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a wittie & learned lady which her many bookes do well testifie

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Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:United States of America
The title for the journal comes from a comment someone made about me: "You are a creature of mad enthusiasms." I find that utterly hilarious and totally accurate, so I'm running with it. The subtitle is part of the epitaph of the Duchess of Newcastle in Westminster Abbey.

Current Fandoms: Yuri On Ice, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, and Discworld (in order)
Current Hobby: Knitting
Current Obsession: Renovating the house

What this journal is about (more or less in order):
- Fandom. A lot of Sherlock Holmes in a lot of incarnations. I love the original Doyle, I'm nuts over Sherlock BBC, and I enjoy the Robert Downey Jr. movies. I'm not sure what I think about Elementary yet. I'm also into Doctor Who (classic and reboot) and Discworld.
- Cooking. I've made it a goal to learn new techniques every year.
- Political Punditry. I'm a feminist, liberal, atheist, New Deal Democrat who volunteers as an abortion clinic escort. That's all controversial and I won't hate you if your politics are different, but I'm going to talk a *lot* about pro-choice and religious issues. Consider this fair warning.
- Crafts. I like to make and do things. I like to learn and if I know, I like to teach.
- My life. Which is only of importance to a handful of people, but I'm one of 'em and this is a diary, after all.
- Commentary on books, plays, movies, travel, and whatever else catches my enthusiasms. I read voraciously, I love audio plays and podcasts, I rarely miss a Stratford (Ont.) Shakespeare festival, I occasionally dip my toes into Bollywood, and I've been in fandom over half the time I've been alive. I'm not shy about telling the world what I think about all of this.
- Someday I'm going to start talking about the first Christian Mission to Hawaii again. No, really. I'm working on a popular reference book about the excommunication of their doctor. (WALKING DISORDERLY: Opportunism vs. Evangelism in the First Christian Mission to Hawaii) It's a very juicy story of religious revival, political intrigue, personal conflict, and culture shock. Random posts will occasionally have tidbits about the mission, the people, the time, and draft quotes from the book in progress. Check my memories for the who's who post. Also I'll occasionally discuss attempts to turn this book into a dissertation and hopefully another degree, and/or pitches to get publishers interested.

A general note on my attitude on friend lists - if I see you quoted and like what you say, I may backtrack, read your LJ, & friend you. I probably won't ask first. Don't feel obligated to friend me in return unless you like reading this LJ. Conversely, you don't have to ask to friend me; I figure y'all can read whoever you want to read and if you like this journal, I'm flattered. However, bear in mind:
- I talk a lot of liberal politics
- My volume is high
- My signal-to-noise ratio is extremely variable

I won't guarantee to friend people back.

Since some folks are getting nervous about who's reading certain things, yes, I am over 18. WELL over 18. So far over that I'm probably older than anyone asking.
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