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Archiving two newspaper links

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Presides Over the Divorce Proceedings of Claudio and Hero. (check my Shakespeare tag; I was there for that one.)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Presides Over Shylock's Appeal In Venice, yet!

The takeaway quote: After about two hours of arguments and about 20 minutes of deliberations, the judges issued a unanimous ruling: To remove the question of the pound of flesh — “We agreed it was a merry sport, and no court would enforce it,” Justice Ginsburg said — to restore Shylock’s property, to restore the 3,000 ducats that he had lent to Antonio, and to nullify the demand of his conversion.

“The conversion was sought by Antonio,” Justice Ginsburg said. “The defendant in the case was decreeing the sanction. I never heard of a defendant in any system turning into a judge as Antonio did.” She added, to laughter, “And finally, after four centuries of delay in seeking payment, we think that Shylock is out of time in asking for interest.”

The court was not unanimous in what to do with Portia. The judges ruled that because Portia was “an impostor,” a “hypocrite” and “a trickster,” she would be sanctioned by having to attend law school at the University of Padua, where one of the judges, Laura Picchio Forlati, taught. Then she would have to pursue a master of laws degree at Wake Forest University, where another of the judges, Richard Schneider, is a professor and dean.

(end quote)

Apparently this production of Merchant (complete with law case) is being held actually in the Jewish ghetto of Venice and once RGB found out about it they more or less would need crosses, garlic, and possibly a small, heavily armed army to keep her from participating. The director's response was basically "Of course, and you say your grandson is an actor? Let's audition him."

In related news, at an otherwise hellacious release party for Cursed Child, I also picked up a book about RGB and Sandra Day O'Connor called Sisters In Law.

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Oh, wonderful.

I so want to attend one of those Shakespeare court cases. Preferably before RBG dies... if she ever does! (Also, I hope the grandson gets the role!)


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