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I haven't read the newsletter in so long that I despair of even finding a place to start catching up or, with the exception of a few authors, finding anything worth the effort; I remember the time I checked 75 stories in a row and hated them all.

That said, Big Brother is Watching You has hit the rec list and I'm laughing myself sick at the mildly Johnlocky, massively cracky story about John and Sherlock trapped in the Big Brother house.

Gemi and John spend two hours on the sofa talking about daytime talkshows, until Sherlock sits down next to John and starts talking about putrefaction rates.

Gemi leaves after Sherlock uses the phrase 'liquifying tissue'.

John appears to be equally interested in both conversations.
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From the Something Rotten CD liner notes (which I bought walking into the place, because hello, they had me at "Original Broadway soundtrack") "Never forget: Shakes wasn't above a dick joke." And indeed, the lusty hand of the clock is now upon the prick of noon. (Romeo and Juliet)

A short fic rec for a long fic, as I would have done that were I doing a weekly wrapup: The Gilded Cage by Beautifulfiction. Unfortunately, the moment I say "Johnlock omegaverse casefic" most of you will stop reading before you see "casefic" and that's a pity because the main drive of the story isn't about sex at all; it's the ramifications of a society where omegas are (in theory) pampered harem members and (in reality) sex slaves. What happens when an omega tries to regain agency and autonomy in a world where they are biologically tied as property to an owner and manumission isn't even a word?

Apparently this is the topic of the latest 3 Patch Podcast too (the fic, not slavery per se) but I haven't listened to it.
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It's been a strange week. Two days were snowed out, so you'd think there would be more done on the accomplishment side of things, but still, work has been done.

Learned how to poach an egg in the microwave. Coincidentally learned how to explode an egg in the microwave.

The rest of it )

Flatmates (and lizards) should know the worst about each otter Bonkers, bittersweet, and beautiful. I'll let the pitch talk for it: John is an undercover alien agent and it's time for his mission to end, but he can't bring himself to leave Sherlock behind. That turns out to be a mistake

-- Finished Pagan Spring, G.M. Malliet
-- Snowflake, Big Finish
-- podfic of A Trope Too Far (John is traveling between fanfic trope universes trying to find his way back home. NSFW.) And let me just say that I loooooooooove a world where you can get audiobooks of fanfic!

Today: planning to listen to BBC Radio 4 Drama of the Week (As You Like It)

-- Finished: Guns and Roses by Taffy Cannon.
-- Started: Death Under the Dryer, Simon Brett
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On the whole, I'm not into Potterlock because school stories don't do it for me. Knight Magic, however, is a story of two adults who both have surprising secrets...

By the way, I'm phasing away from posting my recs on LJ now that I have an AO3 account; it's easier to bookmark than save off a linkdump. If you want to know what I've recced previously (I'm slowly catching up on all the stuff I've previously recced and bookmarking it) and probably more about my kinks than you ever wanted to know, my bookmarks page is:

The usual song and dance for the last time; I'm into Sherlock and Johnlock almost exclusively; not judging the rest, just not my cuppa. However, I'm not one of the Johnlockers who thinks that Sherlock S3 needs "fixed" because I loved Mary. So my bookmarks will fill up with Sherlock/John/Mary as soon as I have the free time to go looking for it. Make love, not war!
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I've been wondering why Sherlock fandom has been so quiet on LJ and that's because it's LJ and most people have left. But that didn't stop [ profile] holmesian_news from exploding tonight. So, to clear out the links list:

Sleepy Hollow Rec
Funny Night Off --
Abby decides to kick back on Halloween and show Icabod horror movies
“To be frank, sir, we don't know what's going to jump at us next,” she said, back straight, lips pursed, hands crossed behind her. “I've got to get my info from somewhere. I'm thinking a lot of this stuff has some truth in it, or people wouldn't be so attracted to it. Anything's worth a try.”

Irving Looked at her in that way that she could feel the capital L in – the kind of look that said that he was going to let her do whatever she wanted, but that he held her personally responsible for how this had become his life.

Russian Holmes
The first episode of "221B Baker Street" has hit YouTube

Redscharlach is always hilarious, as with these two examples

To be honest, the only mid0nz meta I've read all the way through are the ones on lighting the sets. However, I can put a dozen lighting links here or I can just point to the page for all the meta links, so I'm taking the one-link route. Meta of one sort or another for every single episode, including S3

The Telegraph with 21 facts you didn't know about Sherlock and Holmes

Empire Online with 20 secrets from Moffat & Gatiss

Sherlockiana series; at top is Lyndsay Faye's recap/commentary on Sherlock S3 ep 1 & 2 with more to come. Scroll down for Elementary recap/commentary

Just Because It Made Me Laugh
The pinterest board "Mandatory board of dudes (which I totally promise does not consist exclusively of David Tennant)"
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While the 12 days of Christmas are still happening, argyle4eva's short, seasonal, and silly the First Day of Christmas.
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[ profile] azriona recasts Greg Lestrade in the role of George Bailey in A Bell Rings Every Time
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A general and generally disorganized gallimaufry.

Night Vale Mitts. There's no pattern, but the color progression is lovely; I'm going to have to remember this one!
gunslingerannie: Your daily shades of the sky...

Cute Elementary art

Kiddie fic, wherein Mycroft adopts his half-brother... John Watson
Starting Over, in 2 parts

Molly and Sherlock S3 story. PLOT SPOILERS FOR SHERLOCK S3
Familiar Concepts

I'm... not entirely sure if I'm reccing this because I like it or because I'm boggling at the idea of Basil of Baker Street hurt/comfort (mostly hurt) fic.
All Things Bright And Beautiful

Sherlock/Elementary crossover cartoon. Considering the proclivities of JLM's Holmes, they'd be the perfect match

One of my favorite passages from Pratchett beautifully illustrated (and demonstrated) in Sherlock photos

I'm reccing this because it made me laugh like a hyena. Sherlock.

The Elementary writers continue to tease me with Clyde shows I'd watch the hell out of

Again, laughed like a hyena SHERLOCK S3 TRAILER SPOILERS

World's Most. Hilarious. AU. John offers himself as a *cough*not*cough* virgin sacrifice to a dragon
Sacrifices Must Be Made
“Are you honestly suicidal?” the dragon hissed in annoyance, a thin ribbon of steam coming from its mouth.

“I came up here to be eaten by a dragon,” John said, “I’m hardly expecting to be improved by the experience.”


The dragon sat down in front of him, his head still slightly above the level of John’s. “I believe the traditional gift is a virgin sacrifice.”

"Yeah, well...” John’s cheeks went a bit red, “it’s a small village, and there’s not really much to do when it’s not harvest-time.”

Abso-frigging-lutely nothing to do with Holmes in any universe; just a nice creepy story/perspective about Labyrinth
And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

RDJ does a nice thing
His Name Is Robert Downey Jr. « Quest for Kindness

I was amused by this carousel art of the Sherlock characters. These also make good phone backgrounds

There are so many Disney-style remakes of Sherlock that I'm not sure if I've recced this one before or not. They certainly make good computer wallpaper

Sherlock Holmes Book Scarf by storiarts on Etsy

Out of Print T-shirt for Hound of the Baskervilles (that's the company name, not the sales status)

This has nothing to do with any fandom, I just thought it was really, really cool
Using Stain to Make Artwork! {Burn pile Buffet Part 2}
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Clearing out a whole assortment of stuff:


Sweet and creamy one-ingredient ice cream in 5 minutes [Vegan] : TreeHugger

Not locked, so I hope you don't mind I share, [ profile] honorh: Mug Cake

Let's Draw Sherlock In Your Own Culture Challenge (example given is German)

This one fascinates me: All of the characters came from different fairytales, and then when the fairies left, they took their stories with them.
The Steadfast Tin Watson - what_alchemy

Fic: Errant Emails (JWP #7)
It was easy enough to understand how it happened. They had the same last name, the same first initial. They were roughly the same age. They shared a passion for mystery novels. They both studied medicine. John owned the JWatson username in six places. Joan seven. Occasionally poignant, occasionally hilarious.

A Hundred Lifetimes by ~MissEvalyn on deviantART

Benedict Cumberbatch: I want to have a cup of tea with rival Sherlock Holmes actors | Radio Times

A little Brett love
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The linkdump is filling up with non-Holmes stuff, so I thought I'd post this before everything Holmesian was lost in the rest. (If you ever wondered about the random stuff that ends up in the linkdump, it includes this, this, and this at the moment. )

Anyway, on to Sherlock!
I may have posted this before; speculation about FALL: IOU Explanation – Grimm’s Fairy Tales Cipher

Alternate take:

More FALL speculation:

I am vastly amused by the meme going around Facebook saying "What if Moffat doesn't know how Sherlock survived the fall and he's waiting for the Internet to tell him?"

Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 4 - Elementary slides

Recced on one of the Holmesian lists I'm on: The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes: The Sherlockian Artwork of Norman Schatell

This place does literary-themed earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. I will doubtless pony up for some of the Austen ones; here are the canon Holmes ones.

Sherlock DC discusses Scintillation of Scions VI

Downloadable PDF of Sherlock DC's presentation for Scintillation: All Roads Lead to Holmes: How New Media Builds Connections Across the Sherlockian Ages

I would watch the hell out of this:
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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate is starting to hit the 'net:

"7 Reasons why Elementary is one of the most feminist shows on TV" I don't agree with all of the reasons, but I wholeheartedly endorse 3 (diversity) and 4 (Miss Hudson).

Think I've recced this before: BELG redrawn as a Disney movie

Exactly what it says: a pretty deep essay on How The Sherlock Fandom Saved My Life

Highlights from CrimeFest: Creating Sherlock

Links to Youtube videos of "Victorian Pharmacy" As canon!Watson will tell you, when in doubt, brandy.

The fic from last year's Science of Deduction fanzine is starting to go online
Green Grow the Rushes, O! - AJHall

As the weather changes: Sherl-ices
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I have got to learn to not let my linkdump get so big. But as I'm behind on the newsletter for a whole week, better to clear out the old cache than add to it.

Someone ties imagery from the Elementary opening sequence to the first season. Spoilers if you haven't seen the last ep.

I don't think this art...

...looks like this guy. But I really LIKE that drawing.

Cartoons of all the Holmeses as cats (House, films, Sherlock, Elementary, canon)

I can't say I've even read "Amphibians." But I can't not mention that there's a Sherlock BBC/Persuasion crossover out there. Appears to be completed.

I can't remember if I've recced "Comrades in Arms" before

Lovely scratchboard style art of Sherlock (BBC)

Nice Elementary art


I should get this for cons until such time as I can make a pilgrimmage to Speedys. (That's really what having a Speedys mug or T-shirt is... proof you've been to The Holy Land, at least as fans recon it.)

Post reichenback symbolic art. I don't entirely know if I want to cry or go "awwwwww"

Omegaverse porn. Apparently I have no shame left.
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I know everyone is going to be talking about the new episode tonight (that'll be me too in about two hours), but in the meantime, the linkdump has been growing exponentially and hasn't been cleared out in months.


Elizabethan Lemon Cake Recipe

Lemon Cakes, part 2 | Inn at the Crossroads

These are mostly for me, but public for the interested - I want to learn muffin-tin cooking, as it seems both bento-sized and pre-portioned.

Do You Know the Muffin Pan?: Muffin Pan Recipes

10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Tin


Muffin Tin Cooking

Someday I have to actually stop and read this sometime:
Mindfulness Meditation Could Lower Levels Of Cortisol, The Stress Hormone

Hilarious Star Trek-based Barbershop Quartet

This is for me, but I'm adding it because other folks may be having trouble arranging the part of your house where you dump stuff on entering - The "landing strip" (Who knew it had a name?)
All About Landing Strips: Projects, Ideas and Inspiration | Apartment Therapy

The 10 Best Moments in "The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One" - Exactly what it says on the tin.

Another archive for me, but useful to all knitters - all kinds of advice, including bindoffs, needle pushing, increases, etc. I"m going to have to go through the whole archive... someday

Whole index here:

Cabin Pressure
Cabin Pressure mini-icons: spoilers for all of series 4

John Finnemore discusses the Wokinham episode, and includes a picture of the scene where Martin's brother picks him up... and the actor playing him picks up Ben. I cannot actually figure out where Ben's legs are.
Forget What Did: Wokingham

Elementary meta discussing a scene from about 8 weeks ago. My general dislike made me bleep over this moment, but the OP made me stop and rethink because this IS a big deal; like the OP, I can't think of a similar situation on TV (and precious damn few in real life):
I wanna talk about this scene for a second. Until that moment I never realized that I needed to see this on television; a man asking a women that she seek out opinions other than his.


Like this black and white art of Sherlock

The story I was raving out earlier. Snapshots of a long J/S life - Genus: Apis

Red Scharlach takes a line from the new Star Trek movie promo and turns it into a put-your-drinks-away-from-the-monitor icon

If you are EXTREMELY phobic about the SLIGHTEST suggestion of a spoiler, don't click this one. For anyone else, Red is riffing off of a twitpic of part of the set, which in my mind doesn't tell you anything. Except that Red's funny.

Vashtra and Jenny recreate a scene from Holmes canon

Mark Gatiss plays with the skull onset

More Holmes canon art, now with snarky subtitles. Some bad language, if you work at a very conservative workplace

Ghostbees points out that "I hear 'punch me in the face' every time you talk; it's usually subtext" applies nicely to canon

The evolution of Ben and Martin at Sherlock readthroughs

"A gaze from Watson is..." (gigglesnort indeed!)

I just like this art

Remember that story where Martin Crieff was Sherlock's half brother and Martin had a stuffed airplane named Planey? Turns out it's part of the Thicker than Water series.

The crackiest of crack: a zoologist's report On the Courting Behaviour of the British Sherlock
The Sherlock was standing on the top of an outcrop of rocks to one side of his enclosure, staring out over the zoo in a dramatic fashion. Posing, thought Poppy privately. Despite the lack of breeze his coat and scarf swirled around him as though caught up in a storm. No one had been able to work out how he did it.

Moffat & Gatiss are such geeks that they cast a former Holmes as a cameo in the Diogenes Club

Exactly what it says on the tin
Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall – live chat with the co-creators

Scenes from BELG done Disney-style.

Molly done Disney-style

Yet more Disney art; Sherlock (looking remarkably like the guy from 101 Dalmations)

Sherlock: Last Friday Night vid

I spent rather a lot of a work night reading up on this series about little Sophie growing up on Baker Street. (This is not the same as the Sophie Lestrade series). What can I say, it has a ferret in it.
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I'm not waiting for the next link roundup to pass this one on because it articulates everything I hate about the Moriarty character, from canon onwards: I'd Prefer Less Moriarty.

It's hard to sample the article and not just copy the entire thing, but here is the meat of it:

"Moriarty is always portrayed as an End Boss, the ultimate mastermind behind whatever the sinister plot is. He’s the baddest badass the Holmes character ever meets, and when he shows up, boy is it on. You know the stakes have risen.

Except that’s not what’s appealing about Sherlock Holmes in the stories (emphasis added). ...

The thing that bothers me about Moriarty, and especially when it came to Sherlock and now Elementary is that not only does he come in as the big bad, he also brings with him the old personal vendetta. He’s not The Napoleon of Crime, he’s The Guy Who Really Effin Hates Sherlock Holmes, and he doesn’t just do crimes, he has it in for Holmes specifically. Once he walks on stage, Holmes stops solving crimes and starts a deadly game of cat and mouse where this time it’s personal. What we tuned in to see is cast aside: we know who the bad guy is (Moriarty) and what the endgame is (defeat Holmes)."

So. Much. This! I LOATHE Moriarty as a character in canon and moreso in spinoffs and pastiches. He warps far more interesting and smart canonical characters into minions, or they're ignored because we're all supposed to be more impressed by and afraid of The Big Badass.

Dave then goes on to nail the heart of the problem with turning detective stories into mano-a-mano thrillers:

"It also bugs me at this point because it turns the plot into exactly the kind of plot I hate, the one where the good guy and the bad guy just have a giant pissing contest around the city and usually a bunch of faceless innocent nobodies get caught in-between. I hate this story. I don’t like it when the hero is in a situation where, honestly, we’d be better off without him."

Moriarty is not only a fairly uninteresting character, he diminishes Holmes. We already KNOW what's going to happen, just like we already KNOW what's going to happen when Superman fights Lex Luthor, Batman fights the Joker, the Doctor fights the Daleks, etc., etc., etc.

This is not interesting storytelling because there is no actual tension in reaching a predetermined outcome!

Moriarty sucks. Moriarty sucks precisely because we already know what's going to happen the moment he shows up. And what's going to happen is not what we signed up for - no deductions, no "singular" cases, no twists. Just the overwhelming stench of ammonia and testosterone.

PS - This is also proof that I can read and rec a pro-Elementary, anti-Sherlock article without bursting into flame. Just in case anyone wondered.

PPS - Yes, I know that the "fic rec sherlock" tag really doesn't have a lot to do with fic these days.
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My linkdump post has nigh onto 100 links in it, including several recipe sets, a variety of garb and sewing patterns, and who knows what else in it. Time to clean virtual house! (Although I do need to remember that I can get a Hyperbowl app. I do love Hyperbowl.)


RDJ & Jude Law promo shot.

Recipe: Randomly left because it sounds like that ur-potato soup I was looking for

Fic: Most Ghosts Are Idiots I may have recced this one before. My favorite ghost AU is [ profile] etothepii's It Feels Like Home When I'm With You, but this version, with a live John moving into the flat haunted by a bored Sherlock is a lot of fun, especially when John sasses back at the hauntings.

For the knitting fans: Sherlsocks

A note from our Guest Director, Benedict Cumberbatch » Cambridge Science Festival

[ profile] wendymr's been doing drabbles; this is a heartwrenching post-FALL one: The Greatest Betrayal

Guess who reads John's blog!

Fic: The Bone Fiddle I'll be honest, I haven't read this Appalacian AU all the way through. It's definitely one for the long-fic lovers. But I like what I've seen, and the slash followup is hella hot. Smutfic, but more than that, casefic

Anthea art

IO9: Why can't any recent Sherlock Holmes adaptation get Irene Adler right?

Relive your favorite Doctor Who deaths in The Gallifreycrumb Tinies

No spoilers, just a description of the Cabin Pressure recording, 16 December 2012 Tony Head is a guest voice (I have completely fallen behind in listening, but as the whole series will be legally available from Audiogo in mid-Feb, I'm just going to mainline on the way to Gally.)

Molly art

Elementary fic: Halfway up the Stairs. I doubt they'll ever do this onscreen, but it's nice to see Joan calling out Sherlock on the sexism that gets ladled onto her by his associates.

Baker Street Blog on what Sherlock and Elementary get and don't get from canon (Not an Elementary-bashing article; very evenhanded)

Recipe: Sherlock spicy sugar cookies

Visual Hobbit pun

The best commentary on the "fake geek girl" crap I've seen

Recipe: ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake Yeah, another one for me. I've got a couple bottles of chocovine kicking around and this looks like fun

RDJ bromancing Jude Law
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Someday I'm going to clean out both my email and my linkdump. Today is not that day. But I wasn't going to pass on the the chance to pass on Boredom Untold, which is best described as "BBC Sherlock does The Ransom of Red Chief by way of Labyrinth."

“The rules are simple, Mycroft. You have thirteen hours in which to solve my Labyrinth, and reach the heart of the Goblin City, or you’ll never see your little brother again.” He grinned, feral. “Of course, you could save yourself the trouble and simply relinquish him.”

“I’m afraid not,” Mycroft said. “Mummy would be displeased. And it’s my responsibility.”

“As you wish.” Then the Goblin King turned to Sherlock. “And you, my young friend, must come with me, and we’ll see what your brother is made of.”

“No!” Sherlock yelled, in a rare tantrum. “No, no, NO!”

“I’m afraid you have little choice in the matter.”

Sherlock glared, crossing his small arms. “Don’t be stupid; of course I’m going with you. It’s hateful here. But I don’t need Mycroft. Mycroft gets to do everything interesting, and it isn’t fair. I will solve the Labyrinth.”
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At some point - probably the point where I catch up on everything from Holmesian_news for the last 8 or 9 days - I'm going to have a full fic/essay rec. But I'm not going to wait to pass on one of the best straight-faced sporkings I've ever read: Lyndsay Faye's scholarly essay Upon the Clear Distinction Between Fandom and the Baker Street Irregulars

Note: for the purposes of this intellectual exercise, the possibility that the BSI may potentially be a storied and erudite literary society and a happily thriving fandom simultaneously will be ignored. This decision was made in light of the fact that a noun cannot be two things concurrently, the way the Empire State Building is not both a functioning office tower and a tourist destination, and the way Bill Clinton is not both a former president and a saxophone player.
Denizens of the fandom community fail to confine their “avid enthusiasm” to mere discussion of hobbits and tribbles; they also, as a group, have a marked tendency to collect memorabilia relevant to their favorite characters, spending precious funds in pursuit of items such as action figures and animation cells. ... Irregulars of my acquaintance have amassed collections of Sherlock Holmes art, Sherlock Holmes books, Sherlock Holmes knickknacks, Sherlock Holmes pins, Sherlock Holmes translations, Sherlock Holmes reference volumes, and Sherlock Holmes talismans such as magnifying glasses or pipes, but as these are clearly objets d’art, they find no equivalency within the realm of fandom.

It just gets better; do read the whole thing. It's only a pity that Issac Asimov isn't around anymore to get a giggle out of his invocation therein.

Assd Recs

Nov. 19th, 2012 07:12 pm
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I want to clear out the linkdump before I head off to ChicagoTARDIS.

The one non-Sherlock link: an absolutely hilarious take Oswin Oswald and that infamous Katy Manning nudie shot with the dalek casing.

Teaspoon :: The Completely True and Canon Story of How Oswin Oswald Seduced Jo Grant, Or Jo Seduced Her, Or Something by Daystar Searcher

The title pretty much says it all. I've now see Elementary and with the exception of a single episode, I'm not impressed: Why 'Elementary' Fails Sherlock Holmes Fandom | Inside Blip
But in depriving Joan of Watson's military background, the show has undermined the sort of grace-under-fire composure needed to deal with a personality like Sherlock Holmes. The characterization compounds this lack by presenting a doctor who has essentially lost her nerve for practicing medicine following a patient's death.

The title says it all here, too. Inadvertent canon!smut: The Top 10 Suggestive Lines from the Sherlock... | Sherlock. Everywhere.

Anyone speak Latvian?

Article about the Elementary set

Interview with Loo Brealey: Sherlock's Molly: the original Cumberbitch - London Life - Life & Style - London Evening Standard

Brad is a LOT more unimpressed with Elementary than I am: Sherlock Peoria: The hour of standing up for Sherlock is at hand.

Fellow Tin Boxer has an article on: “Sherlock Holmes in Washington” « Sherlock DC

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! Someone found all three of the keywords for Sherlock S3 on the same page in one story. (It's been on the fannish shortlist of potentials for Sherlock to remake, too.)

Theory that we've already met Sebastian Moran in Sherlock. (Y'all who keep wondering why that name comes up, go read The Empty House.)

Just what it says on the tin: Martin Freeman, in: "That guy who just wanted a cup of tea."

Partial report on: An Afternoon with Mark Gatiss, 11 November 2012

Nice psychological theory on the grave scene in FALL:
“John’s quick-turn is how a lower ranking officer would leave the presence of a higher one after being dismissed. The whole time, consciously or unconsciously, John has viewed Sherlock as his superior officer, someone he needs to trust and take orders from in order to make their friendship/crime solving work.”

The one Sherlock fic. I can't say I liked this bit of Godlock Johnlock as much as it earwormed me. What is the literary equivalent of earworming, eyeworming? Ew, that sounds disgusting. Anyway, it haunted me enough to dig it back up for a reread, so I'm passing it on: He Could Only Guess at the Sounds From the Old Books. John/Sherlock, NC-17.


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