Mar. 20th, 2016

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I forget now what made me shy away from Regeneration Who last year -- something gave me the idea that it would be a trainwreck like the Discworld con -- which means I missed out on a year of a pleasant little Whovian relaxacon. By ChicagoTARDIS numbers it's modest; in comparison to Gally One it's miniscule... but then, I don't go to Gally anymore because the sheer numbers of people start to freak me out. I'm piss-poor at judging numbers, but it's at the hotel that does the Shore Leaves and Farpoints, and they top around 1500, and ReGeneration used half the ballroom. So I'm guesstimating it at the 750 range, give or take a hundred.

This weekend was triple-booked in all my fandoms - Friday and Saturday had Sherlockian events and Saturday also had a special Emma event for the Janeites, but I wanted to know if ReGeneration might someday serve as a ChicagoTARDIS substitute. It won't -- it's much lower key -- but low key is not a bad thing, especially when 221B Con is coming up in two weeks.

Colin Baker and Peter Davison are both good guests; I'd learned at a previous con that the two together are not to be missed, and they remain twice the fun when paired. Other excellent panels included the "Ultimate Dalek panel" (Nick Briggs sang "I got you under my skin" into a ring modulator) and a Second Doctor panel that included all of Troughton's remaining companions and his son.

I got to chat with Rob Shearman, but not Nick Briggs, alas. There's no lobbycon at ReGeneration, so it's "bumped into by serendipity" to have a chat, unless you pay for the fancy-dancy package. Perhaps I'll consider it next year. (Perhaps I will also get a hotel room next year, but this year I couldn't overlook that a hotel room was $150 a night, while a tank of gas merely $20, and ReGen doesn't have a masquerade.)

It's the first time I've been back at a local convention since I dropped off the con scene to renovate the house, and the first time I've been at the Hunt Valley without being concom/crew in some manner in... golly, nigh onto 30 years! So that was weird.

Perhaps I should suck up to the ReGenerations folks. :)


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