinkmeme wanted to see realistic condom use; the result: 3 Times John and Sherlock Used a Condom The name is prosaic, the text... isn't.

PS - It's not so much that I've given up on Saturday Sherlock discussing canon, it's that it's taken a back seat to the rest of life right now. I plan on picking that back up later in the year so that I can have gone through the canon before I go to Scintillation of Scions next June.
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[ profile] lindenharp recced this and I'm passing it on: Night Terrors. It doesn't sound like much to describe - Rory is having nightmares post The Doctor's Wife, and finally talks to the Doctor about it. But it's a subtle gem for the Rory fans, full of his point of view of all this madness he's swept up in.

My name is Rory Williams and I'm quite ordinary, really.

Well, except for being married to the most glorious woman in existence, who actually is slightly mad, but not in the way everyone said. And getting tangled up with her imaginary friend, a superintelligent alien who saves worlds and occasionally the universe when he's not just faffing about. And going time travelling on the night before my wedding, which stretched a really, really unreasonably long time (see above re time travel) and inadvertantly resulted in me becoming a deadly plastic Roman legionaire who ended up guarding a box for close to two thousand years, which didn't actually happen in the real universe but which I remember some of the time due to long words which I sometimes suspect the Doctor of inventing on the spot–

Okay. So maybe not exactly ordinary. But it's all just stuff that happened to me. I didn't go looking for it.

Mind you, if you're more of a Wilf fan, then you simply MUST read the same author's Boxing Day, wherein a grieving Wilf meets the last man he expected... or wanted... to see.

"Give him back! Give him back! You–you body-stealing zombie thing–you have no right, you–you ghoul–"
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If I didn't clear the backlog, I was going to end up with an encyclopedia's worth of links. So:

This will only make sense to Discworld fans, but it really must be checked out (says the person who just discovered it via a rec at another LJ). Gender identity has been one of the threads discussed in Discworld. Pratchett did it as the case of dwarvish women discovering that they could admit that they weren't just the same as men. Then a fan asked - what if all the female dwarves aren't biologically female? What if gender privacy in dwarfdom has been masking homosexual marriages for centuries? And thus: Modern Love.

[ profile] wendymr recced this first: a beautiful tribute to the Brigadier told from the "those were the days, my friends" perspective of Liz, Jo, and Sarah Jane. A Final Toast Includes the absolutely perfect bit when Jo pulls out mini bottles of booze and announces "Five rounds rapid!"

Before I get into the fanfic, podcasts of old Sherlock Holmes radio stories are available for free download

The Angsty Stuff:
Sink Like a Stone A post-Great Game story that's hard to describe without spoilers. Two men, traumatized by Moriarty, waiting out the endless rain.

There is No Return Sherlock returns, 3 years after being declared dead. John is broken.

Actual Casefic! And long casefic!
The Affair of the Batshit Blogger Scroll down to the first tagged post, read the warnings, and I'll bet you'll be amused enough to keep going on the strength of that alone.

Batshit Blogger could just as easily belong here, but it has a plot, and everything here is pure fluffalicious crack

Bitchslap On Baker Street (art)

Alien Abduction Blues The aliens like to unwind after a long mission by messing with a human for a while. This time they pick up... Mycroft. There's a podfic version, although I've misplaced that link.

And I have far, far too many lit geeks in my flist to pass up passing on A Study in Pastiche. (BBC & ACD versions of Holmes) Unlike the others, I simply canNOT resist quoting the hell out of this one, and I'm barely scratching the surface of what's available at the link:

My lover’s eyes are nothing like a star,
(And I’m not his « little blond satellite ». Honestly, people !)
His phone is far more pink than his lips are,
And his skin, however pale, is not alabaster...


For God’s sake shut your gob and let me love,
Or mock my IQ, or my team,
My full grey hair or ruin’d self-esteem...


Because I always stopped for death,
Scotland Yard called on me...

And that's before you follow the on-post links to the flash-based Heloise and Jane Austen pastiches. Hilarious as Pride and Pugnacity is, I must say that Sherloise is really, really fabulously in character.
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Before the rest of the week gets to me, I'm basically going to make the entire linkdump post public. At some point, I can hopefully also get around to getting it all on Tubso...

FIC REC (Doctor Who)
Passing on the [ profile] calufrax recommendation for Children, Go Where I Send Thee, where the Doctor's companions (including Donna) help stranded children go home... when home is not on this planet.

FIC REC (Sherlock)
This is (mostly) the Sherlock is Fucked Inna Head edition.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, Mystery, deduction, and Christmas crack!fic. As the title suggests, an update of the original of the same title.

Sargent, where Donovan gets a nice backstory.

Vaporized, in which Sherlock deduces John's toiletries by scent... and has a few comments thereon.

Cibophobia, wherein John discovers that Sherlock isn't indifferent to food, he's obsessed over its cleanliness or lack thereof. One jarring typo, but I like the underlying concept a lot.

He Ain't Heavy. Young Sherlock has nicked prescription drugs, with what would have been disastrous results if Mycroft hadn't been there.

Recreational Mathematics. When Sherlock starts losing his grip, Lestrade sets him math problems until he calms down. (This really works for me; it would go perfectly with the edgy, hypersensitive BBC Sherlock)

Lay Me Down Slash blank verse. I keep rereading it, so I'm passing it on.

An FYI to the folks who follow my recs - I'm not even checking anything with Anderson listed alone, most of the Lestrade/Mycroft and I don't touch anything labeled "Moriarty/", so if that's your cuppa, you may want to skim [ profile] holmesian_news yourself.

Slactivist has a brilliant post discussing the lack of religion in the Constitution (which our newest Reps are going to read when they come in) and how some people can't wrap their heads around the concept of secularism. As he points out, the usual argument is that if Group A can't establish its beliefs as law, Group B is going to sneak in and "take over"... as opposed to Groups A and B being able to believe without influence from each other while Group C thinks something else entirely without influence from the other two.
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Never quite thought I'd rec Eleven/Brigadier slash, but I want to keep track of In Geneva by Sam Storyteller. Not too long, not graphic.

And totally worth having in my fic rec links just for the rhododendrons.

As for the bathroom, I've come to the grim realization that I'm going to blow the deadline. Oh, it'll be *usable" by deadline, but it won't be *finished.* I lost my mojo and blew off too much time. My bad.

To try to make up time, I've stopped scraping wallpaper glue off and gone straight to sanding. Yes, this means that there are still thin little layers of wallpaper backing here and there. I figure, if they can hold up to a decade of showers in an inadequately ventilated bathroom *and* remain after being hit with a medium-grit sander with my body weight behind it, they're not going to be a problem and I'll just prime right over 'em.

I'm also having fun with molly bolts. I didn't realize what it would take to knock 'em back through the wall. Before I start priming, and possibly before I start spackling, I'm going to drill the holes for the new molly bolts to come, so that I won't try to sink a new one where an old one is lurking under a layer of spackling.

Yes I had better love the fixtures I'm putting up now, because they're never moving. Yes, this will make it difficult for the next person to live here... but I'm the one living here now.

Fic Rec

Jun. 28th, 2010 06:45 pm
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sjarl marker #2

While I'm at it, I'm going to rec a fic I picked up pulling links: 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Companion Today! by [ profile] darklightluna [Sarah Jane, Rose, Donna, Martha, Jack, Amy, Rory, Mickey, Susan Foreman | G | vague spoilers for S5/12-13 Who (no spoilers in excerpt) ]

Have you considered becoming the Next Companion?

... Ability to think on your feet a must. Willingness to be fully immersed in foreign time periods, cultures, and substances. Must be able to run on adrenaline for extended periods of time...

(Disclaimer: Not responsible for missed birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or ten year reunions. May get covered in slime, mud, ash, alien leftovers, and tomorrow's chicken surprise. Not responsible for legal and/or illegal arrests, imprisonments, and detainments. If necessary, a break out will be staged. Bail and paperwork will be provided at some point. Resurrection provided in case of accidental death though certain limits apply; see terms of service...)

Passing on another fic rec from [ profile] fourzoas: It's sweet and sad and silly and lovely and I can't even cite the title for Big Bang spoilers, so trust me and leap.
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Fic rec: [ profile] lindenharp's drabble Kindred Spirits. Spoilers for The Lodger.
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Joining the chorus of recommendations for the sweet but tinged-with-sadness Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians by [ profile] solsticezero, in which Ianto drops over to 13 Bannerman Road to borrow a cup of supercomputer and discuss life, youth, and the toll of alien hunting with Sarah Jane.

“I was here on a mission,” he said, mouth twitching with a smile. “Now I’m having tea.” But it wasn’t just that. That was part of it, but – this house, with its talking computer and its tin dog and the laughter of children playing in the garden as if they were much younger. It was sweet, and humble. It had softened him a little, unlatched him and let him fall open just a crack, enough to sit ajar and let a slant of the afternoon light in.
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Passing on the recommendation for Prime by [ profile] roachpatrol Worksafe, 2253 words.

It's a heartbreakingly lovely story where little Amelia Pond goes looking for her Doctor, only to meet a Professor and a girl not *that* much older than herself in the woods...

Fic Rec

Mar. 15th, 2010 07:18 pm
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[ profile] dbskyler has a charming, hilarious story about post-Hand of Fear Sarah Jane at The Benefits of Having an Attic.

Sarah thought it was all over, but that was before the Doctor kept leaving her little gifts...

Box of books from the TARDIS is missing all of my Agatha Christie novels, even the romance ones. I always knew the Doctor was secretly reading them.

Fic recs

Feb. 15th, 2010 08:15 pm
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Torchwood fandom (late S1/early S2 ish):
Motto by [ profile] nancybrown
250 words, worksafe

The remaining employees of the Institute (those who were not dead, missing, Retconned, retired, or under permanent psychiatric care) were polled informally for a new motto on a day when the head of the Institute was bored and had tired of throwing small desk items at his employees' heads.

Discworld fandom (post Thud):
Where's My Cow by [ profile] googlebrat
about a page, worksafe

A very expensive, very rare cow has gotten lost in Ankh-Morpork, and it's up to Vimes and the Watch to find it.

And now, he was stuck in some nightmarish children's book, vowing to never again criticise how anyone got confused trying to Find Their Cow. He'd never truly believed how stupid people could be about finding a cow until he'd asked the guards.

Fic Rec

Jan. 12th, 2010 03:56 pm
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Passing along the recommendation for [ profile] sam_storyteller's The Justice League Of Cardiff Is A Stupid Name (Torchwood/Batman/Superman crossover)

"I'm not sure I'd want a superhero in Cardiff."

"We are the superheroes in Cardiff," Ianto replied, measuring out the grounds.

"Yeah, but we're not proper superheroes, I mean we don't have cost...umes..." Gwen trailed off, watching Jack hurry past to his office, greatcoat sweeping along as always. Ianto straightened his tie. "You know what I mean, Ianto."

Fic Rec:

Jan. 10th, 2010 09:08 pm
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A lovely TARDIS-centered fic, explaining why it was in the repair bay for the Doctor to steal: Knowing Her Place by [ profile] primsong. G rated, < 2000 words.

"No, this is nothing foreign picked up, it’s that machine itself! It keeps trying to predict what it thinks I need, it has absolutely no right whatsoever to be using the psychic link that way.” He was greatly affronted, like a dignified, stern man dragged haphazardly through the hedges by his dog.

Fic rec:

Nov. 8th, 2009 12:52 pm
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[ profile] netgirl_y2k and I are both avoiding what we should be writing; however, she's doing so much more productively with the extremely silly Sarah Jane Adventures story Put Down Your Pencils And Get Ready For The Practical Exam, wherein Ten decides to reward Clyde and Rani for doing well on their exams.

“Hey!” said Rani, once the Doctor had handed over her exam results, “Someone's opened this already.”

“And someone,” Clyde added, “has steamed mine open with a kettle and then tried to glue the envelope shut.”

“The Royal Mail must've been taken over by aliens,” the Doctor said, innocently. “I'll look into it.”

Mild spoiler for Prisoner of the Judoon.


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