Jan. 4th, 2016

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This is where I belatedly look at last year's resolutions and tot up what I've accomplished. This is where I put a new list of what I plan on doing.

This is where neither of those are going to happen. My life took several sharp turns last year, including a major derail in the last quarter that only got back on the rails just in time to head full steam into the holidays and that, in conjunction with still dealing with my friend's brother's unexpected death almost a year ago now makes me a little less interested in making a list and checking it twice and a little more interested in spending time sitting sideways on the couch, cat in lap and book in hand.

(My involvement in social media is... going to be variable. At the moment, it depends on how well I conquer the urge to reach out and punch people over the Sherlock Special, which I enjoyed and others didn't. Both of which are fine, until people start using phrases like "an important voice in fandom says..." and "the real Holmes..." etc. I haven't seen "true fans..." yet, but it's been heavily implied and I've got 30 years of handing people who gatekeep fandom their own asses rising to the boil.)

As for this year, yes of course I have things to do. If nothing else, the final, final, final stages of the renovations started years ago are so damn close I can taste them. One big final push redoing my closet and going through my clothing and it's all over except rehanging art I took down over 5 years ago.

And there are things I want to do, to learn, to have in my life. Doubtless I will be talking about them as they arise.

In the meantime, this is enough.
- All but one room on the first floor is organized and decluttered enough
- I earned the "Perfect Prefect" pin and Dumbledore's Army galleon from Hogwarts Running Club
- There is significant improvement in the overall amount of sheer STUFF piled around


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