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A general and generally disorganized gallimaufry.

Night Vale Mitts. There's no pattern, but the color progression is lovely; I'm going to have to remember this one!
gunslingerannie: Your daily shades of the sky...

Cute Elementary art

Kiddie fic, wherein Mycroft adopts his half-brother... John Watson
Starting Over, in 2 parts

Molly and Sherlock S3 story. PLOT SPOILERS FOR SHERLOCK S3
Familiar Concepts

I'm... not entirely sure if I'm reccing this because I like it or because I'm boggling at the idea of Basil of Baker Street hurt/comfort (mostly hurt) fic.
All Things Bright And Beautiful

Sherlock/Elementary crossover cartoon. Considering the proclivities of JLM's Holmes, they'd be the perfect match

One of my favorite passages from Pratchett beautifully illustrated (and demonstrated) in Sherlock photos

I'm reccing this because it made me laugh like a hyena. Sherlock.

The Elementary writers continue to tease me with Clyde shows I'd watch the hell out of

Again, laughed like a hyena SHERLOCK S3 TRAILER SPOILERS

World's Most. Hilarious. AU. John offers himself as a *cough*not*cough* virgin sacrifice to a dragon
Sacrifices Must Be Made
“Are you honestly suicidal?” the dragon hissed in annoyance, a thin ribbon of steam coming from its mouth.

“I came up here to be eaten by a dragon,” John said, “I’m hardly expecting to be improved by the experience.”


The dragon sat down in front of him, his head still slightly above the level of John’s. “I believe the traditional gift is a virgin sacrifice.”

"Yeah, well...” John’s cheeks went a bit red, “it’s a small village, and there’s not really much to do when it’s not harvest-time.”

Abso-frigging-lutely nothing to do with Holmes in any universe; just a nice creepy story/perspective about Labyrinth
And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce

RDJ does a nice thing
His Name Is Robert Downey Jr. « Quest for Kindness

I was amused by this carousel art of the Sherlock characters. These also make good phone backgrounds

There are so many Disney-style remakes of Sherlock that I'm not sure if I've recced this one before or not. They certainly make good computer wallpaper

Sherlock Holmes Book Scarf by storiarts on Etsy

Out of Print T-shirt for Hound of the Baskervilles (that's the company name, not the sales status)

This has nothing to do with any fandom, I just thought it was really, really cool
Using Stain to Make Artwork! {Burn pile Buffet Part 2}
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This is supposed to be the space where I do my weekly wrap-up. However, my fingers were still in the peeling/fortheloveofGodSTOPITCHINGSTOPSTOP stage when I caught a rather nasty cold, so all I've really been good for is flopping on the couch like a fish, watching Too Cute (occasionally interspersed with Hoarders. Now there's a combo that'll fuck with your head.)

BUT! I've been praised online recently a couple of times for being the type who Gets Things Done, which has the encouraging result of making me look for things I can Get Done even when "keep breathing" is high on the list of major efforts. And I do have things I want to share.

App Recs )

If you have ever been interested in bento, or just need some help figuring out packable meals, has kicked off an online class "Bento 101: Getting into the Bento Habit." Classes "What Can I Eat?" (with vegetarian/vegan option) and "What Do I Put It In?" have been posted.

I peeled myself out of my deathbed to see someone get offed at Riversdale mansion in their second murder party. This was as much fun as the first (or would have been if the decongestants hadn't worn off right as Mr. Foster came into the room shouting "Colonel Barclay has been murdered!" (In the study with a poker, y'all.) Because there is a lot of local history dealing with the War of 1812, this one was war-centered, dealing with subplots of politics, smuggling, and embargoes and partially using real people. "Tommy Jeff* did refer to me as a virago," Mrs. Merry said smugly at one point. The killer went into a lovely meltdown when accused - all the more impressive when we were told that she had stepped into the role barely 6 hours before the show started.

Technically, I did not deserve the 25% off your next ticket coupon awarded to our team for figuring out killer and motive because I thought it was someone else but was overruled. Practically speaking, I've already bought the tickets for the Jane Austen cafe (desserts and dish over Pride and Prejudice) anyway.

In a combination of access, "may I please" and, okay, one snatch, I have collected the entire "you may have copies of these clues" set. I've been pleased with how I turned the art and info from SherlockNYC's museum treasure hunt into a thing, so I'm planning on turning all of this into a collage, which I'll frame & hang. I always intended to turn one of the hallways into an art gallery, but filling it with framed mementos of adventures will be much cooler, don't you think? And more accessible than scrapbooking, because then what do you do with the books?

*aka President Thos. Jefferson, proving that loathing the President isn't new.

My one really BIG accomplishment this week is conquering icord binding. This took a couple of rip-outs, questions at the fading knit night, needles one size up, and about 12-14 inches of ass-ugly work that I'm not redoing, but now I know the rhythm, can turn a corner, and can weave the ends inside the cord as I work. THAT is one for the "important things I've learned this year," in my opinion.

Coffee maker question
If you're still reading, I've got a question for y'all. I've recently scored a one-cup coffee maker for the office - not that I like coffee, but that there are many, many things that you can do with 8-14 ounces of boiling water. Instant cocoa and oatmeal, of course, but what else do y'all do with hot water? Anyone try making pasta in one? Poaching small-diced foods?


Nov. 21st, 2012 09:30 pm
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Random links to while away the holiday.

Shaddicted links to a variety of Sherlock-inspired knitting patterns.

Exactly what it says on the tin: Things I would like to see Holmes introduce Joan as, knowing she has to play along:

For the Shakespeare fans - [ profile] wiliqueen's list of things Overheard at Dunsinane

This was highly recommended at a Holmesian chat: Action Sherlock Brain Theater Home

For Thanksgiving dinner: PW Dinner Rolls – No Kneading Required!
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Ordinarily I'd split the links into "Sherlock" and "Not Sherlock" but... I gotta lotta links and WTF, I want to start the upcoming week with a clean linkdump slate. So click your fancy out of the list below.

Above the cut for awesomeness (I'd give credit to an LJ name, but I think you're off LJ? Correct me if wrong.) Anyway, a very cool person has links for online classes.
A Lifetime of Learning At Your Fingertips | Personal Parlance

Where to Get the Best Free Education Online

Links for Sherlock )

Although this is technically an Elementary post, it's above the cut because it's more Holmesverse than anything. "Exactly how much can you change of Sherlock’s world before your programme is nothing more than a crime drama that features someone by the name of Sherlock Holmes?"

Links for Elementary (no spoilers) )

Humor for Knitters/yarn folk )

Links on Depression )

Links for Foodies (wine salt rub) )
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As promised, now for something completely different.

How to knit or crochet your own Ace Bandages (that's elasticated bandages, y'all on the other side of the pond)

Bite Sized Chocolate Cream Pie recipe

And then, there's this. My aunt crocheted me that blanket as a graduation present from high school. The cats all love it; every single one takes their turn kneading and sleeping on it.
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I think I've been drafted back onto Team Sherlocked. This is what I get for admitting I did a 221B washcloth during the opening ceremonies! (And not knitting any since...)

Anyway, I'm archiving this set of non-Ravelry links for future reference/the use of other knitters:
221B Washcloth
Map of Great Britain (Note: the designer doesn't seem to know the difference between GB and just England)
Numbers & letters
The footprint of a gigantic hound

The only bicycle I can find is for pay and I'm too cheap, and I can't find a pipe at all.

I think there's a washcloth variant of John's jumper, but I'd probably just do a couple rounds of the scarf pattern. (Although I've discovered, in my various attempts, that I like knitting mock cable much more than real cables)
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LOOKIT WHAT I FOUND SAVED OFF ON THE OLD COMPUTER! As the designer still lists this as a free pattern, may I present Pinny and Pnut's Washcloth for the Perfect Bath:

CO 43 stitches
knit 2 rows of garter, then begin pattern

ROW 1: K2, *K2tog, YO, K1* repeat between ** until last 2 stitches, K2
Rows 2, 3, & 4: Knit across

When the washcloth is almost square, knit 2 rows garter and BO.
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For someone who dropped working on the newsletters because scanning through so much and then writing the links was getting to me -- and I worked on the "little" newsletter! -- I've let my linkdump post get to terrifying propositions. So even though I'd normally break this up into posts of various topics, y'all are just going to have to poke through for the topic(s) of most personal interest.

WACDTF is about to start asking for volunteers to cover clinics in Annapolis. For training and other information, please check their website.

CABIN PRESSURE: The Traveling Lemon Project
Let me explain. No is too much; let me sum up. The Qikiqtarjuaq episode of Cabin Pressure (available for $2 on iTunes!) introduced the concept of the Travelling Lemon game. [ profile] pudupudu decided that it would be really nice for fans to take pictures of lemons by national landmarks and send them to writer John Finnemore. This project has included Roger Allum's confused but in-character posing and citrus-photobombing Ben Cumberbatch as he signed in NYC.

If you read only one link from this post, let it be Mr. Vimes'd Go Spare, a brilliant fic about the consequences as Sam Vimes passes from life and into Watch legend.
Also, if you didn't know, the North American Discworld con is in Baltimore in 2013.

The Bigger on the Inside shawl pattern This is so totally going to turn into my "the convention hotel is too cold" project.
Fan-made 50th Anniversary tribute vid; The Tale of a Madman in a Box

A general note: All S2 spoiler cuts come off on Memorial Day. I will continue to use the 4-letter acronyms for the episodes because I like them.

Misc, no spoilers
There is discussion of bringing the Frankenstein play to Broadway, with Cumberbatch.
Simon Pegg & Ben Cumberbatch fooling around on Twitter
Preorders are now available for Sherlock's Home: The Empty House, a book to aid the saving of Undershaw.
MetroeXpress article about the Save Undershaw flash mob in Trefalger Sq.
B.C. boggles with great diplomacy over slash and crossover art
Flickr photostream of BC in NYC
In a NY Times interview, Benedict Cumberbatch mentions seeing Otters That Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. [ profile] redscharlach dies.
I just love this picture
[ profile] redpanda13 pointed me at this giggle-worthy t-shirt, while [ profile] beledibabe showed me this one.

General Fic rec (No Spoilers)
I've recced the pixel version of "Adequacies", in which Sherlock tries to figure out how to help John's nightmares. Now there's podfic.
The Chronicle of Unfinished-ness It took 30 years for John and Sherlock to actually have the perfect date.
Crack from the meme: Sherlock uses ventriloquism to make the skull talk to John
I may have recced this already: Auto correct gets smutty

NYC Interviews & Other nonfic S2 Links (SPOILERS) )

S2 SPOILER fic, vids, etc. )

S3 Information
Season 3 will be filmed in 2013 and will air in the UK and then PBS that year.

*SPOILER*SPOILER* Mark Gatiss drops a hint *SPOILER*SPOILER*
SAME SPOILER different article

Sheep and Wool Festival )

Also, for a non-drinker, it's a bit startling that afterwards, I bought 2.5 *cases* of wine at Linganore. It's my year's supply of cooking wine: a bottle a month of May wine, 6 meads (I bought it for poaching chicken; I was told that people swear by doing ham in it and now I can't wait to try), 6 of merlot (pot roast) and 6 traminette (poaching pears, although I'll also give the mead a whirl at that). I've also got 2 bottles of chocovin and one "adult chocolate milk" at the Philly flower show, which I think have a future in truffles. Literally.
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I've been offline for a few days, so there's a lot to catch up on. Before I do, a few photos to share.

Cats On Stuff )

The knitting pattern under the cut was one I saw in a magazine for a cardigan. It's a nice textured pattern, and easy to do. Must be related to broken rib, but instead of "one row ribbing, one row garter" it's two rows of each. I like this look )
Cast on an even number
Rows 1 & 2: K1, P1 across
Rows 3 & 4: Knit across
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I was listening to a new podcast today: CogKNITtive, which combines psychology and knitting. That pointed to 2 Knit Lit Chicks (knitting and book reviews), and *that* pointed to an entirely new way of binding off (always a problem for me, being either too tight or too loose, or needing a crochet hook.)

It's called the Russian Cast Off; I found a video on YouTube which answered my question about flexibility by linking to another vid called My Favorite Super Stretchy Castoff. Basically, you knit two together through the back loop, put the resulting stitch back on the left needle, knit it and the next stitch through the back loop, etc.

Also, I've hit two Big Moments in stashdom: 1) It's too big for its container(s), and 2) I've got yarn I don't remember acquiring.
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For the two who voted for fic, there will be at some point; I need to catch up again. Fortunately, the post-season flood has dwindled down to a trickle!

Anyway: Broken Rib. I've got two projects on needles that illustrate what I'm talking about. Only the 2x2 rib is really "TV knitting" in that it doesn't take much concentration, but I like the look of the ticking stripe a lot.

All samples knitted in kitchen cotton on #9 (5.5 mm) needles. To make a washcloth of approximately 9-10" on a side will take approximately 100 yards. Adjust needle size and yardage for your project, if you want to make a scarf or something.

Photos and discussion under the cut. )


Cast on 38 stitches.
Row 1: K1tbl *K2, P2* repeat ** to last 3 stitches, then K2, bring yarn forward, slip last stitch as if to knit

Row 2: K1tbl, knit across to last stitch, bring yarn forward and slip last stitch knitwise

Repeat these two rows until your project is big enough.

Cast on 38 stitches.
Knit 3 garter rows, remembering to knit first stitch through back loop and slip last stitch knitwise

Row 1: K1tbl, k3, p1, k1, p2, k1, p1, k6, p1, k1, p2, k1, p1, k6, p1, k1, p2, k1, p1, k3, bring yarn forward, slip last stitch as if to knit (If you've got those pink and blue stitch markers, it would be useful to put a pink one before the first P1 of each pattern repeat for "pattern" and a blue after the second P1 to tell you to "knit until next pink marker")

Row 2: K1tbl, knit across to last stitch, bring yarn forward and slip last stitch knitwise
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I enjoyed knitting the Covers for Soldiers pattern until my allergies got to me. So I was fascinated to find this tonight: the same pattern, only for worsted yarn, multiple sizes, and best yet, several pages of decorative stitch options. Even a straight needle variation!
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As a last addendum before bed... how hilarious is it that there's already a pattern posted for Watson's scarf from Game of Shadows? I think I can get reasonable approximations of the colors in Remix.

I'm going to have to knit *two* Watson scarves, as I've still got the BBC "Who'd Want Me For a Flatmate" scarf on needles.

Hmmmm... I want to join a Sherlock team for Ravelympics. Maybe that'll be my project!
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I have found the most adorable pattern for turning a knitted square into little bunnies:

Instructions the First I don't have a clue what that language is In Polish, but if you scroll down, there is a very clear pictorial. Also more detail than in the second instructions.

Instructions the Second In English, but I don't think the illos are as good.

...can't resist... cuteness sucking me in... Brace yourself, [ profile] faireraven!
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Thanks to [ profile] sadbhyl, I squeefully announce the existence of Watson socks. Yay, I don't have to re-engineer the scarf pattern! I need to finish the Watson scarf so I can make me some Watson socks, quite likely to be followed by Watson handwarmers.

Because there are worse things to be wrapped in than John Watson.
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Tonight I did the gusset and heel turn for a toe up sock perfectly on the first shot. And best yet, the instructions were given generically, so they can be applied to *any* toe-up sock.

Archived because if I lose these instructions I'll cry; public in case any other folks want to know 'em )
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Cable and Chevron Scarf knitting pattern (pdf)

Mind you, I call it that so that knitters who've been bleeping over the Sherlock posts might give it a click, because it is the Watson Jumper Scarf. But if you don't know Sherlock from a steamshovel, it's still a very nice, gender neutral scarf pattern.
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Via [ profile] raqs: Knitting patterns for Emission Spectra Scarves. Also, a generator but you need to know the spectra you're dealing with.

If some ubergeek could run sapphire and/or steel through the generator and make me a pattern, I will officially Love You Forever. There is a clickable spectrum periodic table, but I am hampered by the writers of inexpensive 60s BBC sci-fi not actually knowing what an element is.

Via [ profile] bentleywg: Youtube video of Daniel Radcliffe singing The Elements. Turns out he's a big Lehrer fan.
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The link list is getting unwieldy again, so there'll be a dump tonight or tomorrow (and I'm getting so lazy about it that I may start using Send Tab URLs to do most of the work, as in below). In the meantime, because the knitters and the fic readers are a Venn diagram instead of a pool, I'm pulling this into a separate post:

Someone is actually knitting a Watson's Jumper Scarf! THE GAME IS ON. - Knitting: A Little Piece Of Watson (Includes chart and in-progress photo)

As part of the post, she references this link which I've already posted but will keep here so you don't have to wade through back links: Elementary! « The Textured Knitter


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