Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Next month I have to choose between being a Holmesian and a Whovian, and rather resent that fact.

On one hand: a Red Circle meeting that would let me get back into good graces after blowing off the last one, and a super-rare Diogenes Club meeting. There have only been two meetings of that one in as many years - and I missed the first one because I was committed to an open hearth demonstration for the Kitchen Guild. I promised myself the next Diogenes club meeting!

On the other hand - Regeneration Who. I shied away from that last year, but folks I know went and had a good time. Guests include Nick Briggs (who I always enjoy slightly annoying hanging out with), Terry Molloy (who I meant to fanstalk at ChicagoTARDIS when he was there, then ended up fanstalking Tony Lee instead because he'd announced it was his last ChiTARDIS) and the panels include the Peter Davison/Colin Baker show, which should never be missed. In fact, last time I saw the two of them together I promised myself I wouldn't miss that show.

The decision is made - for a variety of reasons I got a Regenerations membership tonight - but I feel no matter which way I go, I'm letting people down. Including me.

Also... that "for a variety of reasons." It's fandom. I shouldn't have to do pro/con lists and come up with rationalizations. This is supposed to be fun.


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