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At some point - probably the point where I catch up on everything from Holmesian_news for the last 8 or 9 days - I'm going to have a full fic/essay rec. But I'm not going to wait to pass on one of the best straight-faced sporkings I've ever read: Lyndsay Faye's scholarly essay Upon the Clear Distinction Between Fandom and the Baker Street Irregulars

Note: for the purposes of this intellectual exercise, the possibility that the BSI may potentially be a storied and erudite literary society and a happily thriving fandom simultaneously will be ignored. This decision was made in light of the fact that a noun cannot be two things concurrently, the way the Empire State Building is not both a functioning office tower and a tourist destination, and the way Bill Clinton is not both a former president and a saxophone player.
Denizens of the fandom community fail to confine their “avid enthusiasm” to mere discussion of hobbits and tribbles; they also, as a group, have a marked tendency to collect memorabilia relevant to their favorite characters, spending precious funds in pursuit of items such as action figures and animation cells. ... Irregulars of my acquaintance have amassed collections of Sherlock Holmes art, Sherlock Holmes books, Sherlock Holmes knickknacks, Sherlock Holmes pins, Sherlock Holmes translations, Sherlock Holmes reference volumes, and Sherlock Holmes talismans such as magnifying glasses or pipes, but as these are clearly objets d’art, they find no equivalency within the realm of fandom.

It just gets better; do read the whole thing. It's only a pity that Issac Asimov isn't around anymore to get a giggle out of his invocation therein.
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I love Northanger Abbey - it's actually one of my favorites. But I also love [ profile] sarahtales spoofing on gothic novels (there's link to her Jane Eyre takedown somewhere around here, and again on the link I'm about to give).

So it's two, two, two great things in one when Northanger Abbey appears on Gothic Tuesday.

A couple of reasons why you should read it:

In vain I have struggled. It will not do. You must allow me to parody NORTHANGER ABBEY.

JANE AUSTEN: Catherine Morland, not really heroine material. She was kind of plain and not that bright.
BELLA SWAN: She was just before her time, yo.


HENRY’S SISTER ELEANOR: Hey girl, how’s it going?
CATHERINE: I spend my days mostly writing ‘Mrs Catherine Tilney’ in my trapper keeper, and climbing out of windows to avoid John Thorpe. If you see John, tell him I’m washing my hair and I’ll keep washing my hair until L’Oreal is invented, because I’m worth it.
ELEANOR: Got it.


(and my personal favorite, out of a tough field of competition)
CATHERINE: Uh, what kind of abbey do you call this? Nothing is mouldering!
GENERAL TILNEY: I’d have serious words with housekeeping if something was.

silly links

Jul. 9th, 2012 09:08 pm
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Mostly for [ profile] thefannishwaldo but also for all y'all: this conversation as recced on Metaquotes. The one that starts with the difference between ferrets and rodents and turns into a long string of puns. Anything that starts The two groups are stoatally different and weaselly differentiated is too promising to miss. (Check the comments too.)

And then you've got to love a classical music flash mob.
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To make up for grossing everyone out earlier: That Russian Sherlock Holmes parody that Gatiss tweeted (Sherlockology mirror). You've probably seen a dozen links already; it's spreading like wildfire and rightly so. Canonical, BBC, and Ritchie Holmes walk into a crime scene...
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The actual OP is a [ profile] metaquotes about fanfiction as literature's version of a team sport, which is an intriguing concept, but what I'm linking is this thread of win and glee about what constitutes "real" writing.

Move your drinks far away from the keyboard before clicking.
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If y'all haven't read The Pastor's Pen, it's online now. Safe for work

I don't remember when I first saw it -- somewhere on Usenet IIRC -- but it's one of the best (and funniest) examples of exactly the can of worms official, inclusive prayer in schools would turn out to be.
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So, there's this actor named Isaiah Mustafa. Last winter, his willingness to work half naked, his smokin' hot physique, and his ability to rattle off random ridiculous non sequiturs with gravitas rocketed Old Spice to the top of the Superbowl Ads. (And showed up in a hilarious [ profile] metaquotes post about the Doctor talking in much the same manner.)

Old Spice, somewhat belatedly realizing that they had tapped into a cultural phenomenon that could be the next "... for everything else, there's Mastercard" has announced that for the next few days, Old Spice Guy will be personally answering Tweets with video.

The Internet has exploded.

Some personal favorites:
Everyone's passing on the pitch for libraries. "Jump onto that giraffe."

The infamous proposal-by-proxy (rumor says she said "Yes")

I laughed like a hyena at the part about wolverine pelts.

I would pay good money for someone to engineer my answering machine message out of this

Paste Magazine has lots of links.
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Via [ profile] padawanpooh, who always finds the best crack: Someone new is trying to join the Evil League of Evil. 30 seconds of sheer evil genius.
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Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Shakespeare, and editing. Six minutes of brilliant YouTube

"Creative thinking, Bill! Maybe Hamlet should top himself."

"In Act One?"
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[ profile] fandance sent this too late for Christmas, but it's too wonderful not to pass on: The ultimate Halleluja Chorus (Read the second page comments to be told the bits that don't show up on screen.)

An absolute must-watch no matter your religious beliefs. But keep the drinks away from the monitor...
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Y'all have GOT to check out the French trailer for March of the Penguins. The subtitles are in English, but all you really need to know is that in France it was called "March of the Emperors" and it's about one person describing it to someone else who isn't thinking "Emperor penguin."

Worksafe. Major, major drinkables warning.

The same thing for Brokeback Mountain is pushing the boundaries of worksafe...

For fannish crack, I recommend [ profile] shaggydogstail's Crazy in Love: A Case Study of Factitious Disorders and Relationship Breakdown in Gallifreyan Males (Thanks to [ profile] nnwest for reccing!)

‘He’s trying to shag the evil out of me,’ said the Master.

Jack raised an eyebrow. ‘Is it working?’

‘I think it will take a very long time,’ the Master intoned gravely.
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This is the night of Very Wrong Internet Videos.

From [ profile] starcat_jewel:

Mom's Overture. One for all the parents... or children of parents.

Bollywood does a spaghetti curry Western. It's not too surreal until the cowboys start dancing...

From [ profile] kradical
One of the most brilliantly edited and Utterly Wrong vids I've ever seen: Happy Together I'm not going to say who is in the vid; that spoils the surprise. I will say "of general interest, not Doctor Who."
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Y'know what I love about the Internet age? The stuff you miss in person is up on Youtube before you finish unpacking after a trip. (Thanks to [ profile] nnwest for pointing this out.)

And then there's the just plain silly Peter Petrelli/Chris Eccleston emo-a-thon in macros. Drinks warning. Seriously.
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Comments disabled in a hopeless attempt to not have a bazillion emails when I get back. Two bits with cats that I just had to pass on:

A train wreck waiting to happen.

Whenever my cats lie down on the treadmill, I can't resist turning it on and watching them progress slowly backwards until they get all bug-eyed and jump off. Not this one.

I hope you know that I'm counting on y'all to fill me in on all the cartoons and silliness and good fic and oddities when I get back!
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Blessings upon thee, [ profile] cedara for linking to If You Were Gay done in Doctor Who macros Not safe for work or dialup.

Put all drinks in another zip code away from your monitor.

It is very, very scary how many knitters I know will line up for this yarn.

Speaking of knitters, can anyone point me to online patterns for a mostly garter-knit afghan done in blocks? I've decided that the best way of doing something about my stash is to make something that I can auto-knit block by block.

ETA: for the crafty geeks on my list (now, why isn't that an LJ comm?)
Scarf pattern based on playing card "perfect shuffle" I don't understand the math. I do grasp "random, ever-changing stripe width, less intense than Doctor Who scarf, would make good strips for afghan."

Calculator for the above which lets you plug in the number of colors you want to use.

Other geek patterns are the gamer geek scarf/strip unpattern (Roll one d12 or d20. That's how many rows in the next color you use. Either roll or grab randomly to pick the color, depending on the number of colors you have)

and the one for math geeks: Fibonacci sequence in two colors Knit one row in color A, one row in color B, 2 rows in color A, 3 rows in color B, 5 rows in color A, 1 row in color B... (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, changing with every number.) If you want wider stripes, start further up the Fibonacci sequence or go further up it. But to make the stripes alternate in two colors, you have to pick an odd number of total rows to do (1, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) NOT 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 or you will be beginning every sequence with the same color.

All bets are off if you're using up your stash randomly, although you still probably want to pick an odd sequence number and go dark-light-dark-light.

And then there's always adapting the sudoku pattern to knitted squares: 9 squares each of nine colors. If you don't want to work out the pattern yourself, crib the "Yesterday's puzzle answer" from the newspaper.
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Made a recipe I found in Fine Cooking today. Excellent stuff - a corn saute that pulled together in about 20 minutes out of leftovers/odd bits and cumulatively cost under $1.

Not so much a recipe as a process )

And all hail the brilliant maniac who put the lyrics to Mystery Science Theater 3000 to Doctor Who pictures.
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Some smiles for a Friday:

Seen all over the f-list: If Edward Gorey did The Trouble With Tribbles

I have feeds for Cute Otter and Cute Overload, but the one that really perks up the morning is [ profile] schnuffi_daily. No idea what language schnuffi is or what it means, but the comm is one picture of one hot guy served up every morning. That's all. That's enough.

I think this is part of a gaming LJ and I'm not even sure who Lorne is (I always think of the green guy from Angel) but: a cooperative bit of Lorne/Ianto slash (NSFW!) that did it for me.

Late for work again. However, later today, a poll. Y'all get to spend my virtual money! (Well, you get to have opinions on the subject. As always, I reserve the right to do as I please.)


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