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For decades I took the Wednesday before Memorial Day through Memorial Day as vacation, and scraped together my tax return and any other money I could find and took it all to East Lansing, Michigan, for Media*West con. Even when 90% of what the convention supplied in the pre-Internet age was replaced by the Internet, I still went.

So there's something a bit familiar about the fact that I've got the next six days off and my hand firmly on my checkbook. Only this time, it's all going into rebuilding the library, hall, and hall closet.

Media*StayAtHome Con(struction)

To get my fannish ya-yas in, there will be a massive Sherlock Holmes audio order from Jim French Productions. (Although if I really want to play the home game, I should get on YouTube and look up Sherlock and Who videos from Saturday night until halfway through Sunday morning. Although it won't be the same without a roomful of people reacting to them.)

On the housing side, I have some hard decisions to make... such as, I'd planned on putting the antique lawyer shelves back in the library. They're furniture I like, something I inherited I'm proud of... but to be honest, putting these on either side of the new computer desk would make the room look a lot airer and allow me more container/organization space because I can hang file folders and the ilk off the sides.

There's something deeply, deeply wrong about turning down family antiques in favor of some modern DIY furniture, but the brutal truth is, one is more suited to my needs at the moment than the other.

*Y'know, somewhere I have all of the Ann Larimer/Susan Garret Not The Media*West Program books. They're STILL funny.
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Once upon a time, when the world was younger and I was younger still, the only way to get fanfiction that you hadn't written yourself was to buy a zine, and the only way to buy a zine was to go to conventions.

And THE convention for zines, no matter what your fandom was, was Media*West. I'd save every penny I had - at $20 a pop, the money went fast. (That's why it was more than an ego rush to get published yourself. It was one less copy to have to buy!) And the zines went even faster - back in the very early days, when many of the zines still smelled of corflu and the accepted practice was to print all the copies up front on spec - print runs were small and zines could sell out on Thursday night before the con even opened. (Then fandom got savvier but print runs got even smaller, because things went to print on demand and it was even harder to get copies.)

[ profile] boogiebabe_smap and I would take zerox boxes and try to fill them up with what we found in the dealer's room and the hall crawl and our comp copies, and no matter how many I got, I'd read all through them before the end of June and couldn't imagine how I'd wait until next Memorial Day for my fix.

I often get nostalgic about the way fandom was right before Media*West. I'm finding myself particularly nostalgic this year.

This year, when I'm not driving to Michigan for the first time in over 20 years.

This year... when I'm boxing up all the old zines and putting them in the basement. Oh, I'm not getting rid of them. Whoever executes my will is going to have to figure out what to do with all those old Real Ghostbuster and KF-TLC zines, not to mention the pile of Beauty and the Beast ones that's double my not-insignificant body weight.

But I'm doing a lot of cleaning and a lot of pruning, and the brutal truth is, I haven't read fanfiction on paper in almost a decade now. These days the question isn't "how do I find shelf space for the new zines?" it's "how do I get fanfic from the internet onto my ipod touch?"
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It's an amazingly subdued con this year. )

Whoniverse-wise there are a lot of panels, but they're not all hopping. Too many are running aground on the base question; for instance, the question of "Where will Moffat take Doctor Who" was generally agreed to be "I don't know, but he keeps winning Hugos for the show, so I'm sure it'll be good." There's an upcoming panel on "will Captain Jack hit on anything?" and it's not going to take long for everyone to say "yes."

But I think the panels are going well - the Big Finish one was early and sparsely attended but people seemed to be happy. I hope my co-panelists were, because I had to keep reminding myself to STFU and let them get a word in edgewise! But most of the speaking was done by Big Finish itself - note to self: trailers and clips very good idea. Second note to self: double-check that you've actually clipped the Gallifreyan Buccaneer song and not the intro to it!

White Hart is having a sale on classic Who zines. Brotherhood 7, a multimedia with some Who and Torchwood looks good; I'm looking forward to reading my copy. But other than that, although Agent With Style advertises other Who & Torchwood stuff, all that seems to be for sale are the NCIS/Torchwood crossover and the Doctor/Rose fanzines that I got from Farpoint and an alternate universe Twood with no rift and no aliens which is all about Captain Jack's group marriage with Owen, Gwen, Toshiko, Ianto, and Rose.

Which is not my cuppa.

With no more panels to give and few on my must-see list, I'm going to take it easy - I have an exciting afternoon of napping, knitting, and reading ahead. And even with the sluggish Internet connection, I want to see if I can catch up on BF's latest 8 and Lucie adventure.
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I have never meant the words "down and safe" more literally. Getting the last part of the way was as quick and uneventful as could have been hoped for.

Now that I'm here, all the signs and billboards (and the router address) still say Holiday Inn, although a banner has been slapped on the hotel itself. The courtyard has been ripped to shreds; nothing but mounds of rock and dirt where the fountains and chairs had been, and there are people working on the roof. The only flyers posted are the weekend hours for the hotel restaurant, which is also under new management and thus not covered in movie posters. (No other flyers AT ALL. That's weirding me out.)

There's a long line at hotel registration but it's a quiet one, so no shenanigans. As I've got 3 hours before my roomies arrive and check in (and my name's not on the room), I'm going to take advantage of the pre-con lull to catch up with email & LJ.

But I thought y'all might want to know that I am here, and I am safe.

Con Prep

May. 18th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Top posting. I know there are important things happening in the blogosphere, but tonight, this is what's important to me.

Pre-MediaWest musing )
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Down and safe, although neither alert nor awake. I never booted my computer yesterday, so it was a bit of a surprise to realize that everyone at the con (who cared about me at least) had already read the post about leaving early and was reacting to it. (My favorite: "You're still here?")

Despite the fact that everyone already knew I kept rehearsing my reasons, mostly to try to convince myself. Regardless, regrets caught up with me in Cleveland. What was I thinking? I look forward to this con all year! I had paid for it! I was missing things I'd been looking forward to! I gritted my teeth and reminded myself that my reasons were sound, that taking a not-quite voluntary nap while sitting with [ profile] violetisblue did not count as "hanging out with my friends" anyway, that leaving early this year did not mean I'd have to leave early every year now, and that it would probably be worth it when I didn't have to spend Memorial Day in backed up traffic. (That part: true. There was next to no traffic the entire trip.)

Because I've been specifically asked to say about the trip, I drove until I should have stopped 45 minutes earlier, got off at the first exit that promised better lodgings than Uncle Inbred's Pennsyltucky Guest House and Chainsaw Emporium, crashed at the first Mildew Drop Inn off the exit, slept poorly for five hours, and tossed for another two before I gave up and hit the road again at a time of day I prefer not to personally experience. However, this *did* mean that I got home before Memorial Day has properly started for most people.

I'm in a fugue state now; too tired to sleep, too exhausted to be properly awake. Am going to unpack before I catch up with two days of email and LJ. Haven't been properly checking for a couple of weeks anyway, so if there's anything I should know, post here.

A roundup of M*W lessons learned & memories:

Supernatural and Torchwood are the hot fandoms this year, although Supernatural is the only one going the classic print zine route. Torchwood's entirely online.

Someone put a piece of dark chocolate in the stuffed Myfanwy's mouth, which made me smile every time I passed it.

Bring (or knit) a shawl.

There is significant interest in an "LJ 101" panel. There is significant interest in the morality panel, but it needs to be scheduled earlier and maybe needs a provocative question as the title.

From the Ianto panel:
Panelist (discussing where Ianto stays): And Jack's hole is too small.
Voice from audience: That's doubtful!

PS - and since I have long since reached the point where people are using my screename as a name, I'm thinking again to changing it to something more shout-across-the-room-able. Whatever that may be.
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Only one panel I was in - Strong Women in the Whoniverse, in which there was much squee for Rose, Donna, Martha, Harriet, Gwen, Sarah Jane, Maria, et al. (Not so much for Tosh, I'm afraid. I wasn't the only one who wasn't happy with her S2 arc.)

I also went to the two LJ panels (which explained the culture and the concept, mostly) and the Ianto panel ("More Than Just the Tea Boy"). There's not as much to talk about today - all y'all are already familiar with LJ fandom, and Ianto was basically a distillation of fanfic theories and discussion of when he fell in love with Jack vs Lisa (with a side note on whether he had trapped Myfanwy in the warehouse in the first place in order to use her to lure Jack into paying attention to him.)

I've hall crawled a couple of times and taken a look in the dealers room and art show. There's some nice art, but nothing that I MUST, on reflection, own, and the couple of things that I thought I'd come back and get if my books and DVDs sold had gone.

It's been a big relaxacon, which is good, as I'm starting to become sick. That, plus the general quietness of things has me thinking a blasphemous thought... that I will bail the last couple of panels tomorrow afternoon (the Barrowman squee one and the Doctor Who, general discussion one - Ghu knows that the attendees have heard everything I have to say about Doctor Who by now!) and leave the con tomorrow afternoon. I'll miss some things - [ profile] jennetj's Barrowman room party, the hijinks in the art auction... but missing them in favor of less time on the road Memorial Day and no time off work Tuesday (meaning no compensating overtime to work when I'm feeling sickish) seems like a preferable use of my time.

I don't like being a sensible adult about this. And yet... that's what I'm going to be.
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MediaWest is smaller and less bustling than usual - the economy is hitting it hard, I think, with people deciding at the nth hour that they can't afford to come. (Gas is $4.08 as of this morning. And I thought $3.15 was highway robbery last year.) However, what has come makes for a nice, relaxing but not boring con.

There is no white-hot ubiquitous fandom this year - Stargate SG-1/Atlantis has finally fallen from that perch, although it is hardly "over." To my amusement, what seems to be taking its place is Torchwood. Torchwood is hot, hot, hot, with lots of panels and some gorgeous artwork. (There's a Karen River Ianto in the art show that may be worth the rest of my con budget.)

Notable door decorations include the Torchwood hub (complete with stuffed pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling outside), something involving vines and fairies, a crossover between Daniel Jackson and Indiana Jones re: the crystal skull told in captioned pictures, Fandoku with actor's pictures, and my personal favorite, the one covered in black with the stark white caption "This is not the door you are looking for. Move along."

Having said several times that I wasn't sure the vid show was something I felt was still relevant to me in a world of YouTube, I went after the last Who panel and was glad I did. There were multifandom vids that I wouldn't have seen otherwise that were delightful. And this year's "song I discovered because of the vids" was a Doctor Who vid to Everlife's "Look Through My Eyes":
You'll see, Trust me
I'll be there watching over you

Just take a look through my eyes
There's a better place
somewhere out there
Just take a look through my eyes
Everything changes
You'll be amazed what you'll find
If you take a look through my eyes

There will be time on this journey
All you'll see is darkness
Out there somewhere daylight finds you
If you keep believing

It started as Rose-Nine, but on the lines "everything changes" either the Doctor or companion changed so that it encompassed Nine, Ten, Rose, Martha, and Donna. Fantastic!

Under the cut, descriptions of the four Who panels. Before the cut - a mention of just how sweet it is to introduce yourself as "I'm Nea... my first Doctor Who fanfic was published in 1981, and my first professional Who fic was published this month."

Panel Descriptions: Big Finish, Is Anyone Interested in Classic Doctors, Theories on the Time War, Morality )

Today, panels on LJ, Ianto, and women in the Doctor Who franchise. I will also try to draft the "going to conventions without going broke" article ([ profile] mtgat, look for a filtered post only you'll see) and generally take it easy, because that cough from last night? Not allergies. I've got that doom-laden feeling of wheels spinning in my chest when I breathe.
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I'm stunned to hear Robert Aspirin is dead. I'm... saddened but not surprised to hear that friend and fellow costumer Amanda Allen is dead. Is it okay to be a bit angry as well as sad? Because I am. She couldn't be helped now because she was already weak from not taking care of herself for years, and that is such a waste of a friend, a talent, and a vibrant human being.

Here at Media*West, I suddenly discovered that two of my panel suggestions did make it in the last second. One is Morality in Who, which I did make it onto as a panelist; the other is theories of the Time War, which is on just before it, and which I missed posting as panelist, but will doubtless attend. (Want to find me at M*W? Look for the Who and SJA panels. Not so much the Torchwood ones, only because I find a topic like "Do gay characters help or hurt slashfic" mindboggling. The bloody fandom is 95% Jack/Ianto, so I'm thinking "hurt" isn't in the equation. It's not even in the same zip code as the equation.)

Both Morality and the War - two of the panels I'm least likely to skip - are against the Vid competition. And that's bringing up conflicting emotions. The role of the vid competition itself is an odd one in a world with YouTube, where I can dial up all the vids I want for my fandom of choice 24/7. The competition is, of course, all the vidder's fandoms, and in some years there has been almost no overlap. On the other hand, the vibe of the competition is something that can't be repeated.

We'll see.

Around the rest of LJ: Remember Match It For Pratchett? Phil Fogilo is auctioning off original art based on Good Omens for the Alzheimers Fund. Neil Gaiman thinks this is brilliant.

[ profile] mtgat knocks it out of the park with That Would Never Happen in My Fandom
When someone points out something unsavory about one's favorite show, it's hard. As fans, we love our shows. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here reading and discussing them all the time. ... Sometimes we squee about two characters being on-screen together. Sometimes we analyze the fire imagery as it builds over a season-long arc. Sometimes we look for symbolism in the clothing during a particular episode of a cartoon because we have free time and someone dared us to. For the most part, this process of analysis and squee is highly enjoyable. There are going to be a few "get a life"ers, but there always are. Responses usually tend to be in the range of sharing the squee to pointing out even more details that support the theory, to the simple but gratifying, "Wow, I never looked at it that way before."

And then there are the essays and posts and metas that are just as thought out and well-researched as the "Shakespearean Nods in Season Four" essays but are instead describing an aspect of the series that isn't squeeful but, on reflection, is actually pretty skeevy. Then the reactions are sure to include, "It's just a TV show!" and "You have too much time on your hands," and "You can find a problem like that in any show, so why are you complaining?" and Dr. Merlin's personal favorite, "If it bothers you so much, stop watching."

For a complete change of pace, put down all drinks and read this faintly smutty and cracky drabble.
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Have made it safely north of Toledo before I stopped, and thanks to the occasional Starbucks expresso doubleshot, had no idea how wiped I was until I stopped. Felt bright and lively behind the wheel!

The iPod playlist is working beautifully... well, except for the part where Maskerade skipped like a little girl on a playground, and now I have to wonder all weekend if the drive is breaking, iTunes was fussy, or the actual disks are damaged... and what I'll do if it's the latter, as I got the thing from, so returning it is a bit impossible. Occasionally one of the remaining firing brain cells wonders about the other 10 things I uploaded from disk for the driving playlist, but the rest of the brain cells smack it around, reminding it that there are merely six days worth of alternative audiobooks already loaded. And that I have the dozen CDs brought for the Big Finish show and tell panel if the iPod or the adapter doesn't make it all the way.
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There and Back Again:
Left at 7:44a.m.; got home at a little after 8p.m. Had a wonderful time at the convention, and got to meet not only friends I don't see often enough and someone I was specifically introduced to (Hi, M!) but a few other people who've been reading my LJ/whose LJs I've been reading. I'd greet them by screenname, but my brains fell out somewhere on 70 East. (If found, please return. Reward.)

Budget Brag:
Due to a combination of selling a bunch of stuff, not bidding on any art, and not stopping at a hotel on the way home, I not only stayed in budget, I came home with a respectable surplus... some of which is going to go into buying a new dehumidifier tonight, as that mildew smell that I can never pick up at home was pretty damn powerful when I opened up my bags at the con!

But this is something that I'm proud enough about that I want to emphasize it - I made it through an entire con, a long con a long way from home full of glorious temptations, without touching a credit card ONCE or writing a check! Whoo hoo!

Belated Sunday 7:
In addition to the briefcases and books (I now have cleared out my entire Bookcrossing stock) that I took to dump, I sold all the excess Who audios I have. Zine-wise, I sold two, traded four in at the White Hart for Doctor Who stuff, and put the last bits - an intact but water-damaged Beauty and the Beast zine and a BatB tote bag - out in the atrium with a "Free to a good home" sign. They were gone in minutes. So I didn't come back with a single thing that I had taken to get rid of. Go me!

Also, I don't think I ever mentioned that the Monday before the con I gave away all my skeins of acrylic yarn to [ profile] stratfordbabe, who has just started to learn to knit and likes acrylic. There were about a dozen of them. That counts too!

My review for The Deception of the Emerald Ring is up on Reviewing the Evidence.

And now, to try to struggle through a day at work despite yesterday's drive *and* getting up at 2:30 to change the battery in a chirping smoke detector. I haven't even looked at email or LJ in 24 hours, so things are going to be scary (and probably incompletely checked). If there's anything I really ought to know, please put in comments.
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The Morality in the Whoniverse panel kept wandering off topic (note to self - next year suggest a "Your theories on the Time War" panel to bleed off that whole thread) but it was well attended and people seemed to really like it. Major topics covered included "Does the Doctor have the right to enforce his morality on us?" (He has one; even though he has adopted the Earth, is he always correct, and what do we do if he isn't? With side trips into "Was Harriet right to do what she did?) Gwen's moral downfalls regarding Rhys (and if they are a parallel to Suzie's slow slide downwards), and "genocide and the Doctor: did he know what he was going to do to Gallifrey and was it the only choice? What about the Racknoross?"

The Sarah Jane panel was the only one where I lost a fair amount of people, but it wasn't as informative as the others - I basically squeed like a chipmunk on crack for an hour and encouraged everyone else to do likewise, which they did with great enthusiasm. Much love for the Sarah!

I don't know if I'll be able to catch up with everything that's being said on LJ since last night - the router at the hotel was nowhere near powerful enough to deal with the number of fans trying to get the episode. Let me put it this way - I was pulling the *mp4* dialup version and it took over 3 hours to come down! (And I was walking through the halls with my laptop open, dowsing for signal. Ended up walking into the wrong room...)

When I finally got it I was tempted to run through the halls screaming "I have it! I have it!" This put a cramp in my attempt to hold an impromptu "new Who/SJA" airing party with friends and folks from LJ I'm meeting for the first time. I stuck a note up on the room door that I'd hold an airing in the lobby in *checks clock* half an hour. We'll see who comes.

PS - It was [ profile] cryptile who commented on my LJ "Doctor Who: Even our canon isn't canon." I had that made up into a button which has been VERY popular!
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Terse again - wireless connection only "good" plus thunderstorm. But wanted to report.

Supernatural is THE white-hot fandom; 95% of the vids were for Supernatural, to the resignation (and early departure) of most of the non-Supernatural fans. Outside the vid room, Heroes, Who, and Atlantis are fairly well represented, with Torchwood making a distinct show. The die-hard Man from U.N.C.L.E. fans don't have much of a presence, but Sentinel is still holding on.

The only panels that really interest me this year are the ones I'm on, really, and yesterday was a big day for that:

TORCHWOOD JACK vs DOCTOR WHO JACK - WHO DO YOU PREFER? I was one of the very few who preferred the Doctor Who Jack. We discussed why Jack was grimmer in Torchwood, speculated on how his reunion with the Doctor will go, and how it changes a human to lose the fear of death.

OLD SCHOOL IN A NEW WHO WORLD: (aka: Nea pimps Big Finish audios for a solid hour) That went really quite well. There were only a handful of people in the audience, but some of them didn't know at all about the audios. I think I got a bunch of converts; I sold my duplicates (sleezy as it is to sell at a panel, what better way to target a niche audience?) and sent everyone else up to talk to the Alien Entertainment dealer. (Can't miss 'em. Big inflatable dalek outside the door.)

JOHN BARROWMAN: [ profile] jennetj did most of the talking and showing off articles and playing music. Bring your own drool bib.

I hear there's a fair amount of Who in the art show; I'll find out today. Have bought TARDIS bank because I am three. I'm also going to buy myself a second little sonic screwdriver flashlight, as I am getting a great deal of use out of the one I already have moving around the room while my roommates sleep!
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Here! Although the con starts officially at noon tomorrow, already shopping (yay!) Already sold a few things (YAY!!) Books and briefcases that didn't get a sniff on freecyle vanishing in minutes.

V. short post as the longer one wouldn't go up, for some reason.

Very preliminary flyers suggest that Supernatural will be the white-hot fandom, with Who, Heroes, and SG Atlantis fairly popular.

Please comment here if there's something I really ought to know. In the meantime, if you've seen 42, go to [ profile] dark_aegis' LJ and read her amazing fic about it.
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To offset the car repairs, I'm going to be doing a little bit of sales out of the room at Media*West. A couple of random zines (how in heaven's name did I get a House "/" zine in the first place? What was I thinking?), but mostly Stargate SG-1 and Doctor Who zines and my extra Big Finish audios. Complete with discounts if you take all issues of a title and a "Don't make me take this home" group price for everything in a fandom. (Dudes - if y'all do the bundle route on SG-1, you're getting quality zines for $5 a pop. Can't beat that, not when some of them are still for sale new at $25 an issue!)

The big ticket stuff - which I'm selling for under the price of import - are the John Barrowman audiobook of "Another Life" and a Neverland/Zagreus bundle.
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Flying to "Exotic East Lansing" may be less stressful than driving, but considering all the delays getting in and out, it's not all that much faster... (And to my vast amusement, on my way to the convention, I ran into two friends who were taking the same flight as I was in order to get to a *different* con this weekend, and our talking attracted the attention of a lovely man who was waiting to take the flight to a third con...) I'm home a lot later than I expected to be, so this is going to be rather quick and dirty, with more details in later posts if there's call for it. I'm also not even going to attempt to catch up with the last 5 days of LJ, so if there's something major I need to know, please put in comments.

Quick review - had a great weekend, and am sorry to come home (although I was missing my email and LJ). Had a wonderful time hanging out with [ profile] jennetj, [ profile] signeh, [ profile] isamom, [ profile] hildy, and the new to LJ [ profile] momthemerciless. Love ya all... even if you did make me watch "Shark Attack 3: Megaladon."

More details below, cut so that folks can either read about the whole thing or focus in on the Whovian info.

General Convention Info )

Dr. Who at MediaWest )

And now I was supposed to be in bed over a hour ago, so I shall retire...


May. 31st, 2005 06:35 pm
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This was exactly the con I needed - just relaxing enough to not be stressful, but with enough going on thata I was never bored or lacked something to buy. No fandom was white hot, but Stargate continues strong, Lost had a large following, and House popped up in several places.

Vids of note )

To tell the truth, I didn't pay much attention to the door decorations, except to laugh at the one for House, dubbed "Snark on a Stick."

I've heard about an interesting book - Red Letter Days, by Rachel Caine. There's a detective agency with a hidden patron... one who sends them to odd places at random times for stakeouts. But things get interesting the one time they don't go and a crime happens...

I've also seen the future of fanzines. Pyramid Press published one of their novellas as a book - perfect bound, full color glossy cover & spine. Not only was it reasonably priced, but it looks so professional that this is a zine that I can take to work and pretend that it's a tie-in. Yes!

And, in true con fashion, I seem to have lost two things packing - a pair of books. One was a used one for a buck, but the other was one I needed, damnit... I'm going to call the hotel and ask them to look behind the TV. Doubt they'll do it, but I gotta ask.

And when I got home, a story of great endurance. One of my roses is so mole-gnawed that it has one root left. No matter what I do I can't prop it back in the ground, so it's lying on its side against an azalea bush, its shorn roots several inches in the air above the ground, its one root still buried.

It's in full bloom. 25 blossoms, not a single one drooping.
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It's amazing what food and rest will do. I tried, hard, to get through a decent day's work and wimped out right around early lunchtime. I just Could Not Concentrate!

Now, after some down time and a heapin' helpin' of TGI Friday's new PMS Cuisine (the steak w/bleu cheese and a side of broccoli, with a chocolate shake) I feel infiniately better.

It seemed like a small con, although the registration had been topped out. A shade fewer flyers, not as many people in the feeding frenzy, not as many room dealers. And the video contest was only 3 hours long. Several great ones, but my personal top favorite was the one to Veteran of 1000 Psychic Wars. It started with a shot of Arkham Asylum, then cut to the Emergency ambulance pulling up, and then went into clips from assd shows, psychoanalyzing the characters as they "displayed their behavior" and were admitted. I didn't know the middle two fandoms, but it started with Star Wars original - Luke. "Patient believes self to have developed paranormal powers after death of family. Kills on the orders of deceased mentor. Constant rebellion against authority. Diagnosis - Paranoid schizophrenia." Buffy (heavily edited with the one episode of her in the nuthouse) was "Believes self to be superhero. Believes world to be inhabited by ghosts and demons to be fought. Rebels against constructed authority figures. Upon distruction of false reality, became comatose..."

It was a good con. I bought lots of zines - heck, I bought lots of stuff, and still came home with a little money to spare. In addition to roughly 30 BatB zines and two of the world's most expensive bathrobes, I got two t-shirts custom made (10th Kingdom logo and the old BatB "Walk on the Wild Side" poster) & some CSI graphic novels. There was some good art this year, but nothing I wanted to bid on.

Our door decoration, courtesy of Smap was "If you give a fan a show... she might want to collect memorabilia about it. If she collects memorabilia, she might want to talk to other fans... (right up to "If she goes to the music vids, she might see another show.") There was one of an Aztec gold piece with the caption "Got Curse?" (Pirate fandom was hot - too hot; there was little to feed it so the art and zines sold out on Thursday.) A slash fan had set up a Massachusetts Licensing Board and offered people the ability to marry off their favorite slash pairs. One room had a Thrush Going Out Of Business sale. There was a door advertising a painfully dull cartoon called Adam and Andy. Frankly, Leonard and Larry did it first and much, much better. The person who collects theme-related cartoons all year and posts them was back; in retrospect, I wish I had written down the names of the ones I hadn't known so I could see if they had LJ feeds. (One was of a boy having a LotR dream, including a part where he tries to bribe Gollum out of The Ring by offering an Anakin Skywalker action figure mint in box. The look on Gollum's face was priceless, as was the line "Hobbitses must be out of his mindses.")

I went to a few panels and was on 5. Tish and I, although we kept dragging each other off topic, make a good compare/contrast when we discuss returning to fandoms, as we left for different reasons and we had drastically different experiences on return. But the best panel for this year (and, in comparison, several years) was my Percy Weasley - Death Eater or Double Agent? It was the best attended, and everyone had a firmly-held point of view. Some were resolutely "Deatheater!" and some unshakeably "Double Agent!" and the two teens sitting dead center of the audience didn't really care, but by George, they wanted Percy to pay for breaking his mother's heart! It was a rocking panel, and (pauses to fluff hair) I got several compliments on how I moderated it. Including one person who came up to me the next day to say again how good a moderator she thought I was!

It's a style that doesn't lend well to a well-stocked panel - I wasn't so successful using it at the Joan of Arcadia for non-Christians panel - but when I'm up there alone with a hot room, it was magic!

We never did have a consensus, though there's a fair number of people (including me) who hope that what Percy is really doing is inadvertently selling off his soul and he will redeem himself by becoming a double-agent. There was much discussion as to how far he will have to go for that redemption, including some discussion on how he might be the next character to die, possibly *in* that act of redemption. (An idea that got dubbed "The Passion of the Percy.")

Book #6 can come out any time now, thank you very much!

And now I'm off to catch up on other things, and to kick around my newest icon idea - "What Would Joan Do?"
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We were making such excellent time getting home - until that not-so-little accident shut down the PA Turnpike 25 miles from our exit. No human fatalities, although some of those cars and trucks are just *not* supposed to look like that.

So quickie con report, as I am in a sleep-deprived haze and may not even make it through this day's work:

Con good. Much quieter than in the past; they say they topped out registration, but it felt much smaller than in years past. SG-1 is still a popular fandom, but not white-hot. (The white-hot fandom appeared to be Pirates of the Carribean, although there was little merchandise. Any art or fanzines were gone by Friday morning.) Very few music vids, when compared to the past, and mostly by new vidders. I miss the classics, but at the same time, sort of enjoyed that Friday night didn't turn into an unwinnable endurance contest. There were sound problems at first, so we were all just making up songs and singing to the silent images. Frustrating to the vidder, but v. amusing to the audience.

To my shock, I not only stayed within my budget, I came home with money. (!!!) Even after buying *two* more of the most expansive bathrobes in the world. Am putting the excess in the "Future hybrid downpayment" jar.

10K zines sold poorly, ditto my embroidered pouches. However, the celtic knotwork and dragon ones went fairly quickly. Note to self - do more w/celtic designs for next year.

Managed to buy close to 30 zines without getting a single one on my want list, which may be a record...

And what I most wanted to share: a new discovery -- the delightfully demented HP Lovecraft Historical Society. By insane serendipity, as I passed a room dealer I'd ignored before - only THIS time they were playing selections from the CD Shuggoth on the Roof. ("And how does a formless menace stay up on such a pointed roof? Tentaaaaacles! Tentacles!")

Songs from the CD include "Tentacles," "If I Were a Deep One," "To Life (I'll bring them)," and "Do You Fear Me?"

A must-own for everyone with a sick and twisted sense of humor (read: most of my friends).


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