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I started making a list of Things I've Accomplished This Week in my calendar, but it got derailed when I had a headache so bad that I ended up missing most of a day of work. Headache is still around, just not quite the killer, as long as I don't provoke it.

Also, I've scared myself because twice this week I went to "shut my eyes for a moment" -- sometimes if I eat too much too quickly I need to crash for about 10 minutes -- only this time, instead of waking up myself a few minutes later, someone else wakes me up hours later. This is... not good.

- I've walked the Run You Clever Nerd race
- I've put in 10 miles on the Road to Hogwarts*
- Despite all that racing, which tends to overwhelm the other stuff I need to get done, I've started rearranging the library to get the still-to-be-read books off the floor.**
- I did a good clearout and took 6 boxes/bags of books to The Book Thing
- I've ordered and received the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes books for Gridlock. Now to print and add "Courtesy of Watson's Tin Box" labels to them.

Today I need, at minimum, to
- prep the questions and the quiz prizes for tomorrow's Tin Box meeting
- load the car for same
- sweep and mop the floors; wipe the counters
- clear off the rolltop desk in the hope of finding my MIA Watson's Tin Box business cards. I know I have something like 200 already lying around from 221B Con, but they're not where I thought I put them.

There are other things I would like to get done, but that's the bare basics.

* This puts me just over half way to Hogwarts and by finishing it, I also earn my first rank in MoonJoggers. Having both so close puts me into a strange OCD loop: the OCD points out that I can crank out that last 24 miles by GridlockDC (true) but as the Hogwarts race runs until the end of September and Moonjoggers is lifetime cumulative, I should rush to do it now-now-now... why?

** This is the first time I've had to redo a room for "right now" and it's weirding me out. But presumably I can get to the point where it won't take two bookcases to hold the to-be-read stuff and can repurpose those shelves. For one thing, the books come under the same "get rid of 1/3 to 1/2 of your portable property" mandate as everything else.
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Feeling tired, headachey and cranky, but don't want to get out of the habit of this. Especially as it is July and thus an excellent time to reassess the plans set the first half of the year.

I have a 4-foot shelf in one hall that is stuffed to the gills with magazines. As a result, as soon as new issues of anything roll in... I'm cancelling that subscription. I enjoy flipping through magazines, but frankly, I have enough to keep me going for a while, and I'm only getting useful, usable information out of one of them. (Runner's World.) Also, as much as I love Martha Stewart magazine (and I adore it, judge me as you please) she's just sold the thing, so it's the perfect time to *not* find out what's going to happen to it. Especially as I have something like 2 years' backlog in that stack.

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Audio: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
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Time I start these back up. There's some stuff from work that I've gotten done that I'm pleased with, and I'm starting to gear up for Scintillation of Scions. And, as you know, I've discovered the whole Virtual 5K thing and thrown myself in with the evangelical zeal of a recent convert.

Hey, I'm fat, 50, and with assorted bad joints. The v5Ks allow me to participate as a full and equal member. That's important!

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Fanfic: none

- Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, Robin Sloan (actually better in audio than reading)
- Rin Tin Tin: The Life & The Legend, Susan Orlean
- Pagan Summer, G.M. Malliet

- Inspector Spectre, C.J. Copperman
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So. Been a busy week, and meant to be a busy weekend, what with that extra day. Unfortunately for my productivity, all the ex-fundamentalist blogs I read have blown up with the Josh Duggar news, especially when the post about the police report on Love, Joy Feminism went viral. So that's been an interesting mix of conversation and whack-a-troll. All 2200 comments of it.

Also, as you can tell from the last few posts, the creature has found a new mad enthusiasm. And I got really excited about it. Really, REALLY excited. That, combined with weekend sale at MoonJoggers & Virtual Events, means that my current virtual racing schedule looks like this:

Today/tomorrow/end of week: Live Long and Prosper Memorial Mile, Geek Day 5K
June: Voldemort V-mile
July: Independence Day 5K NOTE TO SELF: Sign up for Run You Clever Nerd
August: , Summer SoleMate Fun Run, ET Phone Home 5K
???: upon completion of The Walk, I'm buying myself She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans
September: Smile Run
October: Support Our Girls NOTE TO SELF: Sign up for Up to No Good
???: upon completion of Zombies Run! Couch to 5K (scroll down), I'm buying myself She believed she could, so she did
November: Hug a Runner
December: Ugly Sweater virtual race, wrap up Meet Me on Mars (goal: Space Ranger)

This doesn't count upcoming not-yet-announced Flex it Pink and Hogwarts Running Club events.

Yes, at an average of $20 a race and $50 for Mars I did just drop a few hundred dollars. But what would a gym membership cost me for the next 8 months?

Still considering if I'm entering Happy Birthday USA this weekend to run on the 4th specifically. Also, MoonJoggers is selling old medals. I'm pondering if it "counts" to really, REALLY belatedly run a couple of those races. If I actually run 5K and throw a fiver at the charity, I've legitimately earned it, yes?

I would also like to do the live halloween 5K at Congressional Cemetery, and the next town over has a "Gobble Wobble" on Thanksgiving morning. I'd also rather like to run one of the real-world ugly sweater races, although I need to make the sweater.

The only time Run Like a Diva is in my area is an awkward date for me, but I'm keeping an eye on them for the 2016 go around.

Obviously, there's a new "Christmas Wish"/resolution: one v5K a month. In 2016, I'd like to up that to 3 5Ks of any description every 2 months. There's a shoe store here that runs timed ones on weeknights if there isn't a fun run or v5K around.
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Very Quick Wrapup:

Went to 221B Con. Had great time. Came home to find endless wank online that is, when you parse it out, all over a single panel and 5 shit-stirrers out of 700 people. So put that in perspective.

At least two of the stirrers are now banned from 221B (and, if they have sense, Sherlock Seattle and GridlockDC) for taking video of an 18+ panel without the panelists' knowledge, and hosting it on YouTube.

So there's that. What there was also was a very good con that I hope will be well over the wank by next year.

Since then, however, I've had to adult at Full Speed Ahead. The night I came back, Mulder ate a piece of tape and we had to catch him and pull it out with forceps. Then Sherlock (who had so prettily told me she missed me and wanted my attention) was discovered to have nasty weeping crud on her ears - bad enough that when I took her to the vet on Tuesday, the vet freaked out and started shouting "Is there anything like that on you? ANYTHING AT ALL?" (.... No....) Should there be? He thinks it's ringworm and now Sherlock is furious I'm home because her ears get wiped with hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial fungicide twice a day. It's been 6 days and one ear is still slightly bleeding. That's freaking me out.

Pause for Scintillation of Scions meeting and forgetting to get the meeting announcements for Tin Box out for a full week and we catch up to a guy delivering mulch to M who decided that he just couldn't put it where it was last year, so he was going to dump it all over the driveway.

Seriously. There's a huge load of mulch cutting off my driveway. M says she's dealing with it, but I really want to know the name of the company so I can grab the phone and snap "I am the homeowner at X address and who gave your personnel the authority to cut off my house from emergency services? Get his ass over here with a shovel and an apology IMMEDIATELY."

And if this wasn't enough, I've got some bizarre flame war going on in a blog. Basically, the blog posted something with the word "whinny." There was a thread of horse jokes. By the time I posted, I more or less said "Point, point, comment, [quote with whinny] "The horse joke has already been made, so I'll go on to" point, point, comment."

To my utter befuddlement, someone has chosen this as their hill to die on. Multiple comments to me and others focus not at all on the points I was making but the bit about "the horse joke has already been made." Apparently this means that I lack imagination, am angry at the other people on the horse thread (which I participated in), am trying to hurt all their feelings, and have fiat declared that There Can Never Be Another Horse Joke Ever. Trying to explain has only made this person double down - apparently saying "someone else said it first and better" is... insulting? To that person? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Why the fuck I do I have to deal with bullshit like this, I'm busy with real shit.

Oh, and I have con crud. Although not the super special deluxe con crud, which at this con was stomach flu. I credit taking lots of Vitamin C at the con and a vitamin C plus a berroca a day after the con for not being knocked on my ass.

On the upside, I've sold another essay. On the downside, the editor would really like to see it in 72 hours. A week, max.

And that's the wrapup, kids. I highly recommend you read Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World by Jack Andraka. A complex story thinly told at about a 12-year-old level, but you'll never get a better description of the hurdles of science and high school nerdery.
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I look around at the amount I have to do and think about how much work and time it will take and I just want to cry; there's so much to do and I want it to be OVER and nothing's getting done! Which isn't quite fair to myself because...

- I have figured out a healthier (not cheaper or faster) way of packing lunches so I'm not buying at work
- Prepacked a healthy breakfast for most of the week
- Bought a plane ticket to England
- Got a hotel room in England
- Figured out the 221B Con raffle prizes we'll donate
- Seen my regular doctor about the "heart attack" and stress test
- bought a wi-fi range extender that was badly needed & set it up
- bought a new treadmill
- set up the dates for the garage to be painted
- seen Night Vale Live
- continued to dump/freecycle (and in one case, decide to reuse) 7 things per trash day (although I will likely fail this trash day)

So it's not like I've been sitting on my ass. I'm particularly excited about the treadmill. The old one... ran. It once had a very basic display telling you how long you'd run time-wise, but it stopped working after the thing was moved once too often. The acceleration was a slider bar, so no idea how fast you were going (although I usually walked at or below the line the makers sniffily dubbed "minimum.") The only way to to intervals was to manually move the slider; the only way to get it to incline was to turn it off, step off, lift it, readjust the feet, get back on, turn it on...

The "new" one - quotes because it's 3rd hand - has 10 degrees of incline you can adjust on the fly and speed buttons simply marked 1-10 (mph), plus it has 8 built-in programs: foothills, weight loss 1, weight loss 2, intervals, etc. There's even a setting called "golf" -- no idea how that works. No "run from bears" or anything. It even has a built-in fan! The only thing I wanted that it doesn't have is an mp3 line in and speakers - a mild pity, because I would love to slave the controls to "Zombies, Run!" but the onboard cpu is simply not that sophisticated. (It appears that if I bought new I might be able to get one that smart - for 3x or more the price, of course!) There are too many sound systems and speakers lying around the house to fuss too much about no mp3 jack on the treadmill itself.

I've decided to name it "Bringing Sexy Back." Because it is far more sexy than the old treadmill, and, well...

Unfortunately, I want to move it in my room, but I can't do that until I move mountains of crap and other furniture. Which is exhausting and depressing.

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Dear John John doesn't know his new penpal after Sherlock's suicide is... Sherlock. (johnlock longform epistolary fic)

Audio none

-- The Thrill of the Haunt, E.J. Copperman
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I haven't done anything to change my weight, so I'm not going to post that number.

Also, I feel like the bottom of a bird cage this morning and I wasn't even drinking last night! (I was running pillar-to-post in a surprisingly strenuous day off, though...)

Stress test says I have a healthy heart, and some sympathetically stern advice from the doctor to lose the weight because I still have time to get into shape.

Set time for garage to be repainted.

Yesterday turned out to be all about the fun, mostly on wild impulse as Friday was full of slush and snow and poor driving. So Saturday, when it had all washed away and the temperature was nice, I:
- Went to the Southern Comforters quilt show & sale.
- Saw "The Metromaniacs." It's a cute play, but not quite worth the ***ZOMG EXTENDED TWICE, SEE THIS PLAY!!!!11!eleventy1*** of the advertising
- Saw Blithe Spirit with Angela Lansbury. THAT one was worth every bit of the hoopla.

I've started making a list; it's nice to see it get bigger. One of the things I did was give a quilt pattern to a friend; she priced it and slapped it down on the charity table at the quilt show. I think I'm also going to take [ profile] redpanda13's charity idea about the guitar. It's a good one.
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Let's be real: I spend Monday in the hospital thinking I had a heart attack, Tuesday sleeping off Monday's "festivities," Wednesday through Thursday trying to catch up, Friday at the DC Sherlockian group, Saturday at Benfest.

That's my week, folks. The only things I can point to as longer-term resolutions are 1) decluttering taken to the max and 2) I did, somewhere in all of that, get an estimate for painting my garage. I need to print out the paperwork and get the downpayment sent off.

Today I'll be eventually at the "Join Us" event for the Riversdale Kitchen Guild. Until I need to go forward into the past, I'm still in mopup mode around the house. I should make that literal mopping up; the place is a dump.

It's trash day. I have picked 2 out of the 7 things to go to the curb, and I took 2 bags full of stuff to Benfest to wave at other folks to take.
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It's been a strange week. Two days were snowed out, so you'd think there would be more done on the accomplishment side of things, but still, work has been done.

Learned how to poach an egg in the microwave. Coincidentally learned how to explode an egg in the microwave.

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Flatmates (and lizards) should know the worst about each otter Bonkers, bittersweet, and beautiful. I'll let the pitch talk for it: John is an undercover alien agent and it's time for his mission to end, but he can't bring himself to leave Sherlock behind. That turns out to be a mistake

-- Finished Pagan Spring, G.M. Malliet
-- Snowflake, Big Finish
-- podfic of A Trope Too Far (John is traveling between fanfic trope universes trying to find his way back home. NSFW.) And let me just say that I loooooooooove a world where you can get audiobooks of fanfic!

Today: planning to listen to BBC Radio 4 Drama of the Week (As You Like It)

-- Finished: Guns and Roses by Taffy Cannon.
-- Started: Death Under the Dryer, Simon Brett
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I almost, almost didn't do this, but I don't want to get out of the habit. Focusing on what I need to do makes me work on what I need to do.

General things: I found a new RSS reader with an "unread only" view, which is making me spend less time online.

I have made my annual pilgrimmage to Quiltfest in Hampden, with bonus stop at Colonial Williamsburg. This year it was a gals' weekend out; there were three of us and by the end I was very grateful not to be the one driving because I was tired.

I did not buy fabric. I did, um, buy a very expensive shaker sewing box. Also, more cookbooks, but if I'm breathing I'm buying cookbooks.

I'm also trying to find long-term substitutes for foods I eat with lower calories/fat so that I don't lose weight and then snap back to previous eating habits. For years I have drunk a mostly-sugar chai powder in milk. I wonder if I can shift the urge for a hot drink away from "chai" or hot cocoa to hot apple juice/cider. I *have* successfully replaced a buttered bagel with applesauce on a bagel, and the next shift is to start making my own oatmeal seedy bread and replace the bagel.

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It's all stuff I recced/read before, but you can't read print in a car after dark:
The Internet Is Not Just for Porn (johnlock crackfic)
Splat! (johnlock Appalachian AU PWP)

Pagan Spring, G.M. Malliet If you're fond of classic British mystery a la Sayers and Babson, I highly recommend Malliet.

-- Arranged, a novel by McKenzie Surprisingly, a chick lit book with a relatively intelligent heroine!
-- Guns and Roses by Taffy Cannon. It's a semi-cozy mystery set in a tour at Colonial Williamsburg. If the threatened nasty weather does happen and if I do catch up with what I want to do today, I intend to be luxurious and read it all at once!

Okay, I've got 5 tasks to do today. Sooner they're done, sooner I'll be reading a book!
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-- I'm not even pretending to add counting points on top all the balls I'm juggling up in the air. Weight reflects that.

By the way, Doug still needs help dealing with David's expenses; every little bit helps. It's $5000 just to bury his brother.

Adding to my stress, the company that was so good about painting my house two years ago flaked repeatedly on even getting me an estimate on painting the garage to match. So I need to research more companies and make more appointments, because that's an aggravation I wanted.

Went to PA last 3 Sundays to help loot clear out David's apartment.

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The Montague Street Doctor (longfic combining BAMF!John while Sherlock is "dead" & The Empty House)

-- Deadly Choices
-- The Panic Virus (what can I say, I've got vaccines on the mind.)

-- The Silkworm, G.M. Malliet
-- Big Finish: The Rani Elite
-- Big Finish: The Avengers Lost Episodes, Volume 2

Plans for today: update/make all the meeting announcements for Tin Box, try to fit what I took from David's into my place. Over on Facebook, I'm putting up photos of teddy bears trying to figure out which will become a John Bear. This house desperately needs to be cleaned, but I have 0 energy.
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Haven't weighed myself. Have signed up for another round of apartment clearing. Doug still could use donations to bury his brother. (See previous post)

Sunday 7

Jan. 25th, 2015 08:00 am
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239.8 pounds and the only relevant information is that I'm helping a friend clean up/clear out after his brother unexpectedly died.
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-- I became the gasogene (leader) of Watson's Tin Box for 2015
-- I dropped Weight Watchers. I still intend to count points and weigh myself, but not to pay them $40 a month for the privilege because...
-- I have been given the opportunity to go back to England in the fall and see Ben Cumberbatch's Hamlet and I'm clearing as many decks as possible to so that I can go

um... I don't think anything above counts as an "accomplishment" that I did over the forces of entropy. However, I have high hopes for today and tomorrow in the "Get shit done" category

Oh, wait, there is one thing. The Dr. gave me a prescription and I've already had to pour the pills out once and count to remember if I'd taken a morning dose. So I've written a pill chart on the bathroom mirror with that handy-dandy dry erase marker. (Best. Idea. I. Ever. Had.)

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To my horror, I have not read one word for pleasure this week.

-- A Fatal Winter, G.M. Malliet
-- Cuckoo's Calling, J.K. Rowling's pseud, which I tend to forget

A side note on Rowling and the Cormorant Strike novels. I have such immense respect for Rowling as a writer, because someone who was only in it for money would have stopped and frankly most writers would have been scared off by the insanity around Potter - or become egotists who assume their every word is sacred and must not be touched by lower life forms like editors. Rowling obviously writes for the love of the craft and the finished book, and and was willing to give up being ***J*K**R*O*W*L*I*N*G*** to find out if she could start over and have the writing take precedence over the author.

I will always be livid that she got outed, I really will.

But props yet again to her - outed, surrounded again by the hoopla, she forged on, and fortunately after the initial press hysteria died down she apparently has the opportunity to be taken as a writer -- I recall that the release of Silkworm was met with "Here's JKR's latest adult mystery" with very little about The Boy Who Will Not Shut The Fuck Up. (The audio of Silkworm is, by the way, next in my queue.)
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"Sunday 7" is a misnomer these days, but I'm going to return to the week-end name-and-shame because it helps me focus.


-- car got 100,000 mile service. (I bought it with 10 miles on it!)

Walked: 0
Flexibility: 1 basic yoga class.
Strength: Started wall pushup program, preparatory to doing 7 Weeks to 100 Pushups
Weight: baseline
Other Health: started stretching 2-3x a day at work desk

I started doing puzzles as a mental sharpening exercise, but I secretly think they're just a time suck. It doesn't help that my favorite, something called "What's Left" is actually just an exercise in editing.

Also, I joined Weight Watchers in December and planned on sticking with it through April, the full first quarter of the year. However, I had underestimated both how it reminds me of Whose Line Is It Anyway ("where everything's made up and the points don't matter") and how much it exists to sell WW-branded things. No wonder they're getting their corporate assets kicked by My Fitness Pal and other less expensive weight-loss programs! Which reminds me - when I finish typing this, I need to pull the 3v battery out of my WW points calculator and put it into my electronic scale.

-- garage fix
-- -- fix door
-- -- repaint
-- -- regutter
-- pave side of porch

-- Have ability to hold 6-person dinner party in library
-- Make "experiences gallery" of photos and badges from events
-- Make collage of poppy installation photos
-- Make Holmesian Lanyard & nametag for events that don't have permanent tags
-- Make Holmesian and Austenite bangle bracelets
-- Schedule regular structured "adult days" to focus on paperwork, mending, etc.
-- 2 full sets garb & accessories for Kitchen Guild
-- collect and keep ready 3 days emergency blackout supplies
-- Organize Christmas materials (lists, decorations, etc)
-- Clear bedroom
-- run at least 3 5K fun runs by fall (Dead Man's Run, Gobble Wobble, Ugly Christmas Sweater run)

Follow Mystery Dishcloth knitalong all year; turn results into lap blanket

- purl through back loop

- saw The Tempest with Ger Wyn Davies
- rejoined Booksfree (sort of the audiobook version of Netflix)

- You, Impossible You series (fanfic second-person followup to Man and Beast, Sherlock AU)
- A Gift from Bob (Christmas story about a down-and-out London busker who adopted an ally cat)
- Persuasion (being read to me, thanks to Booksfree)
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True, I have not done Sunday wrapups for the last two weeks.

For the last two weeks I have:
1) Driven to Colonial Williamsburg/Quiltfest Hampden
3) Driven to the Philadelphia Flower Show
4) Gone to Benfest

There was something I did last Sunday too, but bugger if I remember what it was now. Oh, yeah, saw a moderately amusing The Importance of Being Earnest. (The women were good, the men were shouty, Lady Bracknell did not have the requisite force of personality.)

I also got the notice that I'm on 4 panels for 221B Con:
- Russian Holmes
- Canon 101
- Theater of the Imagination (audio Holmes)
- Doctor Who

I am aware of the symmetry that I'm on a Who panel at a Holmes con and was on a Holmes panel at a Who con.

I also really wanted to make a bunch of little printouts of a story or two to hand out, but am not sure I will have the time/$$ to get them done in time now.

This week, I'm trying to get back into the "sprint" saddle. As chemises and skirts can overlap from the Kitchen Guild to the Rennfaire, I have gone through my rennie closet and dumped whatever was too small (a depressing lot of it) and told my friends I'll sell it cheap. We'll see who, if anyone, nibbles.

The rest of my sprint is Kitchen Guild setup. The tasks are:
- Go through rennie closet; get rid of unworn garb to make room. (Done, although I kept three of my favorites in case of lost weight)

- Wash & iron new kitchen guild garb (I bought a fair amount of it at Colonial Williamsburg; caps, stockings, and short gowns did not change much in 70 years) Washing happening now.

- Run elastic through the drawstrings of the Jas Townsend chemise sleeves and waists. (I don't care if it's not period; I'm literally playing with fire and will not be constrained by my sleeves!) Ditto the drawstring waist of a linen skirt.

- Go through my rennfaire basket/feast gear/accessories. part of the wardrobe. Cull as necessary, group into new bins as necessary, and make a space for the kitchen guild gear and accessories.

- Finish reading/highlighting book on open hearth cooking.

I feel reasonably certain that I can accomplish all these tasks by Sunday morning, although I'll probably be running elastic rather than knitting at knit night.

Also, I'm going to start doing a lot of unfollowing on Facebook. It's not that I don't care, it's that I'm spending far too much time online. I'm not unfriending; I can ramp back up when the house is done. And the house MUST be done this year. I'm so close there's really no excuse.
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This week has been an exercise in "don't plan." I've got nothing to report about doing episodes of The Walk, days I've picked up items, etc.

I need to learn to deal with reality intrusions without feeling that I've somehow deliberately blown off my chores.

On the other hand, I've started slicing my sprints into 3 goals: the top priority for the sprint (red), the longer-term medium priority job (orange), and the "this week I must" small task (blue), and despite snow, cable outages, and other kerfluffles, I have accomplished all of them.

1) RED: finish and deliver essay. Done 2 days ahead of deadline due to snow day.

2) ORANGE: resume redo. I'd renewed an excellent book twice from the library and just gave up and ordered my own copy. This one I'm rereading with a highlighter and post-it tabs.

3) BLUE: I'm holding to the sprint idea but the plan of tracking it along the side of my refrigerator, not so much. So I created Day Timer pages for each task, listing definition of done, materials needed, sub tasks, etc. and put it in my calendar. I also write weekly "to dos" to myself and at the top of the page are now red, orange, and blue highlighter stripes so I know what most to focus on.

I also added a list for very short-term jobs, the kind of thing that would only take a couple of hours to do with materials on hand, so that the next time reality intrudes, I'll have something that I can cross off a list and feel better about.

And speaking of feeling better, on a different-colored page in among the sprint pages is the You Done Good page, where I write down what innovation or chore I've done to be proud of. I didn't do that last year and that was a HUGE mistake!

And finally, speaking of innovations to be proud of, the idea of putting the month's bills in an envelope with what you paid when written on the front has proven to have another excellent benefit -- when my bank statement came in and I was all "What is that massive amount of money I don't remember paying" on it, I could pull the previous month's envelope and go "Oh. That's what that was" just by looking at the list of numbers. Such a simple little thing - a wire file basket with letter-sized envelopes with notes on the front, but it's proving to have so many benefits!
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I had to do overtime later in the week to make up for a weather delay early in the week, I've been badly insomniac, and I haven't started writing the essay that's due so I've done *nothing* this week.

Mind you, that nothing included:
- 4 loads of laundry
- Sort out all 2013 stock/taxes stuff (usually thrown in a basket all year)
- Figure out how to handle stock stuff so that I won't have to take a day to sort it next Feb
- Troubleshoot why I couldn't print my W2 form
- Forgive myself for not wanting to sew kitchen guild gear right now
- Call the company I might buy kitchen guild gear from to find out if their garb shrinks
- Belatedly remember that I find audiobooks soothing and take a bunch to work
- Get Gytha her vaccinations
- Sign up for my next dentist appointment
- Give the house its weekly wipe down
- Start reading a book on resumes (mine needs a severe updating)
- Make ham stock
- Post some organizing tips
- Troubleshoot my On Demand cable service, complete with call to tech support
- Make my usual payday transfers (con kitty, savings, last remaining credit card debt)
- Get 3 things sorted to where they belong
- Complete a challenge in The Walk (71 minutes of walking in a 24-hour period)
- Suggest a Quiltfest and Colonial Williamsburg day trip
- Plan a trip to the Philly Flower Show with M
- Sort out my 221BCon budget
- Suggest a belated panel on Sherlok Holms to 221B Con

... and yeah, typing that up has nipped the whole "I've done NOTHING!" feeling in the bud.

Tonight I still plan on actually purchasing the kitchen guild gear and deciding if I'm going to go see The Importance of Being Earnest downtown.

Tomorrow - I've got a hella lot of writing to do.

And one last organizing/life tip for anyone who's read this far: One thing I've been doing for the last couple of weeks is say "fuck it, I'm eating soup and salad all week." Less for the purposes of weight loss than of having one less decision to make and one more chore to do (cooking.) I went to Wegman's a couple of times and just loaded up on different soups out of the soup bar and yeah, that costs, but the savings in sanity are so worth it!
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This is going to be one of those get my life in gear/resolutions posts, so if they're not your cuppa, scroll on by. I'm posting anyway, because I think I need to articulate this for it to be real, if that makes any sense at all.

So: socks. I have a lot of them. Thin ones, thick ones, ones that don't match anything I wear but are cute, ones that do match something, ones that are loitering around, mate-less, because sooner or later I'm going to lose/ruin another sock of the same type and the two survivors will make a pair.

And for ages, I've had them all in one place, because they're all socks. That's how organizing is supposed to go, right, like with like? That's the proper, grown-up way to do it.

Except my socks have been drifting into different areas and I just realized today that it will actually, seriously, define-ably make my life better if I just flat out accept that my socks belong in 6 different places. Possibly 7.

I moved their location and didn't have room for them all, so now all the thick winter socks are separated from the year-round socks, and that means I can target what I want. (That's 2 places)

Some ratty all-cotton socks were pulled out and put with my kitchen guild stuff, on the basis that they wouldn't melt if scorched and I didn't care if they got smokey. (3 places)

It made a difference of ~7 minutes a day to stop digging in the sock basket and simply pull out 5 sets of socks that match the clothes I wear to work and keep them separate from the others. (4 places)

It took me up to an hour last time to find the hiking socks that I wanted to wear on a frigid clinic shift, so now all the hiking socks live in the same drawer as the vest and hat. I know where they are if I want them for other purposes, but they promptly go back with the vest and hat after washing. (5 places)

I'm seriously considering creating a convention/travel drawer for all the little things that I take when I travel, and since I generally wear the same 4 pairs of jeans when I'm on the road, it's extremely tempting to take all the socks that match and add them to the travel drawer. Like the hiking socks, I'll know where they are if I want them between times. (6 places)

And I'm still keeping the solo socks because I do buy 'em in batches and thus I actually can and have created frankenpairs from survivors of other sets. But they don't need to be cluttering up the place, they could live in the mending area or something. (That's 7 places)

Yes, I *KNOW* that "organize things by use" is a standard organizing principle. But I still had to write it down to internalize that the "by use" principle makes better sense than determinedly keeping like-with-like just *because* it's alike. That it surprisingly is a better and faster use of my time to sort socks into 7 places on laundry day than to put them in one place and have to dig like a prarie dog.
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And accomplished I have been! Last night I returned to the scion society The Red Circle of DC for the first time in what is likely 20 (25?) years. Jeremy Brett was Holmes at the time.

Today I:
Cleaned up after the big bowl broken by the kittens. Since I had to sweep and mop the hall anyway, I might as well go on to steam mop it... and sweep & steam mop the kitchen... and scrub the kitchen counters... and scrub the bathroom counter & toilet... and sweep and steam clean in there, and once all *that* was done, there was no point in not wet-swiffering the living room and calling it a day.

Only I couldn't call it a day, because that was all before I stood a clinic shift. )

We also had an ex-military guy approach us and ask about escort training. Fearless Escort Leader is also ex-mil, so they had a grand old time swapping stories.

I topped off my gas tank on the way back, and was approached by Bobby The Pop-Up Body Guy. That sounds a little rude, but what he was actually doing was approaching people in the gas station to see if his team could take our cars around back and knock out the dings. Now, I've been mellow enough about the duct tape holding on the bumper to leave it on since September 2011 but it bothers my father SO MUCH that my main Christmas present this year was his offer to pay for all the body work *and* the rental car... which is time that I don't want to deal with. So I thought whatthehell, and let them work on it.

I got back with just barely enough time to take a desperately needed shower before rushing off to the Jane Austen Cafe at Riversdale mansion. I'll give a fuller description if people want, but basically we were discussing Pride and Prejudice and changes in women's lives (via the changes in what is considered "an accomplished woman" from then to now). I met a woman who writes Regency romances and another who is a mover and shaker of the Jane Austen Society of North America, which I have flirted with joining before and most likely will do now.

Then it was back to Bobby the Pop-Up Body Guy to clear my throat loudly and point out that while all traces of duct tape and dent have been removed, the bumper cover was still pulling loose. So I watched while the lower corner of it was screwed in... I don't quite understand how that worked but it's holding on now, so who cares?

I have three loads of laundry to do and then I shall feel I will have completely earned an agenda for tomorrow that reads, in its entirety:
1) Wear flannel PJs all day
2) Finish reading Pride and Prejudice
3) Read magazines.

For the Little Free Library fans, I wish I'd written down the books I'd put out after Snowmageddon, because a good third of them have vanished - quite likely via the local dogwalker who has requested cookbooks and the Verizon people who, although they couldn't sell me FIOS, did ask if they could take books. It turns out, though, that the door has warped, allowing the wind to whip it open - which means that during a windy rain, the books inside are in trouble. I need to come up with a catch that will hold up to wind and yet not confound the people who want books.


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